The Silent Screams

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With toys, you play with them until you discard them, and Yumi's toys are no exception. With the help of her father, her toy room will forever be lively. Who said father-daughter time had to be awkward.

Horror / Other
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Family Dynamic

“Dad? Dad? Dad are you here?”

He never responded. What a surprise. Yet every time he calls I always have to answer. The injustice! Now, where can he be he said he would pick up the food from the dinner and be back. He would take an hour at most! Ugh, I wish I could just go back home- to mom. Where I was never alone-I had Rusty my dog and well mom and her husband Steve. What a great name…Steve-sounds like a pervert guy’s name or something. He gives me the creeps. It’s no wonder I don’t feel bad about the nickname I gave him- Steve the small peni. Not that I have ever seen it but he just gives me small dick energy. I mean come on he’s always boasting about how great he is with women just because he got married to my mom. Don’t get me wrong-mom is amazing but she's got standards she only married him out of spite.

But it doesn’t matter that she’s great when she can’t even take care of her daughter. Sarah, my mom, is a bitch. She didn’t want me to ruin her perfect dysfunctional marriage life so what did she do? Got rid of me. Can’t say I blame her. I would have given her hell. She’s too much of a pussy, couldn’t handle any of my hobbies. Would always cry and beg me to stop when I played with my toys. Like honey, you’re the one that wanted to tag along. Anyways life with dad isn’t so bad. I have a playroom with many toys, I am allowed to expand my toy collection and he won’t even ask questions about it. I just have to follow some basic rules:

Always let him join me in my game room

Never through away food

Consent is key

Always say thank you

Nothing out of the ordinary. Honesty, for what’s it's’ worth, living with dad isn’t that bad. Sure no one would want to live in a cabin in the words but it’s nice. The cabin isn’t old either and it's big enough to host my playroom and serval other rooms. Not to mention at night when the moon comes out you can see all the trees reflect on the lake outside. You can pretty much walk around at night as the moonlight acts as a low-dimmed guide. Of course, for someone who isn’t familiar with the land, they would have a hard time finding their way out.

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