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Ari was sixteen when she disappeared, a sixteen-year-old with a troubled past. Things had always gone bump in the night for sweet Ari, but now it was exploding. Something dark is growing, feeding on the fear, feeding on the nightmares. But no one believes Ari, no one believes the monster is under her bed. A monster only she seems to be able to see, a creature with only one intention, with only one mission. But first it feeds, and it will, and it does… Until its finally satisfied.

Horror / Thriller
Chloe. J
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The screams of Ari Brinkston echoed over the Brinkston’s large estate, they were high enough to shatter the mirrors in the house. But low enough to sound muffled, almost as if she were in the walls being thrown about. Her parents searched for her amongst the Smokey haze, a gift from the hellish fire that was blazing through the manor. They had all heard her before, they had all told her this was in her head. Now they were looking, looking for a sign that perhaps—perhaps Ari had been telling the truth, that Ari had indeed been haunted by a demon and that now—The demon wanted her soul.

They were only left with a never-ending grief when Ari was never found.

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