The roof top

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Joe and Archie were very good friends. A new year is supposed to be a fun time for people but not for Joe and Archie. Archie died and Joe fell in melancholy, as he was not able to do anything to save his friend.

Horror / Mystery
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Mystery of the New Year

It was New Year's eve when Joe was enjoining with his friends and family. Joe heard a creak from the roof He decided to go and check what was on the roof. While he was going to the roof, his friend Archie saw him worried and asked Joe about his worriedness. Joe said that he was worried because he heard the creaking sound from the roof. They both were petrified as well as curious to see what was on the roof. When they reached the roof, it was pic pitch black outside. They could not see anything but were able to hear creaking sounds. They were trembling with horror. They were searching the roof with the flashlight. They saw a man in the hood who subdued Joe‘s uncle, Mr. James, who went to the roof to get a pipe of smoke. The man in the hood pushed Archie from the roof and the man in the hood ran away. Joe fell in a melancholy.

written by Samriddh Verma

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