Babysitting Freakshow

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The police are investigating a murder case. They happen to get a journal.

Horror / Mystery
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Babysitting Freakshow

The following is a journal. It is not to be edited. Editing this will result in prosecution of sorts. Sharing this is prohibited. This will determine if Mrs. Scott is guilty of assisting murder.


It's pitch black outside. I can't see a single soul. All I can see is the fuzzy outline of my car. I got hired to babysit two little girls the other night and I had to arrive around 11:47 PM today. I normally wouldn't take jobs like this. However, the parents are offering me a generous $2,500. Like Hell I'm gonna turn that down. One night won't kill me. I finally approach my car. Haven't used her in weeks. I've just been living off of noodles because I'm too lazy to go shopping. I wipe the dusty window of my door. It's really thick. I finally decide to open the door. Right. I use a stickshift. I insert the key into the ignition and turn it. The parking lot is desolate and empty, so I have no issue backing up. I then proceed to drive. I'm on my way. You know, the parents were very vague about the children. All they said was "Two little girls. One is 8, one is 13." I would have appreciated to know what kind of stuff they liked. It would make my job easier. I eventually arrive at the house. I pull in their crooked driveway. It's made of gravel. I hear the rocks crack and pop under my tires. Their house is very out of place compared to the rest. The rest of the houses have an older look to them. They are wooden and even in this blackness, very noticably dusty. I exit my car, careful not to trip. I slowly walk up to their very nice house. It looks like a small mansion that was just built today. The parking space is very unhelpful though. Perhaps they paid money to have the house remodeled, noticed that the place to park was garbage and just decided "Eh, fuck it." I snap out of my trance as I face the door. I knock on it, being conscious that I don't do that rhythm knock. You know the one that everyone has done as a child. The door opens. A very slim and endowed woman opens the door. "Ah! You must be Kristi." I say she's correct. She let's me in her house. It's very cramped here. Everything seems so close together. The room I'm looking at is very small. I see a little blonde girl glaring at me. Her eyes pierce through my retinas and pupils. They reach the core of my soul. This little girl, she looks like she's about to shoot me. Her pupils are extraordinarily dilated. Mrs. Scott's voice catches me off guard. "That's our little princess, Lucy! Lucy, say hi to Ms. Kristi." I await her greeting. The little girl walks away with a saved face. Mrs. Scott apologizes for her behavior and walks me up to an upstairs bedroom. On the way I can't help but notice the smell of... something. It's a metallic smell. My nostrils can't completely identify it, as it's so faint. I also feel a pair of eyes on my back. Lucy must be following me. We enter a room that's at the end of a hall. The door is covered in welcome signs. They look like they were bought at a Halloween store. A not as little red haired girl looks up from her phone once we walk in. Mrs. Scott's voice once again snaps me out of my trance. "Jocelyn, meet Ms. Kristi." Mrs. Scott seemed less happy to introduce me to her. Jocelyn ran up and hugged me. "Hello Ms. Kristi! I'm so glad you're here!" She then starts going on about wanting a friend and how we're gonna get along like three peas on a plate or whatever she said. I'm glad that at least one of the kids like me. Something struck me odd. Jocelyn's heartbeat was very powerful, random, and erratic. It seemed all over the place. Sometimes it would beat like a machine gun, or like one beat every four seconds. That really unnerved me. Perhaps I should alert Mrs. Scott? We walk back down into the cramped room where Lucy was standing. She wasn't staring at anything in particular. Just staring. Mrs. Scott says her goodbyes and exits. I walk over to the deranged child. I attempt to start a conversation. "You've made a huge mistake." Lucy's words send shivers down my spine as she walks upstairs. This girl, is she attempting to intimidate me? What reason? Perhaps she dislikes babysitters. Or she dislikes me. This whole thing is so odd. One kid is like a sociopath, another one is on a permanent sugar rush. And Mrs. Scott. She showed an obvious bias. That's not even the weirdest thing. I can't see anyone who could be a "Mr. Scott" anywhere. He may be at his job. They never told me where they were going. Just that I should would their kids. I follow Lucy. That stench enters my nostrils. What is that smell? I sneak by Jocelyn's door in hopes that I can figure out what I'm not being told. "Hey, were you friendly with the babysitter?" That voice sounded familiar. Jocelyn. "What's the point? Just gonna be another one to add to our closet." Huh? What? What was Lucy going on about? "Lucy, in order to kill her, we needed her trust. She probably thinks you're a psycho now." They- They want to kill me? "We're all psychos, sis." I need to leave right now. This is bizarre! I creep downstairs as to not be heard by one of the girls. The stench, my nostrils finally identify it. Blood. They really want me dead? No time to question it, I need to just drive away. I quickly and quietly open the door and rush to the gravel driveway. It's somehow even darker. The rocks cracking under my feet make me visualize what they would do if I was caught. They would break my bones, stab me... Oh god. I continue walking. Huh? Where's... where's my car? I thought I parked it here. Maybe by the gate? No! I absolutely parked it here! Before I can be even more confused I feel a sharp pain in my neck. My vision slowly fills with blackness. It melts into my field of vision. And once I awake- I find I'm on a table. The girls aren't around. So... let me get this straight. They want to kill me, they somehow made my car vanish, and they just have a handy drug to knock me out? No time to question it now. I need to get out of here. Luckily I'm not strapped to anything. I quietly get off the table. Looks like a metal table. I creep around hoping to find an exit. I almost trip on something. What the- a lever? Being oblivious to what it might do- I pull the lever. Near the middle of the room splits open. If I was still on that, I might have died. It reveals the gravel driveway above the roof when it opens. The little pebbles fall, one even getting in my eye. Damn it. And what have I found below it? My car. They just have a handy trap around to hide cars? "What was that!?" Uh oh... Jocelyn is coming downstairs! I quickly rush and lock a door that was near the lever. I pray that it's steady enough to hold two angry girls. The door looks like it's about to break. Thinking quick- I climb up on little cracks in the wall to try and get to the surface. As I grab another pole- the door flies off the hinges. Lucy walks in, calm and composed. She has a gun. I scurry to the surface. But not before Lucy puts a bullet in my leg. My leg is filled with pain as I crawl my way off the driveway. I was quick but the girls were running upstairs quicker. The popping of the rocks became faint as my ears were ringing. I stand up, leg in agony, and run as fast as I can. Nowhere in particular. I just tried my best to run. And run I did.

-Kristi Scott 2/20/20XX


Kristi Scott has been presumed dead. The case is unresolved. The relation between her and this family is currently unknown. Mrs. Scott has been arrested. Her children have not been found and Mr. Scott was found dead inside the family's attic. This journal was found mailed to us by an anonymous source. I hope I can get a break after this. It's been a long week.
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