In Your Blood: Blood Lines

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Chapter 12


Eric Jones sat with an open map on his lap in the passenger side of a Black Ford Bronco. The Bronco had a southern flag in the back window. His son Aaron Jones drove. Eli Jones, Brantley and Earl sat in the back seat. They were Zeke Jones great-grandchildren. They have been on the road for 10 hours straight. They took turns driving for 5 hours. They had another 3 hours to go.

The vamps Jean-Claude and Jean-Luc decided they were tired of riding in a truck. They claimed they could walk in half the time. Eric did not care how they got there. Just as long as they were there to help out with the fight.

Elijah Jones and Earnest Jones were in the black Ford F-150 behind the bronco. This truck also had a southern flag. The truck sported large black smoke stacks and a rail with large lights in the truck bed. Earnest drove and his son Elijah acted navigator. In the back seat were Emanuel and Todd Jensen. They were related to Emmet Jones. Cali Jones, Emmet’s grand-daughter married Emanuel Jensen. Todd was his son.

“All right pull over. Earl’s turn to drive.” Eric said. Aaron pulled over to a rest stop. “Hey can we stop to get something to eat?” Aaron asked. He pointed at the various fast food places. He gestured in the direction of the next exit. “Maybe find a motel and get some rest?”

“No! There is no time for messing around! We are getting gas and switching drivers. We dawdle and Molly will be gone again.” Eric said. Aaron grumbled a response. “Boy, if you don’t like it, you can walk to a motel. Or walk back to Lafitte Island.” Aaron looked at his uncle. “No sir.”

Earnest pulled the truck behind the Bronco. Everyone got out. “Now Eric,” Earnest said. “The boys can get food while we pump gas.” He patted Eric on the back. “You can’t expect people to fight if they got no energy.”

“Fine, Aaron and Elijah go get food.” He shoved Aaron. “Hurry up boy or we will leave without you.” Aaron stomped off in the direction of the fast food place.

Earnest shook his head. He put an arm around Eric. “Man, you got to calm down. Fighting with your family won’t accomplish anything.”

Eric hung his head. “I know. I can’t think straight.” He put his hands over his face. “This all happened so fast. Lafitte was right, running off so fast was stupid.”

Earnest took Eric’s hands away from his face. “Now stop second guessing yourself. You know if we wait, Molly will definitely be gone again.” He slapped Eric on the back. “Besides, those vamps are not expecting us. They did not count on Fred tipping us off. They are sitting there with their thumbs up their butts.” Eric nodded and laughed. “Good old Fred, our ace in the hole.”

Aaron and Elijah came back with the food. Everyone went to some picnic tables by the trucks. “All right we might as well plan while we eat.” Eric said. “Todd and Aaron will stay with the vehicles and keep the motors running. Just in case we need to make a fast getaway.” Todd and Aaron nodded.

“The rest of us will split into two groups. I will take Eli and Earl. We will search the Stirling compound for Molly. We fight only if someone gets in our way.” He pointed at Earnest. “You will take Brantley and Elijah. Your job is to fight and kill those vamp bastards. I don’t want anybody left. Take out the vamp loving Dillon’s as well. I will make sure we are all the family Molly has left.”

Earnest looked at Eric. “Speaking of family, what about the traitor Davis family? Think they will cause trouble?”

“Shit!” Eric pounded on the table. “I forgot about them. This proves Jean-Baptiste was right.” He jumped off the table and throw food. Everyone scattered off the picnic table benches. He grabbed the table and flipped it. He cursed a string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. The other customers stared at Eric. “What are you idiots looking at?” He picked up some more food and threw it them.

Earnest whistled loudly. “Now stop,” He yelled. “Calm down and listen. We can’t work out a new plan while acting crazy.” Eric sighed and nodded. Earnest and Elijah reached down and sat the picnic table back up. “I think Emanuel should take the truck and check up on the Davis family in West Virginia. Todd, Brantley and Elijah will go with him.” He pointed at Eric. “You and I will go in the Bronco and take Earl, Eli and Aaron to Juliette. You with me so far?” Eric nodded. “When we get to Juliette, you will go find Molly. Since she is your grand-daughter. I will keep the rest with me to fight.”

Eric grinned and patted Earnest on the back. “What would I do without you?” He whistled and clapped his hands. “All right, you have your orders. Now, let’s get in the truck and head to Juliette.” Everybody ran to the trucks and got in. The trucks sped out of the rest stop.


Alister Stirling stood in the driveway of the mansion. A car pulled up in front of the mansion. Julien Delacroix, his son Jerome and grand-son Justin were with him. Justin was the same age as Molly and Nicole. Julien walked to Alister and the two men embraced. “Good to see you, mon ami.” Julien said.

“I wish we met in better circumstances.” Alister said.

Julien snorted and threw back his head and laughed. “We are gathered to fight and end the feud with our enemies.” He smiled and showed his fangs. “I can’t think of better circumstances.”

“We all could be dead in a few hours.” Alister said solemnly. “That is not my idea of a good time.”

Julien patted Alister on the back. “I was dying before you called on me. Dying of boredom. I sit and stare at the walls.”

“Sounds like you need a hobby. I play golf and fish.” Alister said. “When the weather is cold, I bowl and ski.”

Julien shook his head. “I grow bored and restless. I feel my time coming to an end. I would rather die fighting than slowly wither away.”

A loud roaring engine interrupted the conversation. “Sounds like the Davis family have arrived. Two diesel powered dodge pickup trucks pull in front of the Stirling mansion. Justin stared with envy. “Awesome rides.”

James got out of the driver side of the first truck. John was got out of the passenger side. Jeb and James were in the back. The second truck had Jack, Jake and Zack and Joe.

Jack held out his hand and Jerome Delacroix shook it. “Everyone mind your manners, greet our allies.” All the men shook hands with the various vampires.

Alister and John embraced. “I am so glad to see you, my dear friend.” Alister wiped a tear out of eye. “I must say, I had my doubts that you would come.”

“Why, I owe you my life.” John said. Jack broke in. “I will never be done atoning for my past sins.” He hung his head and punched his chest over his heart.”

John elbowed Jack. “Cut that shit out! You need to keep your head.”

Alister and Julien laughed. “You two have not changed.”

Malcolm walked out of the mansion to where the trucks were parked. “Good, our guests have arrived. Now let’s get started on”- He caught site of Jack Davis. His eyes widened and he put a hand over his chest. He around and ran back into the house.

Jack Davis backed away from the house and got into the truck. He started the engine. John ran over to the truck. “What are you doing?”

“I think it would be best if I drove back down the driveway and stop anybody coming from that direction.” Jack said. “I doubt I would be much good anywhere near the house.”

“You can’t go alone.” John pointed at Jake and Joe. “Go with your father.” The two boys jumped into the pickup truck bed.

“You should stay. Don’t you want to see Molly?” John asked. John hung his head. “I don’t deserve to meet her.” He then put the truck in gear and sped off down the driveway.


The vampires and Davis family met in the front parlor. Malcolm sat in a chair with his head in his hands. He was breathing very heavy. Claudette had her arms around him while she whispered quietly. Julien glanced at him. “Alister, is he going to be alight to fight?”

“I am not sure. Past few days have been very difficult.” Alister said.

Malcolm looked up. “I am sitting right here, why not ask me?” He wrung his hands. “A fight is exactly what I need.” His fangs slid out. His fingernails lengthened.

Jeff and James moaned and tried to run for the front door. John grabbed them by the backs of their shirts. “Hold on boys. He’s on our side.”

Malcolm grinned with his fangs still showing. The boys tried to run again. Claudette smacked Malcolm upside the head. “Cut it out. It is stupid to scare our allies.”

“Can we get down to business?” Alister asked. “The Jones will be here very soon. We need to get into position.” He pointed at Claude and Bruce. “You guys will go over to your side of the mansion. Try to keep the intruders away from the cellar where Molly is. Even though they are in a secure place, best not to take chances.” Claude and Bruce glided away from the front parlor.

Alister continued. “Julien, Jerome and Justin will go in front of the house and up into the trees.” Julien nodded and took his family outside.

Jeff and Jake gasped. “Not those hundred foot trees out front? Jake asked. “I’ve got to see this.” John rolled his eyes. “We don’t have time for games.”

“I planned on sending your family outside anyway. I want you guys at the top of the driveway. If the plan goes right, the Jones family will get stuck in between groups.”

“Wait a minute.” John said. “What about Molly? Where is she?” He glared at Alister.

“She in the safe zone. You can see her when this is over.” Alister said.

“Oh, you are not going to tell me where? What is the matter? Don’t trust me or my family?” He shoved Alister. “That’s great. You trust us to risk our lives, but not with Molly.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wooden stake. Malcolm leaped over to his father with his claws extended.

Jeff pulled out a pistol and shot Malcolm in the back. Claudette jumped to where Jeff was and clawed his arm. Jeff dropped the gun and screamed. Alister whistled. He clapped his hands. “Stop this right now! This fighting will not help matters.” He walked over to Malcolm and bent down to look at him. Malcolm sat up. “I’m fine. It was just a regular bullet.”

Alister looked at John. “I am sorry. I should have explained to you that I am afraid you will be compelled to give away Molly’s location.”

John still held the stake. He shrugged and put it back in his pocket. “Sorry I got carried away, but can you blame me?”

“Everyone is on edge. We have no idea how many will come to attack us.” Alister said.

“Please understand, I just want to see my great-niece. I barely remember her. I doubt she remembers me at all.” John said.

Alister put his hand on his chin. He raised it in a why not gesture. “I think it would be alright if you saw Molly in the living room of the house.”

“Thank you my friend. I am grateful.” John said.

“Claudette and Malcolm, can you please get Molly?” Alister asked.

Claudette and Malcolm walked into the house and down the basement steps.


Claudette and Malcolm went downstairs to the cellar. Malcolm punched in the keypad.

The door slid open. Sean jumped up. “What is going on. The fighting can’t be over already?” Malcolm shook his head. “John Davis is here and he wants to see Molly.”

“I would feel better if he came down here.” Sean said. Malcolm glared at Sean. “My father thought it wise that no else knows where Molly is hiding. That way nobody could be compelled to give away her location.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Sean said. He walked to the top of the stairs. “Molly, Malcolm wants to see you.”

Molly came to the bottom of the steps. Nicole was behind her. “What’s going on?” Molly asked. “You have a visitor.” Sean said.

Molly shrugged and walked up the steps. Nicole followed her. “Who is it?”

“Your uncle John Davis. He came to help us defend against the Jones family attack.” Malcolm said. “Don’t worry, he is nothing like the Jones side of the family.”

“Alright, I will go.” Molly said. She left the basement area with Claudette and Malcom.

When they got to the top of the steps, Molly paused and looked at Claudette. “Wait a minute, should you be fighting?”

“Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?” Claudette asked. She had a smirk on her face. Malcolm violently shook his head. He put a finger to his lips.

“Your mostly blind. Blind people can’t fight.” Molly said. Claudette growled and tackled Molly. They flew across the room. She then picked her up and flipped her onto the floor. Molly crashed down and laid in a heap. Malcolm laughed so hard he began to hiccup. Claudette bent over Molly and held out her hand. Molly stood up and immediately fell flat on her face. Malcolm bent over and had his hands on his knees. He was soon out of breath. He held his chest. Nicole came running out of the basement steps. “What the hell is going on? What happened to her?”

“She said blind people could not fight. I decided to demonstrate how wrong she was.” Claudette said. Nicole giggled and pointed at Molly. “Didn’t you remember the knife incident? Even I wasn’t stupid enough to doubt Claudette a second time.”

Molly stood up a second time and stayed on her feet. “Sorry.” She mumbled. Claudette put her arm around Molly. “Come on dear, let’s go and meet your uncle John.


Molly saw an elderly man in a black cowboy hat wearing a black shirt. His weathered face softened when he saw her. He had a smile that reached his eyes. She slowly walked towards him. “You look just like your mother.” John held out his hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you, again.” Molly laughed and took his hand. “Sorry, I don’t remember you.”

“That’s alright. I saw you maybe twice when you were young.” John said.

A loud boom interrupted John. The glass of the front window shattered. He fell forward and Molly grabbed him. She pulled her hand back and it was covered in blood. Justin and Jeff picked up their shotguns and aimed them out the window.

A voice yelled. “There will be no more shooting if Molly comes to us.” John Davis stood up. “Like Hell. How stupid do you think we are, Eric?”

Eric came in through the window. He held a pistol in each hand. He shot Malcom five times in the chest. Malcolm barely remained on his feet. His wounds sizzled. He shrieked in agony.

Claudette grabbed Molly and ran away. Eric yelled and swore. His son Earl aimed his shotgun at Claudette. A bullet hit Claudette. She screamed. Eli also shot her. Claudette’s wounds began to sizzle. A thin plume of smoke came from the holes.

Molly bent down. “What is this, bullet wounds don’t smoke.” Claudette screeched in agony. “Silver bullet wounds do.” She shoved Molly away. “Run!” Molly felt some sort of energy push at her.

Another shot from Earl’s shotgun broke the connection. The scent of blood and burning flesh filled the air. Claudette writhed and shook on the floor. Molly stared at her and wiped tears from her eyes. Alister tried to fight Eli. He leaped at Eli with fangs and claws extended. Eli shot him with his double barrel shogun.

Malcom screamed. “Run outside!” He tackled Earl before he shot Claudette again.

Molly ran outside.


Molly ran outside into the trees. Shrieks and screams erupted from the top of the trees. Four vampires fought in the trees. Jerome and Justin fought with two vampires. One vampire grabbed Justin’s neck and twisted it. Justin fell down motionless. Julien flew over to the tree and clawed at Jean-Luc. Jerome fought of Jean-Claude as best he could. Jean-Claude was much older and experienced. Jean-Claude twisted Jerome’s neck. A loud crack erupted from Jerome; he fell down in a heap. Julien threw Jean-Luc down to the ground. He leaped from the branch and landed on Jean-Luc’s back. His spine crunched. Julien grabbed his head and pulled. Jean-Luc’s spine was pulled from his back.

Molly screamed and threw up. She never saw anything so violent and disgusting. Julien grabbed Molly and ran down the driveway. Molly yelled, “Where are you taking me?” Julien arrived at Jack Davis’s truck. “Take Molly somewhere safe.”

Jack Davis opened the truck door. Julien threw her in the back seat. Jack gunned the engine and peeled out of the driveway.

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