In Your Blood: Blood Lines

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Chapter 4


Sean walks over to the door and opens it. “About time you guys showed up. Hopefully you can tell everyone what the hell is going on!”

Andrew and Allen walk into the house. Behind them is and elderly man with salt and pepper hair. He is balanced on a cane. Sean gapes at the man. “Alistair, why are you here? Please tell me what is going on, old friend.”

“I doubt we will be friends after this. Please remember that I met well. I did not want anybody else to be hurt or killed. At the time, I thought this was the only way to put an end to the killing.” Alistair said.

Sean goes to Alister and embraces him. “Old Friend, I only want some answers. I need to know if the girl really is Molly.”

“Where is the girl, I need to see her myself.” Alister said. “Molly dear, come meet our guest.” Sean called.

Molly started to walk out of the living room into the foyer. She suddenly froze. What if this man wants to hurt me? From what I’ve heard his family blames me for all the deaths at the massacre. My father’s side of the family harmed Malcolm and Claudette in the past, how many more of the Stirling family were hurt?”

Colleen went over to Molly. She put her arms around her. “Don’t be afraid; Alister will not harm you. Not with me and your Uncle Sean in the room. He knows better than to mess with our crazy Irish family.”

Colleen put her hands on Molly’s back and walked her over to Alister. He walked toward her. He put his hand on the right side of her face and brushed her hair back. Molly flinched and tried to withdraw from him.

“Your scar is very visible. It is a mark of your courage.” He puts his hand on her chin and tilts her head towards him. “Let me see your unusual green brown eyes. You inherited a little bit of both colors from your mother and father. The question is, which color is dominant? The dark brown flecks, or the calm healing green?”

“Oh Shite, get out with you!” Collen shook her head. “You sure are philosophical in your old age.”

Alistair smiled but his eyes were sad. “I think it is time everyone sits down and have a frank, honest discussion. There have been too many lies for far too long.”

“Amen!” Sean shouted.

Claudette said, “Please excuse me, I have to find where Malcolm went.”

“Is he alright?” Alister asked.

Claudette bowed her head. “He could not handle seeing Molly. I think he is heading for a nervous breakdown.

“Do you need me to come with you to talk to him?”

Claudette put her hands up and shook her head. “No, you need to go and talk to Molly.”

“Fine then let’s go into the living room.”


Everyone walked into the living room and sat down in front of the fire. Molly, Colleen and Sean sat on once couch. Alister, Allen and Andrew sat on the couch facing them.

The fireplace was a genuine stone with real fire in it. (Not those fake looking electrical fires.) The mantle and the hearth were bone white. On the mantle was a few house plants and expensive crystal glass figurines. On the wall above the mantle was a large picture of an imposing dark haired man. He wore a dark suit and underneath was a high collar white shirt.

Molly looked up at the picture. Then she looked at Alister. “Is that you?”

“No, that is my father Angus Stirling the First. He is the second generation of our blood line. His father died, came back to life.”

“Your father was a vampire”

“No. The correct term is “Dhampir” It is the result between a human and a vampire”

Molly just stared in shocked surprise. “I don’t understand. I always thought vampires can’t have children. At least that what it says on TV and in the movies.”

Alister sighed and put his hand on Molly’s shoulder. He looked her straight in the eye. “My dear child, never ever believe what is in movies or TV. Especially about vampires! Most of it is all lies that cause people to hate and fear my kind.”

“I can’t believe any of this! I feel like I am dreaming or hallucinating everything. I could be having a psychotic break with reality.” Molly mumbled to herself. “Maybe I do need to call Dr. Kerr and get my meds increased.”

Andrew spoke up. “I can assure all of this is real. My nose feels like hell.

Alister burst out laughing. “She did that to you. Did she break Allen’s arm?”

Allen said. “She sure did. She used a baseball bat on us!”

Alister glared at Molly with intense scrutiny. “I was wrong to be afraid that you could not defend yourself against your father’s family. You have spirit and strength. You have fire burning in you. I should have never came up with the plot to fake your death.”

“Your god dam bastard! It was YOU who kept her from my family all these years!” Sean ran over to Alister and punched him in the jaw. “I ought to kill you. God dam you! You betraying bastard!”

Andrew walked between Sean and Alister. Sean punched him in the nose. “Shit, my nose is breaking again!”

Alister said, “Leave him. I deserve a lot worse.”

Molly sat through this exchange and felt her heart pounding and thudding inside her ears. Her breath was short gasps. She clenched and unclenched her fists. Her eyes felt like they were on fire, the red was creeping over her vison. Tears were falling down her face and snot dripped from her nose. She shook her head rapidly back and forth. “He is the one who took me from my family! He got them to believe I was dead. All those years living in horrible foster homes, all the abuse I suffered, was because of HIM! Within seconds, her vison went black.

Molly pounced on Alister and threw rapid punches. The whole time she screeched louder than a banshee. She could not hear the shots from the Stirling family. Nor could she hear the cheers from her uncle and aunt. “Make that lying feckless bastard pay!” Colleen yelled. “Wait, let me help you.” Colleen kicked and scratched at Alister.


Malcolm walks into the room. “W w -what the H h hell is going on here?” He can barely get the words out. He is stuttering. His voice is raspy. His face is and eyes are red. His eyes keep darting from one person to another.

Claudette is right behind him. “Everyone stop it! We can’t accomplish anything by fighting amongst ourselves.”

Colleen stops hitting Alister. She trudges over to Claudette. “Did you know?”

Claudette shook her head. “I had no idea. You know I could never lie to you or keep any secrets from you!”

Alister laughed without mirth. “That is why I did not tell you. Or Malcolm. He could never keep a secret from you.”

“People better start telling the fecking truth around here, or Colleen and I will take Molly and leave.” Sean said.

Alister got up from the couch and went to Sean. He held up his hands and then put them together in a begging gesture. “Please do not leave. You are not safe on your own. I am afraid if the Jones family finds out about Molly, they will come for her. And kill anyone who gets in their way. Sean, your family will be safer if you stay here.”

“Do you call staying with people who lied to you for years “safe?” Shite man, how dumb do you think I am?”

“Not dumb, but very stubborn. If you go out on your own, You and your family will die!”

“At least we will be together.” Sean said.

“Don’t be a fool. Don’t let your pride get your family killed. You can’t handle anymore loss. You still mourn the loss of your brother Seamus and his wife.”

Sean wiped tears from his eyes. “I don’t know what to do. I am not sure I can trust you or anybody else.”

“I lied to protect both of our families. So much loss on both sides. You lost your niece Kathleen that day. I did not want you to lose Molly down the road. If everyone thought she was dead, the Jones family would never have a reason to attack us.”

“Don’t forget, you protected your family as well!”

“Can you blame me? I lost 4 daughters and almost lost Malcolm and Bruce. I was a mess after all their deaths. I did what I had to do to keep BOTH families safe.”

Sean poked Alister in the chest. “You need reminding that my family got caught in the middle of your blood feud. You been feuding with the Lafitte family since 1918 before my family ever thought of getting involved. The Jones family would never have come here if the Lafitte’s did not send them.”

Molly could not believe the mess she walked into. “I never came here. I should have told Nicole to go away.. Staying in the foster home would be better than being with these crazy people. Vampires and blood feuds? Seriously? Life was a lot less complicated when you have no family. I was better off alone.”

“Who are the Lafitte’s? What do they have to do with me and my family?” Molly asked.

“The Lafitte’s are related to me.” Claudette said. “My mother’s maiden name was Lafitte. After my parents died, I went to live with my uncle Jean-Baptiste Lafitte. He decided that I would marry his son Jean-Claude. I did not want to. I had fallen in love with Malcolm. There was a gun fight and Jean-Claude ended up dead. My uncle declared a blood feud against Malcolm and the rest of the Stirling clan.”

“I still don’t see what this has to do with me and my family.” Molly said.

“Even since 1918 the Lafitte family did everything possible to make the Stirling family miserable. There were no boundaries as to how dirty they would fight. They even hired vampire hunters to attack Malcolm.”

“My father’s family.”

“Pardon me for interrupting, but I think we need to go back and talk about that time. In order to understand the present, we must go back to the past. No matter how painful it may be.” Alister said.

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