In Your Blood: Blood Lines

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Chapter 5


“Molly, what do you want to know? I promise I will tell you the truth.” Alister asked.

Molly sat looking at her family. Then she looked at the Stirling family. How did my family become friends with vampires? I don’t understand how anybody could be friends with something so evil. Dam it, my father is in my head again. I have not thought of him in years, but now everything he ever told me comes creeping back. I wonder what my family did to Malcolm and Claudette.

“I want to know how my family-the Dillon’s-got to be friends with your family.” Molly asked.

Alister nodded. “I bet you really want to know how they got involved with vampires.”

Molly said, “Yes.”

“Your family and the Murphy family’s friendship with my clan goes back to the 1800’s. My grandfather came with Claudette’s uncle to start a glass factory. They started the town of Juliette. Your family’s got hired to work at the glass plant. Both were grateful for being hired. Back then, not many people wanted to hire Irish people.


Angus Stirling walked into his office at the Juliette Glass Company. Two men were standing outside the office door. “Mr. Stirling, I would like to thank you for giving me a job. You can’t imagine the trouble I have had in getting hired.” Patrick Murphy said. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was tall and had a muscular workman’s build.

Beside Patrick was a red haired, green eyed man named Colin Dillon. He held out his hand to shake Mr. Stirling’s hand. “I am also very grateful. My family and I owe you our lives. We surely would have starved if I had not got this job.”

Alister shook both men’s hands. “It was no trouble to hire you lads. We Celts stick together. The Irish and the Scottish are not much different. Besides, I know what it is like to be on the outside and not have people against you.” Angus nodded at the men and walked into his office. The men went back on to the factory floor.

Two weeks later Colin and Patrick sat eating their lunches. Three men joined them. They were Keagan Clancy, and William McCabe. “Hey have you noticed how strange Mr. Stirling and his family act? Also Mr. Delacroix?” William asked.

Patrick asked, “What do you mean by strange?” he shook his head and grinned.’

William glared at him. “Don’t claim you haven’t noticed. They carry umbrellas on sunny days. Sometimes they don’t go out at all during sunny days. Mr. Stirling always works the night shift. Even the grave yard shift. The same with Mr. Delacroix. When have you known bosses to do that?”

Keagan said, “I agree. They are strange indeed. Why, I saw Angus and his wife in the park when it was hot and humid? Both of them nearly passed out. They had to run under a tree and hide in the shade. I saw his wife itch her skin. Angus acted as if he was in pain. Plus, they have an umbrella over the baby’s buggy.”

Colin chuckled. “So they got sensitivity to the sun? What of it. I go out into the sun and bake like a lobster. Does that mean I’m “strange?”

“You don’t carry an umbrella.” William said.

“I believe it is called a “parasol” which are commonly carried by the rich folks like the Stirling’s.” Patrick said.

“Even in the fall and winter? No man, that is not done. Plus, I have noticed other things. Like how well old man Stirling can see in the dark. What about how fast and strong he is? Last month a panel of glass slid down off the shelf and he jumped out of the way. It was as if he had a sixth sense. “William said.

“Sixth Sense huh?” Patrick said. “Next you be telling me he can dance an Irish jig in midair.”

“Don’t mock me, man.” William said. “My gran seen Mr. Stirling and she forked the evil eye at him.”

“Pfft, did she also throw salt over her shoulder?” Allen asked. “Come on, out with it, we all know what you are getting at.”

“Fine you want me to say it? They are vampires!”

Patrick and Colin burst out laughing. Patrick spit out his coffee. Colin began to choke on his sandwich.

“Don’t tell me you believe in that Catholic Shanty Irish superstition? Seriously, we are in a new country and it is time to shed our old ways. “Patrick said as he pounded on Colin’s back.

“Laugh if you must, but I can’t deny the facts. Those “men” are dangerous.” Keagan said. “What if they need blood and attack people? If that happen, they might need to be dealt with”

Patrick stood up and grabbed Keagan. “You listen to me. Mr. Stirling and Mr. Delacroix are good, fair men. They gave us Irish folks a job. They treat us with respect. They don’t work us like slaves.”

Colin who had recovered from nearly choking stood up. “Didn’t your mother teach you how to be grateful? Teach you how to pay back your debts? Shame on both you men! Believing in a stupid superstition? And if they are “vampires” what of it? They don’t hurt me or my family. They have my loyalty, and I will give them whatever they need. I also will not let harm come to them.”

Keagan and William hung their heads in shame. “You’re right. I owe Mr. Stirling especially. He employs me and my wife and pays us both a decent wage.

A few weeks later, the glass factory was finishing early on a day shift. The plant closed early for the Thanksgiving holiday. Angus Stirling and Julien Delacroix were there for a weekly meeting with the foremen. Patrick Murphy and Colin Dillon were there. The meeting finished up and the men walked out of the factory doors. A gun shot went off and Alister fell down screaming. Julien managed to run and get away. A man spoke up. “You men can leave; I don’t have a quarrel with you.” Colin and Patrick looked at each other. They lunged for the man with the gun. Both men tackled the man and wrestled him to the ground. Colin managed to take the gun away. The man yelled, “What the hell are you doing? Get off me!”

Colin said, “We are stopping you from harming our friend!”

“HA! Do you what he is? He is a vamp bastard!”

“If you mean “vampire” we don’t believe that is what he is. Only catholic mackerel snapping trash believe in stupid superstitions!” Patrick said.: “Tell me, how much does the Pope pay you for killing innocent people?

“You are both fools.” The hunter said. “You have no idea what you are dealing with. I bet this vamp bastard compelled you to protect him.”

“He did no such thing!” Allen said, “He treated us with respect and kindness.”

“You men are stupid! Don’t you know the only good vampire is a dead vampire!” the hunter said.

Colin aimed and shot the gun at the man’s head. “I was sick of his mouth.”

Patrick said, “We need to get Angus to the hospital. Maybe they will know how to help him. I am sure that gun was loaded with silver bullets.”

Both men loaded Alister into the truck. The put him in the truck bed. Allen drove and Patrick stayed in the back. When they arrived at the hospital, both men had a talk with Julien Delacroix. “We need to send a message that says vampire hunters are not welcome here.” Colin said. Julien asked, “How?” Patrick said, “We need to put the hunter’s body on the edge of town with a sign that says, “Hunters are not welcome in Juliette.”

“I want to thank you for helping me and Angus.” Julien said.

Colin laughed. “Of course we helped you. If you both died, the factory would close and our families would starve.”

“Seriously, you men helped us out and the Irish always repay their debts.” Patrick said.

“That is good to know. What I need to know is: What did my father’s family do to Malcolm and Claudette to make them hate me so much?” Molly tugged at her hair and wiped her eyes.”

Claudette went over to Molly and hugged her. “My dear child, I do not hate you. I doubt Malcolm hates you, also. We both realize that you should not be held responsible for events that happened long before you were born! Right Malcolm?”

Malcolm said, “The sins of the father shall be brought down to the seventh generation, or something like that.”

Alistair banged his cane on the floor, then he pointed it at Malcolm. “Boy shut your mouth! I do not want you to talk until you get a hold of yourself. If you can’t be rational, you need to leave!”

“No Father, I will not leave.” Malcolm waved his hands and pointed at himself and Molly. “I think if she needs to hear what her father’s family did to me, she should hear it from me!”


Malcolm’s story

“Does anybody object to me telling the story?” Malcolm asked. He looked right at Molly.

Molly shook her head. It would be better if I heard it from him. He seems to be the one my father’s family hurt the most. I am scared to hear what he might say. I believe I have no idea how evil the Jones family really was. I do not want to know how much evil could be in me.

Sean said, “I have no objection. I feel we need to discuss past events to prepare for the future.”

Malcolm sighed. “The incident that really started the relationship between your aunt and uncle with Claudette and I happened in 1937. It was during the Great Depression; many men were desperate for work to feed their families. That was partly why the Davis family was in on the attack. The Jones family, they were ruthless hunters and enjoyed every minute of torture they caused.” He cleared his throat. “Claudette and I had altercations with Ezekiel and Emmet Jones earlier in the year.”

Malcolm, Claudette encounter with vampire hunters

It was a beautiful summer day in June. Not a cloud in the sky. It was still early in the summer, so the day was not excessively hot or humid. There was a cool gentle breeze. Claudette and Malcolm had a blanket spread out under the shade of a large oak tree. They were beside the pond (actually a small lake) on their property. They were finishing their picnic lunch of chicken and potato salad. Malcolm was laying under a parasol getting ready to take a nap. Claudette was under a parasol as well. She was reading a book.

They were having a pleasant afternoon until loud voices interrupted their peace and quiet. “Well, look here we got a vamp whore and vamp bastard having a picnic. I wonder which one of the locals they ate?” Ezekiel “Zeke” Jones said. He and his brother Emmet laughed. Zeke was a tall thin man with a long beard that was beginning to turn gray. He had black hair streaked with gray that was beginning to thin. The beard was unkempt. He wore bib overalls with no shirt. He wore cowboy boots that had chains on the back. The boots were scuffed and dirty. Emmet Jones was also tall and thin. He was a few inches taller than his brother. He had short dark hair. He was at least 10 years younger than Zeke. He wore bib overall with a flannel shirt. He also had on cowboy boots.

Malcolm jumped up and ran over to the men. “You are trespassing; you need to leave or I will call the constable. Leave now!”

Ezekiel spit tobacco in Malcolm’s face. “Of course you will call the law, you are to chicken shit to handle us on your own.”

Malcolm punched Zeke. Claudette ran over to the fighting men. “Stop it, do not let them bait you.” Malcolm glared at her. “They are on my property! I have the right to live in peace.”

“Yes you do, but that does not mean you should be stupid and let your temper get the best of you. These hunters are baiting you. They know if you attack and kill them, our clan will be in jeopardy! The townspeople will not trust us if you kill someone in broad daylight.”

“Woman, let me handle it.” Malcolm said.

Claudette rolled her eyes. “Fine if you won’t listen to reason, I will get your father!” She tried to run towards the house, but Emmet got in her way. “Hey darling, where are you going in such a hurry?” He put his hand on her face. “I can’t let a pretty girl like you get away.” Claudette slapped his hand away and she raised her hand and raked her nails across his face. Her nails were long, and clear like glass. Also very sharp and strong. Emmet shrieked and droplets of blood trickled down his cheek. Claudette then grasped his face around his eyes. She tried to poke him in the eye, but Zeke pulled out his gun and shot her. Claudette yelled and fell down. She continued to shriek and scream. “It burns; it must be silver.”

Malcolm face contorted and his fangs came out of his gums. His fingernails grew longer. He tried to fully turn to get his strength, but the sunlight weakened him. If the attack was at night, Malcolm could have easily beat two men. The sunlight also made his reflexes slow. His eyesight was also compromised. The bright sun made it difficult to track objects and movement. He jumped on the back of Emmet and bit his shoulder. Emmet screamed and threw him off. Zeke put another silver bullet in the chamber while Malcolm was pinned down by Emmet. Zeke shot Malcolm in the chest. Emmet said, “Come on, those we need to get out of here, those gunshots will attract attention.” Emmet and Zeke ran into the woods.

“We were very lucky that day. The housekeeper, Maggie Murphy and the cook, Claire Dillon heard the gunshots. They called an ambulance and we got taken to Grant Memorial hospital. “Dr. Grant knew how to treat vampires who were harmed by silver. You could say his specialty was vampire medicine. He developed transfusions and had perfected a method to extract silver and other metals from the body. It is called Chelation. Claudette and I had to stay in the hospital for a week. After that incident, I was extremely angry with vampire hunters. I almost lost Claudette. From then on, I vowed that if anyone ever came onto my property, I would not hesitate to kill them. But, as my father always says “An angry man is a stupid man. I fell right into their trap.”

During the story, Molly sat silently and listened. She held her aunts hand. Every time a difficult part came up in the story, Colleen gave her hand a squeeze. Sean put his arm around Molly and pat her on the back. I can’t believe my great-grandfather was so horrible. He shot two unarmed people, for no reason! Okay, he had an awful reason; Claudette and Malcolm were vampires. They did absolutely nothing to hurt Zeke and Emmet. Zeke and Emmet shot them simply for what they were. Molly thought that was disgusting. She was glad that she was hidden away from her father’s side of the family. If they ever caught her, she would kill herself. She would do anything to keep from becoming like them.


“Now I want to tell the story of when I was alone and attacked by four vampire hunters.” Malcolm said. “This will be difficult for me, but I will try to get through it.

Malcolm was inside the house sleeping. The rest of the clan went shopping in the city. Malcolm wanted to stay home because he had a migraine and needed to sleep.

He was brought out of his sleep when he heard laughing and yelling voices outside. There were people throwing rocks at the house. Two windows were broken. Malcolm realized that they were the band of “hunters” that had harassed his family in the town square last week. He was sick of these hunters bothering his family. Malcolm could not believe the hunters had the nerve to come to his family’s home and cause trouble. They had already broken a couple of windows. Malcolm was still angry about what the hunters had done to Claudette. They called Claudette a vamp whore and spit on her. Last week, Claudette was there to stop a fight from breaking out. Today there was no one to hold him back.

Malcolm charged out of the house. He spotted two of the hunters running away from the front of the house. Malcolm ran after them; he was within 10 feet of catching them when he felt intense pain in his right ankle. He fell and stumbled to the ground. Malcolm realized that his leg was caught in a steel trap. He felt the burning pain and knew it was covered in silver. His body touching silver and the day being hot and humid will defiantly cause him to be weak. The sun was very bright and he could not see. His headache became 10 times worse. Malcolm was shocked to see two more hunters came out from behind the bushes. They both had shotguns drawn. They pointed their guns down at his head. He was trapped and outnumbered. He could not believe how stupid he was to attack on his own. This ambush had obviously been planned well in advance.

John Davis walked away from the trap. He carried his shotgun with him down the hill.

“Hey, where do you think you are going?” Zeke Jones asked. He was a tall man with a thin build. He had long salt and pepper hair and a long beard. He wore bib overalls and workman’s boots.

John said, “Someone’s got to be a lookout. There is a main road in front of the house. Don’t want nobody seeing what we are doing.” John Davis had a thin build with long light brown hair. He wore a cowboy hat.

“I think he is too chicken to help us teach this vamp a lesson.” Emmet Jones said. He was a short stocky man with dark hair. He had a beard and a flannel shirt and jeans.

“Now Emmet, don’t tease him. The boy does have a point.” Zeke said. “Now, we need to get down to business. Hard part is over. It is time for the fun to begin.

Malcolm lied there taking deep breaths. He was fighting to stay conscious. The silver continued to burn into his leg. He could feel face beginning to itch. This was the first sign of sun poisoning setting in. If he did not get inside soon, his skin will blister. He reached up and scratched his face.

“Aww look poor vamp boy face is itchy. What’s the Elijah? Is the sun bothering you?’ Zeke asked. He then kicked Malcolm in the face. “Maybe that will make you feel better.”

" Jack Davis said,“, “My granny says that vamps burn up and turn to dust in daylight.”

Zeke and Emmet laughed. “That is only a story. Reason they burn is because they get set on fire.”

Malcolm could not defend himself, his leg was caught in the trap, plus he was further weakened by being in the sun. He was dizzy and his vison was blurred. He was barely conscious. If he stayed out in the sun and in the silver trap, he will soon be comatose.

The sun was blazing hot that day. The day was cloudless. Malcolm’s skin began to be severely burn sun after just 20 minutes. His skin turned beet red and blisters broke out all over his upper body.

“Hey vamp boy looks hot, how about we put cool him off?” Emmet pulled down his pants and proceeded to piss on Malcolm. The rest of the hunters joined in pissing on Malcolm.

. The hunters pissing on him seemed to revive Malcolm. He reached out and tripped Emmet. He got him by the ankle and bit him. Emmet screamed.

Zeke hit Malcolm with the barrel of the shot gun. “You should have stayed down now I am going to have to get tough with you.” Lee said. He went into his pocket and pulled out some matches. He reached into his other pocket and had a can of lighter fluid in his hands. He poured the lighter fluid onto Malcolm and lit him up with the matches. “Should have done this from the beginning. It is what all trouble making vamps deserve!” Smoke puffed off of Malcolm’s body. The smell of burning flesh hung in the air. Malcolm was screaming and screeching.

The rest of the vampire hunters gawked at Malcolm. They laughed like hyenas

All of sudden John came running back to the trap. He said, “”We need to quit. He is making too much noise. I just saw two cars drive by, there is too much traffic. Time to make a run for it.”

“Well filthy vamp boy, it been fun, but now we got to skedaddle. Zeke bent down and spit in Malcolm’s face. The vampire hunters ran away.


Molly could not look at Malcolm after he finished his story. She was so ashamed of her father’s family and what they did. That explains the burn scars. It must have been awful. I am surprised he survived the attack.

“Molly, do you have anything to say?” Malcolm asked. “Are you just going to sit there with your head hanging down? He lifts up his pant leg and reveals a prosthetic leg. He takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. “S-s-see these lovely scars, your ancestors did this.” He walked over to Molly, grabbed her and screamed. “Ll l-look at me!” Molly shoved Malcolm away. She ran to her aunt Colleen and buried her face in her aunts should. You could hear her gasping, “I’m sorry” over and over again.

Sean leaped off the couch. “You need to quit your theatrics! I don’t know what game you are playing, but it ends now. I will not let you torture my niece for something she had nothing to do with.” He balls his fists.

Alister runs over to Sean. “Please stop, fighting will not solve anything.” He looks a Malcolm. “Son, I think you need to go calm down. Molly needs to learn the history, and she can’t do that if she is too upset to listen.”

Malcolm glares at his father. “Fine” He got up and walked out of the room. Then anguished screams could be heard. Then a door slams.


Alister walks over to Molly. “Sorry about Malcolm. He has never gotten over the attack. I doubt he blames you. He is having trouble reliving the past. That is why he is so mean to you.”

Claudette gets up. “I think I should go to him.” She gets up and walks out of the room.

Molly sat and eventually her sobs quieted down. She looked up at Alister. “I can’t blame Malcolm for being upset. I realize I caused terrible memories to surface.” She sniffled and wiped her nose and eyes. “I want him to know that I am ashamed for what my family did to him.

Alister said. Once the shock wears off, he will warm up to you in time.” He looks at everyone in the room. “Alright, we still have a lot history to talk about.”

He is interrupted by a phone ringing. Andrew answers his phone. “Yes Fred. I am at Malcolm’s. Molly is here and she is fine. My father is here also. I think everything is under control. Do you need help with the negations?” Andrew looks at his father. Alister nods and makes a go ahead gesture. “Allen and I will be there. What, you are sending Nicole here. That’s great, hopefully father will tan her hide for being naughty.” Andrew laughs and hangs up the phone. Andrew and Allen get up to leave.

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