Twisted writings

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A sad story about family love.

Horror / Thriller
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The smell of insane, I thought to myself as I walked into the ward to drop off the stuff for my daughter.

The whole place was red.

Red has always been one of her favorite colors, I mumbled.

As I walked down the velvet red hallways to find the main office I wondered to myself.

Are all the kids in here for the same thing?

Probably not.

I had finally found the office and I took a look inside.

Everyone was wearing red.

They all had red hair and red clothes.

I quickly dropped off her stuff and left.

As I was walking to my car I noticed all the cars were red too.

I finally made it home and just as I walked inside I saw my daughter.

“I thought you were in the ward”, I yell to her.

“What do you mean mom? “She says as she walks up to her mom holding something behind her.

“I mean how did you get home?”

“That’s something for me to know.” She says as she slowly pulls the object out from behind her.

“What do you mean”, I say as I turn around to see my daughter wearing all red and holding a large slender knife.”

“What are you doing?”I shout as she lunges at me with the knife.

“You know how my favorite color is red mom” As she stabs the knife right into me.

“I mean she was right… her favorite color was red.”, I think to myself as I lay in a pool of my own red blood.

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