The Haunting on X Avenue

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Bob shuddered. “Spiders? Why did it have to be spiders?!”

Alicia spoke. “The entity attacks your faith with your worst fears. Your faith and my faith are what protect me.”

Bob spoke up. “Why didn’t the exorcism work?”

“The poltergeist isn’t a demon. It feeds on negative energy and on the life-force of those who are sensitive. Christian symbols only make it uncomfortable. Negative emotions are healthy food for it, and good, positive emotions are like eating the gunk from the grease trap at a busy restaurant. It won’t kill you, but you can get sick,” Alicia explained.

Bob scratched his head. “What do we do now?”

“I’d like to meet with one of you tomorrow at high noon, and I will smudge the house. My mentor will come down in a few days to help me deal with the demons too. This isn’t going to be fixed in one day. I could do it now, but your faith is shaken, and your fear of the dark makes you vulnerable to attack. Meeting at noon light, your faith will be stronger and that is what you need.”

She handed us a bundle of sage. “Those are ten dollars per bundle. Burn those in your homes, and pray whatever prayer you know best. But make sure you smoke every corner of each room. I would recommend tar water but I can’t afford the stuff.”

We each pulled out a ten and placed it on the table for Alicia. Bob nodded to her and spoke up first. “I can get you $150 a month for ‘pest control’ from the bank, if you want to make a regular visit out to the property.”

She nodded her acceptance. “Thank you. I will.” We said our goodbyes, and I headed to my sister’s couch.
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