The Haunting on X Avenue

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Jeffery was in his room watching a video when the power went out in the house. He could hear his sister and his grandma in the front room, fumbling for a flashlight and complaining because none of them seemed to work. He walked out of his room to the living room, feeling along the walls to find them. He heard the opening of a car door in the driveway. Their muffled voices sounded like they were arguing about where a flashlight could be in the car that surprisingly couldn’t start. He heard a little girl’s voice giggle from the backyard. Jeffery walked to the back door to investigate.

As he reached the door and looked out, he could see a beautiful, six-year-old girl with blonde hair standing in the tall grass, wearing only a white nightgown. She giggled again, clearly wanting to play. Jeffery didn’t understand why this girl was being so strange, but maybe she needed help. Maybe she was one of those “special kids” that his mom told him about and he needed to show her the way home.

As if she could read his mind, the little girl asked, “Jeffery, can you take me home?” She giggled innocently.

Jeffery nodded. His mom always taught him to protect girls, no matter what. He walked down the back patio steps and took the girl’s hand in his. He asked, “Where do you live.” Her look of triumph made Jeffery feel a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t know what to make of it. He was just a kid. She led him out through the backyard to squeeze through the neighbor’s fences, rather than disturb everyone in the front with their getaway.

There weren’t very many cars that passed by, but there also wasn’t any light. The moon had gone down and it was hard to see anything. At least it wasn’t cold out. The little girl didn’t say anything as they walked, and it was taking a really long time to get to her house. Once they got to the big street, the one the grown-ups called ‘Island City Avenue’, Jeffery became frightened.

“We aren’t supposed to go this way without a grown-up,” he objected.

But the girl tugged on his hand and urged, “Come on!” She giggled and flashed him a beautiful smile.

He almost forgot himself, but he shook off her disarming look and insisted, “We aren’t supposed to go this way!”

The girl growled at him in a little girl’s tone of voice.

“I want my mom!” Jeffery exclaimed.

Suddenly, the girl’s growl turned deep.

Jeffery tried to pull his hand away, but her grip was strong as iron as her continuous deep growls modified into snarling hisses. Her face changed into different colors and she began to grow in size. Her body and clothes melted into a shadowy form. Jeffery screamed in terror and he tried to break free of the iron strong grip again.

The shadow with a multicolored face pronounced in a raspy voice, “I will take you to the dark place. I will take you home with me!” Jeffery continued to kick and scream as the shadow carried him to the house on X Avenue.
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