The Haunting on X Avenue

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The next day, the news reporters stated, “Last night, a little boy was kidnapped and taken to an abandoned house by an unknown assailant. The boy’s family, acting on a tip called in by a Good Samaritan, successfully rescued the boy, but not without suffering personal injuries. In the fight to rescue the boy, the house caught fire and the boy’s captor got away. Due to the local power outage, no one was able to get a positive ID. Police are asking for anyone with any information that can lead to the capture of this vile criminal to please come forward. Back to you Lenny.”

A few days later, our bags were packed and it was time to take the long drive back to Portland and fly home. I had just finished showering and shaving. As I splashed the cold water on my face to rinse the shaving gel off, I looked into the mirror to catch a brief glimpse of a shadow staring at me. It made a long and steady slurping-hiss sound at me, and then it blurred down the hall, out of sight. I ran out to the living room and called everyone to join me.

A large eighteen-wheeler truck pulled up front to the house. The brakes squealed and door of the truck opened. I untangled myself from my wife, and I went outside to greet the driver, whoever he was.

The driver looked like he was in his late twenties. His gut was just getting started, and he looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days. He shook my hand and said in a little drawl, “The name is Jay, I have a delivery for Johnathan Campbell.”

“Uh…. That’s me, but I don’t even live here, and I was going to leave today. What is it? Why would I get a delivery here?” I stammered out.

Jay just shrugged. “Beats me, I just deliver my orders. I got five thousand frozen, breaded, fish-sticks. It is most of the trailer. Where do you want them?”

I shook my head in shocked disbelief as I remembered the dream of the angel, who said that my ‘miracle was on its way’. Bread and fish? It had just enough detail to it for me to see the miracle, but just enough of a coincidence for the skeptics to deny it, touché. Who would have thought? I slowly put my palm on my face as the impact of the message came to me. He was laughing at me because I was about to get the joke, and he knew that I was going to fail. That is why he armed me with the real knowledge to defeat the two demons and their poltergeist guardian.

I replied, “Jay, just take them to the Salvation Army, so they can be fed to the poor.” I signed his document and shook his hand.

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