The Haunting on X Avenue

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A sense of fear weighed on Jeffery’s heart as he lay in bed trying to get to sleep. Like most children, he always had a sense when something else was in the room. He tried to focus on one of his toy cars; that was one of his passions. He loved cars, and he loved being out in the garage with his dad, Rick. He liked to be helpful by handing his dad tools. His grandma always complimented him about how much of a good job he did when he helped her with chores. He just wished that this fear would go away. A hot weight pressed down at his feet, even though he couldn’t see anything. He couldn’t get past his fear.

An invisible hand pressed on the bed, like someone was moving on all fours. Jeffery began to tremble; his breathing became labored as another hand pressed on the bed to the other side of his legs. He became so afraid, that he clicked on his lamp and kicked up to where the invisible thing should have been. But he connected with nothing but air. The heavy weight was gone. Jeffery comforted himself by replaying his favorite video games in his mind. After a while, he drifted off to sleep with the lamp on. He was dreaming of walking around in a game, stacking blocks, and breaking through other blocks.

Just as he broke too deep digging in a down direction in his game, he fell into darkness. Something grabbed him in the dark and a slurping-sucking sound came to his ears. He couldn’t scream and he couldn’t fight. All he could do was to fall down into an abyss, as his life energy was getting sucked out of his body. Then he opened his eyes to see a dark smoky shadow pressing in on his face. The slurping-sucking was coming from the shadow.

Jeffery felt his energy being drained from him. He struggled to move, to fight the thing off. He couldn’t scream, and he couldn’t breath. In desperation, he imagined angels coming down into his room on a ray of light, and the shadow screeched in frustration and slithered away on the floor. Jeffery went out to the front room to see that his uncle was awake. Relief flooded into him because now he could tell a grown-up.
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