The Haunting on X Avenue

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As Bob stepped away from the house, the front door slammed shut violently. It startled him so much, he almost stumbled down the two steps of the front porch as he tried to hurry to his truck. He contemplated getting in and just going home. Forget the key, the house, and all of this trouble. He wasn’t getting paid enough for this anyway. But he knew that it would look bad to the two “young bucks” inside, so he waited.

Bob had worked at the local lumber mill most of his life until he retired. He had just recently taken the property manager job, because it was mostly a part-time thing. It didn’t demand much of him, most of the time. He and his wife Madeline were high school sweethearts and they had been through thick and thin together. Now they were spending their golden years with one another. Bob liked to play gruff and grumpy, but inwardly, he was softhearted, and he would throw himself in harm’s way for a child or a woman.

He reached for his cell phone to call his wife Madeline. It was still a flip phone because those “confounded” touch screen smart phones where just too much hassle. He plugged in the number to the house. His grandchildren were always giving him a hard time about saving the numbers on his phone. His reply was always, “that’s what my brain is for, sonny!” His wife answered on the fourth ring, which meant she must have been outside.


“Maddy, I’m still at the house.” Bob answered.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

He replied, a little too quickly. “Fine, fine, I just wanted to check in with you. That young fellow, Johnathan, is walking around in the house with a preacher. I’ll just let them have their fun and see what happens.” The phone began to crackle. “Hello? Can you hear me?” he asked into the phone, but the screen went black.

Just then a hissing snarl sounded out by his right ear like someone was standing just behind him. Bob cried out and dove forward to the ground to escape what was behind him. When he rolled over, he saw that there was nothing there. He started to laugh it off and push himself onto his knees when a pair of invisible vise grip like hands grabbed his ankles and began to drag him backwards on his belly. Bob clawed at the ground, ripping up rocks and clumps of grass. He wondered of the guys were going to think that he was crazy for calling for help, but then he saw that he was being dragged to the back of the house. The one place that truly scared him was the cellar. It was mostly a sloping hole in the ground that led to the crawlspace under the house. It was nothing but dirt and some old tools.

Bob started screaming. That had to be the place that the thing was dragging him to. There were spiders and other things under there. He had even commented to a contractor how much that spot creeped him out.
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