The Haunting on X Avenue

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Before leaving for the house, Alicia had opened her third eye and surrounded herself with a shield of light in her mind where she felt protected. She had a pretty good idea of what was in the house because of Esther. At the time, Alicia had not focused her abilities on the house entirely. As she placed her hand on the cold unwelcoming door knob, she felt rage and hate directed at her by the black shadow in the upstairs bedroom. The thing with the multicolored face.

Alicia knew that it was a poltergeist and she knew that she would need time to deal with it. More time than tonight allowed for. She was more interested in what else was in the house. She entered the door and looked around the living room. People where there, the ghosts, shadows and echoes of the dead. Men, women and children. Many of them had not even lived in this house.

Alicia caught her breath in shock and horror. This house had become a purgatory location. These souls had been brought here and were trapped. The dead surged toward Alicia crying, “Help me! Help me!” They clawed at her, and she felt the coldness of their dead energy pass through her.

Alicia hadn’t included them in her psychic shield of light, nor would she. She would help them if she could. She began to call on one of the angels that she worked with to help souls move on. But she was interrupted by a hissing snarling sound up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the poltergeist with the multicolored face crouched in a lunging position directed at Alicia. The sound that it made was so unnerving. She realized that it was a sound that anyone could hear, not just in her psyche. She was tempted to relate to and give in to the same terror that the other men felt waiting outside.

She reminded herself that she was protected and redoubled her efforts to call her angel. A beam of light surrounded each trapped soul and they began disappearing, one at a time. Three people remained, a man, a woman and a child. The two adults looked at Alicia with open distrust in their eyes. They had lived very hard lives, and to them, no favor came without a cost. But the child could not be read. A set of cold unwavering eyes stared back at Alicia that made her blood run cold. It wasn’t human. It was never human; it was ancient and evil. The poltergeist had been serving it as a guardian, a thing that exorcisms wouldn’t work on.

She sensed another demon under the house. It liked to prey on a person’s fears and then feed on them. Alicia wanted to know one final detail, how were they connected to this house. The poltergeist had been created through emotional trauma by a woman who lived here decades ago and had been a psychic. Her children who had abilities continued to feed it by stress and emotional trauma. Over the decades, it became powerful. Able to jump inside weak people and make them do things. Able to physically attack people, but the demons were summoned within the last twenty years.

A group of teens were on the property and they played with an Ouija board, opening a gateway. The boys of that group went on to be the ones who were convicted of raping or killing. Only two survived. The girls died. All but one, who was medicated and institutionalized. The board was sold in a yard sale and the gateway was still open.

A skittering noise sounded above Alicia’s head. She looked up to the ceiling to see a giant, shadowy, black widow spider the size of a German shepherd, hanging upside down, starring at her with eight glossy black eyes. It clawed in the open air in her direction. Realizing that she was in over her head, Alicia slowly backed out of the house and closed the door.
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