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Nicholas series 2: Nicholas Movement

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First Rule: Listen to Nicholas

20 January, Maureen birthday. I decide to give her a surprise. I have brought some candies inside a gift box to her.

Nicholas greets me in the morning. 'I cook a shark fin soup for you to breakfast. Enjoy it, with some garlic garnish and basil! Just relax, it still morning! You've brought something to your friend birthday. You can give it to her after you've your breakfast.'

Nicholas drives me to Maureen home. I give the surprise for her 'Happy birthday, you turn to 24. Whatcha about your feeling in 24 age? Are you ready to turn into the real adult? You're adult now, you should be wiser than before. I think I'll let you together celebrating it.'

We go to the Tai Po Mega Mall at Tai Po. I think about something strange, 'Nic, this mall's very terrible and too small. You can find other mall bigger than this one. I think about Tsim Tsa Tshui. Great one there!'

Nicholas celebrates Maureen birthday at Genki Sushi. Nicholas replies my complaint 'Celebrate means you turn your age, not all of the luxurious birthday. Listen to me first, It's my movement era now! You just follow wherever I go, I don't want any complaint outta your mouth. You just now under my control, you can't encounter me.’ I just debates him, ‘Look at you, your movement, something strange! See, Maureen looks no happy! You can't understand our taste, is just your asumption worked there.'

Nicholas locks me at bedroom. I beg to him. 'Nic, I promise to you to be polite then I listen to your advice.'

Nicholas just replies my answer cold. I think he gets really crazy and mad of his movement 'I can get you outta here, after you learn to be polite spoken to me. You don't know, your brother's a chef and icon of Asia ritta now, but you, my sister, don't have manner. Shame, my collegaue always talk about you, high class family with low manner, they say! Learn to be rather higher class to support me front of my collegaue!’

I just quarell him. ‘Don't you look at yourself, you such a Tsao Man ritta now, cruel man?’ Nicholas just replies me again, ‘Good, better known me as Tsao Man! I'm a Tsao Man, and it's ritt. Don't you know about Tsao Man rule now?'

25 January, Ye birthday. Nicholas celebrates it with Cecilia and me in APM at Kwun Tong. ‘Aren't you happy, having your couple birthday? Why are you looking so lazy?’ I answer to Nicholas, ‘Listen, I don't love him, get the point! I just love Karan, not Ye, is just you with your crazy rule. Don't you know, you just as cruel as your role in Shaolin, as Tsao Man?’

Nicholas lets us lunch at Aji Tei Ramen Station, he replies to me. 'I show you my identity as Tsao Man, you're right, I just influenced by my role. As you know, I do this for you more time till you listen to me continuously.'

I eat my ramen while I speak to Ye. ‘Do you think, I love you? Have I to say happy birthday, making you obvious, I don't wanna be your wife?’ Ye just replies me, ‘Are you crazy, I just fall in love with you? Marry me after 2023!’

Nicholas moves us to Kwun Tong Plaza, while keeping doctrining me. ‘Don't you understand my rule? Ye's your typical, he can cook, he's a job as an actor with me too, and also he's a singer lika me. Ye keeps in love with you because Ye feels pitty on you along your life, you just taken as a tool for all your shit friends. Ye'll find a better job for you as a piano teacher at my school, HKUST. Ye places you there after getting marriage with him. Easy, you don't have to do the tests as you enter first at job vacancy!’

We have dinner at Food court, while I just reply to Nicholas. ‘Do you think I can be doctrined easily? Wrong, I just an adult, not a kid anymore! Life my life happily by my own! Go away if you don't like, Nic!’

Nicholas ties me. 'I teach you first, you've dared to defeat me. HKUST's my business school, they need a professional piano teacher lika you.'

30 January, I go to my first preparation exam online. Ms. Lin teaches me, ‘You just play the scale in contrary motion rather fast and light. You should remember all the notes, just play relax both legato and staccato. At first, the arpeggio should enhance the brain by controlling your hands and not hold on your memory. Then, your first note in dominant seventh, it returns again in tonic, but you should remember the tonic notes hold also on your memory. About your sight reading, just pretend you try to practice with five sharp keys and flats. Your assignment for practice are scale arpeggio and contrary motion plus dominant seventh also sight reading with five sharp and flat keys.'

I finish all my lesson at 12. Nicholas lets me go. 'I decide to let you to Tsim Tsa Tshui. We just two having lunch and spend day outta there. I pretend to have a day only with you. Go on, come on, tidy up! I wait you in car. Just relax having our own day two!'

Nicholas lets me to lunch at Tsui Seafood. I just reply him. ‘I really don't get whaddya. I expect you don't really cure from mental disorder, Nic. Whaddya you ritta's really outta limit? Whaddya again? Just control my life! See it, you treat me lika robot!’

Nicholas just gives me some money. ‘I gonna let you to Macau tomorrow. Prepare to have 2 days there! We can go back to Hongkong again at Tuesday. Hope you enjoy my plan!’

Sunday the end of January, I wake at my lazy walk. I hope I can go with Father, 'I just pretend I can go with you, Dad. I've prepared all of my stuff at the suitcase. I just think about how my future got so terrible.'

Nicholas calls me. 'Nia, you're ready. We've late for the ship. I've prepared you a product of Chef Nic, beef brisket noodles to bring. I also let you to bring some of Chef Nic cookie products.'

We just go to Macau by ship. I don't understand Nicholas about the rule. It cages me, without Father aside me.

We stay at Venetian Hotel. I just call my Father. ‘Dad, I'm in Macau ritta now. We'll go back at Hongkong for Tuesday. I don't feel happy, I just pretend myself with Nic and Ye. I hope we can go together, but no. Visit me here!’

Father just smiles. ‘Aren't you happy going with Nic? Just relax, he's kind! He takes a role with me an antagonists Ngo in Ragging Fire movie only, but in real life, he's nice guy. He cares of you bringing some of Chef Nic cookies. He also gives you one of his noodle products, beef, I don't like. Enjoy your holiday, girl! You return back to Hongkong, I'll visit you at Red Hills.'

Nicholas just lets me to Venetian Mall. ‘Are you calling Dad? He's told by me you wanna go here. Just relax under you follow my rule! Pretend this mall's a heaven for us! I gonna take your photos here. I bring you to somewhere you never go. After going there, we can go to Taiwan at Chinese New Year. I just gonna make you relax with all of your busy. I know you feel boring doing your routine with some theory and also some practice exercises.'

Nicholas brings us at Food Court, ‘There are many food here, such Western, Chinese, and also Japanese. You can choose whatever you wanna, girl. You can pay with your own. If less, I'll add the pay. I think you lika Hainanese Chicken Rice. Can I order just for you? Whatcha have for drink?’ I just answer, ‘I like Hainanese Chicken Boiled. I love lemon tea for drink. I can order myself, you just yours.'

Nicholas orders for me. 'I like to have 2 boiled chicken rice and 2 Chinese tea. I pay all the orders. I take the name as Nicholas Tsao Man.'

I spend my whole day there. Nicholas just buys me clothes at Uniqlo. ‘You're so cute with this red dress. Look as Sheng Nan, Fan Bing, in my movie, Handsome Sibling. I'm your Flawless Flower now. I hope you enjoy shopping with me. Am I right, you're my Sheng Nan? I just set you to be the real Sheng Nan. I'll pay this dress for you.'

I really don't understand Nicholas so far with the movie. I don't wanna be Sheng Nan, I'm Nia. I just wanna be lika self, not yours.

Night, at the Mall, I just have dinner in Glorius Barberque. ‘I just eat a pork with a duck. We can eat together, Nia. You can wear your dress as Sheng Nan tomorrow. I can be your Flower now. I really wanna see you as a Chinese girl lika Sheng Nan. Can you fulfill my request? I pretend you to be more feminist lika her.'

I just throw my face at all. I search about Sheng Nan. She's Fan Bing, actress, plays a role in Handsome Sibling together with Nicholas.

I just wear my boring red dress. I wanna say I'm not your Sheng Nan. I just have a target would Nicholas going to return to the real life non-movie.

In my journey to Ruin St.Paul, Karan calls me. 'I'm so happy you call me through video. I really tortured here. I don't know how to escape from Nic. Well, we just can meet at Hongkong tomorrow.'

Karan just replies. ‘Just bring me some cookies from there! Lemme know you go back from there to Hongkong! Don't you know, I can't meet you, I just in Mumbai? Haven't you had your longest holiday in New Year? I just wanna go to Hongkong again there. You know, only for meet you, I can share my story in Mumbai. Wanna seeya movie from me? Pretending you like Mahabharat again? Bring it to be real, Nia!’

Nicholas takes my phone. ‘You just keep underlying me. I say not call him just break, you call behind me. Keep my words, not ever been hold this phone again! Understand my point, you never get this phone back to you again?'

I just wanna have my phone back, Nic. Give me back my phone, I feel depressed!

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