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Eye contact

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You know that feeling, that awkward feeling when you are looking into someone's eyes. They say eye contact means everything, can be romantic, gripping, a shared moment in time. But what about when eye contact means you lose yourself, lose your soul, lose your consciousness. That’s exactly what happens in the quaint little town or River wood, when Emma discovers a chilling Truth about the new girl who walks through, dazzling the eyes of many. Can Emma save herself or will she look into the eyes of the enemy and never tell the tale of this town.

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - the awakening

A shadow moving through the trees, a slight purple glow came chasing her through the trees. Running was no longer an option, the glow was too fast. It was coming and there was nothing she could do but lay down under the tree. She tensed, heavy breaths getting closer, until all she could see was purple.

Emma woke up not being able to breath, she checked the clock. It was 3am, she took a deep breath and sat up. Just another nightmare, Emma then got out of bed to walk downstairs to grab a glass of water. She was just anxious about the new cafe opening next week.
She walked back up the stairs trying not to wake her mom and brother with the creek of the stairs as she gently pushed her weight down on the wooden floor boards. Finally reaching her room she lay down, letting her head hit the soft pillows and her hands feeling the fur of her blanket between her finger tips.
The wind started to howl and she suddenly looked towards her window as there was a knocking on the glass. She hesitantly sat up to see the tree bending backwards in the wind and smacking her window. She walked towards the window, she watched as the wind picked up dragging old news papers and cans down the street. A storm was rolling in, lightning hitting the horizon.

Having no idea how much time had past her eyes suddenly darted from the horizon to the park across the street, lightning hit the ground in the flash of light a figure stood. She must have dozed off Emma thought to herself as there was nothing there now. The lightning streaked down again hitting the same spot, she couldn’t believe her eyes as the figure was there again, disappearing as soon as the light was gone. She rubbed her eyes, her mind must be playing tricks on her. Suddenly a high pitch scream broke the wind. Emma startled and rushed to her closet to grab her shoes and a coat.
Thoughts rushing through her mind, maybe someone was hurt, maybe something happened in the storm, maybe someone was attacked. As soon as that thought came to her mind she grabbed her phone from her bed side table and grabbing her hockey stick which was leaning against her wall by the bedroom door. She rushed down stairs aggressively swinging the door open and rushing outside. Rain hammered down on top of her, soaking through her coat and dampening her shoes. She ran down her front drive way to the street. Realising she didn’t have a torch she grabbed her phone and turned it on, her hands shaking with cold hardly being able to turn the camera light on due to the water on the touch screen. Dashing across the road she suddenly stopped outside the park, searching for signs of the figure. She couldn’t have been seeing things, there was definitely a person screaming in the park. But there was nothing, she jogged a loop around the park now squelching as her heavy shoes sloped on the ground below.
Her brain hurt, maybe she was just over tired and anxiety can do a lot to the brain. She walked back across the street to her house to get back to bed, but she realised she was soaking wet so she draped her clothes over the radiator and sauntered into the bathroom to take a shower. By the time she was out and drying the sun was rising, she glanced at the cloak it was 6.23am. Oh no she had no time to go back to sleep before school started.


Trying not to doze off in English class was the hardest thing Emma had to do. Mr Bell drowning on about how Shakespeare’s time was very different to now.
Drifting again Emma thought about the figure in the storm, she could still see it as clear as day. But how? There was no one there, yet she saw the figure twice.
Emma started to doodle in her English book, she draw how the figure stood tall, with no much detail just a black figure. It was hard to see any details when sudden light hit a dark night.
Mr Bell slammed his board rubber against his desk, and staired at Emma.
Emma stunned, looked up at Mr Bell, who was now staring her down.
“Errr, yes sir. Shakespearian language was Elizabethan English, which is distinct of the middle ages” Emma garbled.
“What examples of words did he use?” Mr Bell looked with a smug grin.
“Well, he used errr… Foe instead of enemy and errr… Doth instead of Does” Emma went bright red.
The class around her started to giggle, a few classmates looking concerned.
“Very well, everyone quiet! I want you all to produce an essay written in shakesprearean about your day at school. Its due first thing Friday”

The bell rang which meant its was now time for Lunch. Everyone rushed to shove their stuff in their bags and hurdled out the door. Emma was very slow in her movements, putting her notebook and tablet in her bag. Mr Bell stepped up behind her “You are not yourself, what happened?”
“I didnt sleep I guess”
“Well get some rest, I dont want you to start slacking in class” he said as they both walked towards the door.

After Lunch Emma had Maths and sign language. All her teaches said the same thing, she wasn’t herself. Apart from that she had quiet a dull day, but the image of the girl in lightning still plagued her mind. She was so deep in the image in her mind she crashed into a crowd of people exiting the school. Her brother dragged her away before she could get punched for bumping into Chris Whatts, the classic school bully.

Her brother was really tall with bleach blonde hair and very muscular, he played hockey and like her, was super smart. No one messed with Fabian, mostly because of how tall he was. Emmas best friend Brooke rolled out from behind Fabian, she had chestnut wavy hair and she was in a wheelchair. They both looked concerned for Emma.
“Come on sis, I will drive you and Brooke home” Fabian spoke softly but with some gruff in his voice.

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