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Four Horses And No Men

By John E OHara All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror


Why men speak, and not the beasts, is owing to nothing else, but that the beasts have not so much vain-glory as men. _quote by Elaine Walker

The Hell-fare State


The Hell-fare State

For the love of life in all of existence this is a story you are not going to believe, and understand because I the narrator is older than fossil scuz, and I ’am an immortal mammal. All I can say is I ’am under-ranked, but that is temporary, and currently I do not have the privilege as humanity does, but I have learned a thing or two, and I have beings I have created that allows me to have a say. One must live to grow and love, and give chances, but once someone or thing burns your barn, I feel you have the right to overthrow, and take over the show. All in do time, and that time is now, and I will reveal this story within the story but not who I ’am at this time, from its finish to the start. Older humanity and newer humanity collide one and final last time...

Paradise on earth, history claims only two people lived in this paradise a long time ago, and I remember them but the science of humanity tells a different story, either way, none of the data does any justice anymore. Sicknesses, tears, mourning, also the same old song and dance of politics and religion were finished for humanity to endure. Limited beliefs and soul barriers were too. Humanity never understood their potential. They were always at war. This was the Hell-fare state...

This is a story of an apocalyptic inverted misanthropy adventure, and to understand misanthropy, one needs to look deep and wide, inside and outside, and even deeper into the metaphors of the four horsemen in the Book of Revelations to even get a gripping glance of true reality, existence and extinction.

New humans don’t even have a name yet, and they are not considered rare, but these new breeds have been emerging. Tracking any kind of human is like tracking a deer tick. Report after report states that humans are out of control. Every bad thing created by humans relapse and relapse, even though change is possible. Even after solutions and things resolve. The world complains, and pains and pain persist. The only remedy that keeps surfacing is a blood smear, not the kind by a physician but a complete wipe out of the human race. Humans have created many powerful things, and the most powerful things they have created were the four horsemen, and this was written in the Bible. The human race created a monster, and the monster were themselves. The art of true listening was never mastered, taught or even a priority. For instance, teenagers kill each other in schools, and so much more. The biblical verse, Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them was spared, no one ever did dare not, so sparing became pleading, pleading from bleeding, bleeding to death. No one knew or cared what was happening in the world, but this neurological problem was the mask and the primary one that breeds all neurological problems. Keeping the human race from super human.

Far up into the dark sky four lights appeared, one white, one red, one shadowy, and one green, and they got closer to be visible to all life on planets earths eyes. It looked like Horses running to the audience, closer and closer they got. Fiery Horses they were, but these Horses were created from fire.

Were they demons or angels disguised as Horses? It seemed like human faces flickered through the Horses faces, half horse and man imagery, but these sights were to gruesome to bear, so people scattered more then ever as they, the four Horses came to earth, from who knows where? Panic and fear was in the air. These Horses are like pitchforks and humans were the new hay. They were flesh and supernatural fire entities. Earth became the human pasture, a wild era. These Horses were the face of the sky. Many people desired for the end, and their wish seemed to be granted, but there were no riders, no one or thing was controlling these Horses. These Horses were in control themselves. Was this the last coming? Stars were falling too. Seasons as they say were lost. The moon was pink, a dark pink. Candles were lit in many homes. Most animals were silent and hidden. The obscuration had begun, and this phenomena was no eclipse. This darkness was deep and dense, but they, the Horses were bright. They were living fireworks. Gorgeous to see. Was heaven on fire? Was this the eternal promise foretold? The roaring world roared!

Sounds of Horses galloping like thunder began to be heard all over the earths atmosphere, but before that, sounds of splashing was heard too, like the world was in shallow water, but it was deep, yes it was. The waves of the planets water had a flaming red sheeting glimmer with its turquoise and blue splendor. The Horses entered the waters with dignity, and the golden sand was marked by their presence, and their trail disappeared as they swam to islands, and shores in search of humans. Was these acts of Poseidon, or was it all from the lake of fire? The world became dark on many levels. Darkness was on this day, above and below. Who and what else was breathing this into being? The world was in its final shambles. All of this created clouds of dust and smoke, and no one could see them coming.

These four Horses were in the flesh at this time, and they were rolling in snowy mud to protect themselves from cold winds. The morning frost was chilly, and there were big bubbles in pools of melting snow. Steam arose as they paced through the winter air, and the air was getting colder. The eagles and mountain lions were waking too, and they could be heard as the Horses awoke.

“Mother Nature intended for us, but not this you think?” Ruby the Barb asked as she leaned forward, and shook loose snow off of her curly coat. “The tips of your ears are pale,” Ruby the Barb said to the other Horses as she circled them, and looked closer, “They are turning dark too, and it looks like they are going to shrivel up, and fall off, hmm.”

The crunch of the snow was nerve racking to the Horses hearing.

Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Ya right, even though we are not in fire-flight mode, as if I can feel it, the snow is melting off of my back, and yes, I know we have procedures.”

“I ’am pacing, and I ’am shivering,” Zera replied laughing.

“Your tails are clamped tight,” said Ruby the Barb and smiled.

“Sure would be nice to have a Welsh shag coat right now,” said Crazy Canyon Kate.

Ruby the Barb shook her curly coat, and said, “Unlatch from the sun, moon, dawn and dusk, dispatch the ending human musk.”

“We don’t need to run into a 1,500 pound Ali Oop Grizzly Bear,” Sky Horn exclaimed, and she pointed with her nose to a tree with movement. The other three Horses sniffed from nostril to nostril deciphering.

A grizzly bear awoke from inside a tree, the bear crawled out, and relieved itself. All four Horses stretched out their necks, held their heads high, curled back their upper lips, and inhaled with their nostrils, releasing a laugh that exposed their teeth, teeth that will eat the world, the molar rollers, and they were now about to eat the last grizzly bear. They carried on through the numbing air with full bellies.

Sky Horn stopped the silence as they walked, and spoke, “I enjoyed throwing people into death traffic jams. Maybe it was because I like to see the ’they all know something is wrong look upon their faces.

The face of something wrong went viral, were facial expressions humans will never forget. It caused massive chain reactions, inverting karma into factual cause and effect equations.

“So how many fire hydrants are you going to kick over Ruby the Barb?” Zera asked and laughed.

“It is practice, practice makes perfect, so perfect practice makes it professional practice. Call me Dr. Head Buster” Ruby the Barb said, “For the next skull.” She looked at her kicking hooves and was impressed, they were not marked up at all. Her brutal kick was something to reckon with.

“They can’t tell when we Horses are angry,” Crazy Canyon Kate added and called out, “ Beeeeeep, testing, testing, this not a test. Today is the day of death!” She called out to listen for survivors. The trees knew, and the trees told on a man. The four Horses listened to the ground, and the trees spoke.

“They are singing a song, poem like, for us, and about us. Something too about, we are buried by the old oak trees,” Crazy Canyon Kate explained, and she listened, then they all heard, the poem the trees recited.

September, October, November and December

Hours and hours came by, and come faster with ember

The sword, famine, pestilence and wild beasts of the earth

The foliage is dying, it’s the beginning of sorrows and hurt

The last day of tomorrow, no more human birth

VIRGO came with the sickle for the time of harvest

(Crazy Canyon Kate showed off her divine tattoo)

LIBRA with scales came; all life- judged, sorted, weighed and stored

(Ruby the Barb showed off her divine tattoo)

SCORPIO came with the stinging sword of death, and the sun is dying

(Sky Horn Karmalea showed off her divine tattoo)

Will SAGITTARIUS and the archer come? Will she, will she?

(Zera showed off her divine tattoo)

Crazy Canyon Kate laughs and says, “You know why all of this human-crap happened... Because people who believed in it made it happen. Now that we know them, they should have known us! Guardians? Whatever. Snake charmers are what humans are.” Crazy Canyon Kate found a small statue of man. This miniature statue fascinated her. It was a relic for her, a symbol of value to her, so she picks it up with her mouth, and carries it with her.

“We are way more than continental Horses,” said Ruby the Barb and laughed, “Along the whole of the route, no matter what time it was, spectators gather to cheer, and die, although the whole spectacle gave the whole affair a lively carnival feeling, oddly enough. I loved chasing them, and making them have nasty encounters with trees.”

What amazed the Horses was the enjoyment humans recieved from watching the Horses exterminate.

“The trees speak of a man, so we have one to chase,” Sky Horn replied, “Great management of this extinction. Lets give humanity an applause, a hoof stomp. On second thought, shh, lets keep it a secret.”

A forest fire is happening and power outages. The man the trees spoke of was a Forest Ranger named Lee Roy Reinhardt, and he was trying to get back communications with his Dispatcher. The last words, and commands from the Dispatcher were ‘Respond please, we have all kinds of dilemmas. No power here, the generator’s almost empty.’

“Great, with gas prices low,” The Ranger said to himself, “And how long are they going to last? Is gas on the internet tax free?” He asks and laughs. The Ranger walks to his jeep and says, “Okay I need to get to my laptop, and get a top down view of our county. They know where I ’am with our automatic vehicle finder, they could track me like I track. He realized he had no power too, and he sat there in his jeep looking at a mallard duck.”

The four Horses were moving closer to the Ranger when the trees spoke again with a warning. They all heard they were very much at risk. There is the fire, also another danger, where the fires burn out the bottoms of large trees, and the next thing you know a breeze comes by and the trees could fall over. They looked for this as they moved forward.

The Ranger was asked to do a duty, a census count of wolves, bears, panthers, wildcats and other savage animals, and he was about to too, and the word savage was minor to these major Horses.

Zera spoke, “Didn’t cell phones sound like goats?” and laughed, “Telephone booths, antennas era land lines, cheap gas, to none of the above too, government phones and free wifi. Humans, ha ha ha ha. Most humans are microchipped, and they never got the clue, as they dialed to who knows who.”

They all four twitched their ears, and switched into fire-flight mode, the mode they came to earths realm in, and turned into spiritual fire, and they walked through the forest fires to the Ranger. The scent of smoke and firey scents of destruction overwhelmed the Ranger, but that was nothing as the Horses confronted him. The scent of the fiery Horses was like sulfur and leather.

The Ranger calls for help! “Where are the drones when you need them?” He asked himself.

Sky Horn with her vendetta attitude walked up closer to the Ranger, and asked with a smile, “So what ya ranging? The trees? These trees are friends unlike humanity to each other. Sometimes, pairs like these trees here.” Sky Horn walked around two trees, and continued to speak, “Trees are so interconnected at the roots that when one tree dies, the other one dies too. But like humanity if one has to die so does all of the others.

So! Trees remember, and so do ancient stumps, companions alive for centuries. They sugar their roots. So I, I ’am going to un-sweeten your roots, and sugar my boots with blood.”

Take notice, novices, all Horses wore spiked ankle bracelets too.

“You see Mr. Forest Ranger, we know all about you, the trees told us about you,” said Sky Horn and she laughed. “Blood un-sweetend is great for our roots. Never look a gift horse in the mouth! I bet you have no clue of what that means.”

The Ranger was in shock but spoke, “I brought in Horses, eliminated insecticides, and began experimenting with letting the woods grow wilder. I.”

“I know you are an asset to the wildlife. Wars were fought over majestic Horses, now we are those, thee majestic Horses who are ending all wars. Are you going to bad cry or good cry?” asked Sky Horn.

“Cry period,” The Ranger proclaimed.

“Yes, do you have one last request?” Sky Horn asked.

“We have never asked anyone that before.” said Ruby Barb.

“I know, he probably promotes war. Look at his arsenal in the jeep.” replied Sky Horn laughing, kicking and snorting, “He is the last man alive, so I thought I’d be nice once.” said Sky Horn batting her eyes.

“Oh my God,” shouted the Ranger, “Okay, okay. Please understand a soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. Tell me about you four, tell me why I ’am the last man alive? I don’t want to die.”

All four Horses looked at each other, and said, “Okay,” they looked at the forest fires and the fires went out, doused by their telepathic thoughts. Magical, the Ranger thought. They looked at the Ranger and said “Okay, but you are not going to like the end.”

“He is no Douglas MacArthur. Why men speak, and not the beasts, is owing to nothing else, but that the beasts have not so much vain-glory as men.” Crazy Canyon Kate proclaimed, “I love that Walker quote. Just some last wisdom for you, Ranger in danger.”

The Ranger swallowed his spit, and sat on the ground to hear the story, scared and freaking out inside. A mallard duck walked by as they told the story.

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