Book Two: From Death

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"To death, from death, to life." Issac became a drifter hardened by each life he's had to take in this new infected laden world. After a while the line between need and senseless killing blurred until he just killed with the only driving force being survival as he saw it. Though in his 6 years of solitude, he runs into yet another wall. One bringing him back to where he belonged to start with. Though this has its world of challenges. How does a tepid and cold individual person adjust to the warmth of an ideal society? How does he cope when a mountain of secrets and stresses bury him alive? Read on to find out. :This is book two of a series! You can read them either from the final and third book to the first or first to last!:

Horror / Romance
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Prelude: From Death

A/N: In this different intro chapter of shorts we explore a poem of sorts. Not sure what I would call it but it both pertains to the story and is riddled with hints and deeper meaning. Yet isn’t attached to just one entity of this story. But without further ado, enjoy. First actual chapter goes up right after I post this one. And the upload schedule will follow the one the last book had!


It started with a look that stretched on for lifetimes.

It was an idol. The first I’d seen.

Feeling compelled and driven into a roar just on sight alone.

I bore a mark that was seared deep into my mind.

Purpose came but it was only a matter of time.

His shadow.

The idol in which I now followed and haunted.

The searing migraine of interest burning holes into my mind itself.

I needed to know.

Needed to see.

Needed to feel.

Needed to hear.

His shadow.

It was like a melodic melancholic symphony.

A song that I learned and repeated.

Needed to know why.

A virtuoso of death.

Needed to show.

Crossed paths and struck down.

Needed to feel.

Wise textual matter float past plump lips.

Needed to hear.

For I was.

His shadow.


A/N: I’ve dabbled in writing things of this nature. I kept it cryptic. But meaning should unfurl and blossom as you read! I hoped you all liked this. Simple words with a dissonant yet synchronized vibe. I’ve given a lot in so little. From a perspective that will never see you all eye to eye. But at the same time give insight for what’s to come!

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