The Van to Nowhere

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A short story (like very short) Five college students go on a road trip together for the last time. Not as nice as it sounds. (This is my first attempt at a horror story well a story in general so please don’t be too harsh)

Horror / Adventure
Age Rating:

Complicated Friendships

Here we are in the van with Bellamy and Emmery screaming at the top of their lungs to “Jingle Bells'', god I wish things could always be like this. We are all trying our best to be civil and enjoy our last trip together before we all leave and never end up talking to each other again. Of course we will miss each other but not enough to interact with one another. We all knew it but no one would actually say it. It’s hard though, to enjoy our time together, knowing that we have to go separate ways with so much tension from the past few months hanging in the air, and no way to resolve it. Everyone said it wouldn’t last, we couldn’t keep the band together and we thought we could fight against all odds and stay together forever but reality hit and they were right. We just want one last Christmas together traveling to supposedly haunted places. Which had become our tradition, since none of us really wanted to go home to our unaccepting families.
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