Twisted Saga ReGenesis (book 3 of 3)

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Chapter 9 – Kill Us, Please!

Robert’s lady friend scoots forward to introduce herself to the girls.

“So ladies, welcome. I’m Linsey McCoy, Robert’s old lady, and your gracious co-host.” Linsey leans over, planting her hands onto Brooklyn’s thighs to push her dress up.

“You’re beautiful. I think I’ll enjoy you first.” She whispers into her ear, lightly licking it before she nubbles on her neck.

“God no, please don’t hurt us.” Brooklyn stutters with eyes closed as her body about to be violated.

“Play nice, honey, and have fun.” Robert teases about to walk away.

Linsey pauses to get his attention.

“There’s two here, and I don’t mind sharing my playthings.” She giggles, focused on Emily with a devilish smile stretched across her face.

“Well, if you insist, how could I be impolite?” He states, approaching Emily, then tosses the hoodie back and exposes a hideous sight.

His head is covered with scars from torture and burnt from his time being tortured by the prison city’s mob members. They always felt he was the rat that sold them out when the FBI and ATF raided their operations.

Robert licks his lips just before he presses them together with Emily’s. She tries to resist at first, but when his rage takes control, he snatches her by the throat.

“Kiss me, or I’ll kill you!”

When her lips shake, Emily reaches out, ready to embrace him with a kiss.

Seconds into the kiss with Emily, Linsey runs her hand over Brooklyn’s panties seconds before there’s a loud bang on the door.

“Hey boss, we need to talk, man, like now. Get these sluts out of here and take a seat!” One of his cohorts suggests with a heavy southern accent.

Robert huffs once and stares into Emily’s eyes. He winks and shoves away from her body.

“Gentlemen, please take a seat, ladies, give us a moment.” He says, waving for his friends to take a seat.

“How is this going to get our revenge? We want the head of our enemy who killed many of our brothers, not the daughters of the Devil.” The associate in the middle explains, blowing off his frustration.

“He’ll come for these two, but whoever said I was doing this for revenge?” He asks them when he pulls a gun from under his hoodie.

He cracks up enough that his eyes are shut by the time he pulls the trigger killing the man in the middle. To their surprise, Linsey pulls the second gun from under her shirt and kills the other two.

“It’s not about revenge. It’s about atoning for everything I lost, you mindless idiots!” He yells and turns back to the girls, blowing away the smoke from the barrel.

“Now, where were we, ladies?” He mentions looking down at their pale complexion.

“You’re, you’re a monster!” Emily screams, trying to break free from the cuffs.

“You’re gonna indulge this monster.” He murmurs in her face coming nose to nose. Then he places his hands at the top of her dress to rip it from her breasts.

Linsey observes for a moment pressing her index finger to her lips in excitement.

“That’s it, baby, suck those tits. Sounds like a good place to start.”

She returns her attention to Brooklyn, mimicking what her partner does. He’s busy sucking on Emily’s breasts with moans of delight.

“Tasty little girl, let’s see what else tastes delicious on you, shall we.” Linsey conveys running her hands between Brooklyn’s thighs and pulls them apart.

“Please don’t, stop please, I don’t wanna be raped.” Emily pleads, forced to see the bulge in Robert’s jeans.

“I won’t fuck you right now, but I am gonna enjoy making you feel violated.” He alludes the insight into his intentions.

“Just kill me, please! Just kill me before you rape me.” Emily begs as tears stream down her face.

Linsey is already moved into position, forcefully kissing over Brooklyn’s inner thighs. She tries to pull back, but Robert appears from her side, holding a gun to her head. Brooklyn quickly submits after he cocks the hammer.

“Let’s enjoy this…” He looks down when he speaks to Brooklyn.

Making his way behind Linsey, she yanks her yoga pants down enough that he can shove his shaft into her. She has her way with Brooklyn, with Robert at gunpoint.

She moans more and more as Robert picks up the pace. When he sees Emily as her eyes shut, he points the gun over to her and a single comment.

“Open your eyes and watch, or I’ll put a bullet in your heart right here, right now.”

Emily opens her eyes with her attention stuck on what’s happening to her sister.

“Oh, God, yes! Ah, fuck yes!” He screams, with his entire ten-inch shaft buried in Linsey shoving her face further into Brooklyn’s pelvis, screaming along in a muffled tone.

“Oh, yes, baby, that’s it cum!” He shouts.

Brooklyn’s helpless; she’s cuffed in the chair. Her eyes fixated on the couple, where she’s forced into a three-way.

“Now that was pleasurable,” Robert states, lowering the gun.

Now his sights are set on the younger sister, struck with horror at everything that’s happened.

“I guess we can’t leave you out, now can we?” He wonders out loud and strides back to her with a crazy glare to his eyes.

“You look scrumptious, sweetie pie. Would you want any first?” Robert asks his lady partner.

“Nah, I’m not into redheads.” She jokes as she strokes her hair.

“Don’t touch my sister, you psychopaths!” Brooklyn hollers at the top of her lungs

Linsey slaps her across the jaw in response.

She swoops down, using the same hand that slapped Brooklyn to grip her cheeks.

“Don’t you ever call either of us crazy, insane, or psycho again unless you want that dress covered in your sister’s blood, you spoiled little rich bitch!”

After Linsey releases Brooklyn, she spits in her face. That causes Robert to snap and attack, but rather than attack Brooklyn he stomps over and bends down to scoop Emily by the chair legs, flipping her backward.

“You want psycho. I’ll show you exactly how psycho I can become.”

He takes her by her foot, sliding her across the floor, and slams her sideways into the cracked drywall. Emily huffs upon impact but what she doesn’t expect are the swift kicks inflicted by Robert to her stomach that he hits her a couple of times before he backs away.

“Stop! Don’t hurt her anymore, please! Kill me, I’m the one who called you that, stop!” Brooklyn cries in agony.

Linsey can’t even believe her eyes and stands there speechless.

“I said, stop, please!” She screams, pleading for her sister’s safety.

He snaps out of his rage and begins to cackle with his eyes closed.

“Fine, I won’t kick her again, but I will take advantage of her being out cold. We’ll be back in a bit. Babe, you watch her and if she tries anything, slit her throat.”

Emily’s once again dragged by her foot, but now she’s pulled from the Executive Boardroom. Unconscious, she’s pulled across the lobby and into a jacuzzi suite where Robert and Linsey reside.

Her hands and ankles uncuffed, she’s stretched across the bed and strapped down again. Unable to wait for her to wake up on her own, Robert shakes Emily until she stirs her head.

“Uh, what happened, Lucas? Is that you?” She says as her eyes begin to focus on the dusty and dimly lit room.

“I’m so much better than he is, sweet pea. I’m about to rock your world!” He warns her as he strips down and crawls between her legs.

“God, no, don’t! NO, NO, NO…” She repeatedly screams once Robert inserts himself into her and violently raped her at gunpoint.

Her torture is extended since he’s already gotten off once. He maintains his powerful penetration, but Emily leans up, biting his ear, and manages to rip a small portion off. He sits up, takes her by the throat, squeezing with enough force to where she can no longer scream in pain or call for help.

Back in the Executive Boardroom, Brooklyn squirms in her chair, listening to her sister being brutalized. Linsey’s even taking it hard to bare covering her ears.

“Please, lady, go make him stop, help me please, please lady, come on!” Brooklyn begs, crying out in fear.

“I can’t. He’ll kill me.” She begins looking at her arms that are scarred over from puncture marks.

“No, I won’t be his guinea pig again. No, no more drugs!” She mutters and runs from the door leaving Brooklyn alone.

Stuck in a state of shock, Emily lays there with her vision starting to blur a bit. Robert’s weight nearly crushed her windpipes as he begins to cut off the last bit of oxygen she can suck into her lungs.

Everything begins to go dark when a saving grace bursts into the room.

“Get off my niece, you piece of shit!” Justin yells, hobbling on his good leg as he dives onto Robert’s body to rip him off, Emily.

They crash to the floor, where Justin begins beating Robert. Every bit of Justin’s pain is transferred to every single blow. As the pain in his broken leg soars, it counters his strength allowing Robert an opportunity to reverse the fight.

Robert is covered in blood. His laughter is at a hysterical pitch when he flips Justin over after the punches slow down.

“You have nothing left, little Cuz! You have no more strength, no more leverage, which means now, it’s my turn!”

The rollover slams Justin’s broken leg onto the floor, and he yells in anguish.

“Yes, scream, you filthy rat, scream like the little bitch you’re about to become!”

Robert staggers to his feet and leaps onto the injured leg with enough force that Justin shrieks when his leg snaps in a second location.

“That’s it scream, buddy boy, scream like a virgin on prom night!” His attacker cackles, stomping away on the severally busted limb.

Linsey rushes into the room out of nowhere, striking her partner without realizing it with a crazy glazed look in her eyes.

“Oh, you double-crossing dick garage. You dare hit me like that and think you’re going to get away?” He says the instant he grabs her by the hair, yanking her down to her knees.

He reaches back about to strike her down when she makes a desperate move, grabbing his testicles.

“Let go, you crazy bitch!” He yelps, releasing his grip.

“I’m done. You ain’t killing me. You twisted monster!” She screams and reaches out to bite his dick before Linsey runs for her life.

“I’ll kill you!” He yells, holding his penis in his hands, writhing in pain.

By the time he can gain his composure, Robert turns around to get his clothes back on. Justin groans on the floor, holding his leg. Emily moans as she shifts her head from side to side, half dead.

After being attacked twice, he wants to ensure it won’t happen a third time. Walking over to his drawer, Robert pulls out a couple of industrial-strength zip ties. He jumps onto Justin’s torso and whams him a couple of times in the head with the point of his elbow blacking an eye and cracks Justin’s nose.

“Time to pay the Piper…” He taunts, tugging Justin over to where guests would hang clothes.

Unable to lift the dead weight on his own, Robert leaves the room to return a couple of moments later with convicted murderers for assistance.

“Time to pick up the trash.” One of them says, lifting Justin, who’s left helpless, into place while his wrists are tied up.

“I have just the tool required to handle this dish of eating crow.” Robert indicates, cracking himself up, and leaves the room.

His goons watch over Justin and drool over the sight of Emily left stranded on the bed. Minutes roll by before the sociopathic host returns with a large crowbar in his hands.

“Time to teach his boy a lesson. Let’s bring the whooping shed to him!” He calls out, swinging with full force to bust Justin between the shoulder blades.

Justin screams in pain, breathing heavily as the shock of it all pulses through his body. He’s struck with the crowbar in the middle of his back twice in baseball bat swings that smash into his spine.

“Damn, Hoss, you’re really into it, ain’t ya?” His associate asks queasy when Justin’s back cracks loudly from the pressure of the second hit.

“Here, you do some damage. This guy’s best friend in the world is the one responsible for putting you here. I’m sure you’re familiar with the name Joshua Bradshaw.” Robert mentions seeing the expressions on their faces change in the blink of an eye.

Wide-eyed and filled with rage, the thug accepts the crowbar and immediately mashes skin and metal together, beating Justin senselessly.

His screams are ignored, with bruises coming to the surface as fast as the crowbar lands on his body.

“Your turn, man, make this guy feel the pain!” The third assailant begins swinging his frustrations on Justin’s limbs and spine.

After the third assailant can’t beat on Justin any longer, Robert chimes in excitedly.

“Oh, light bulb!” Robert yells over the cries of pain.

One Robert takes the tool of destruction in his hand once more. He rolls it in his hand with the curved end aimed at Justin.

The crowbar barely breaks the skin at first, but it finally penetrates the bones and lodges deep into his spine on the sixth swing. Justin screams out an excruciating cry.

“That’s it scream like a banshee!”

Justin notices that the pain in his legs vanishes.

“I can’t feel my legs. What did you do to my legs?” Justin shouts, trying to feel his legs move at all.

The two henchmen that watch vomit at the sight of the crowbar stuck in Justin’s spine. On the other hand, Robert stands there, smiling at the damage inflicted by his own two hands.

“I’m going to go get something to keep you from bleeding out. I have a special plan for you.” He whispers into Justin’s ear.

Waving for his comrades to follow, they head down to the front desk to retrieve a first-aid kit back to his room. Robert tapes it up with pressure gauze on Justin’s back as best they can to absorb the bleeding.

“If my timing is about right, Josh should be here soon, and the show needs to be in place before he arrives. I have special plans set for him.” He tells both Justin and Emily, even though neither one of them can hear him.

Given the whistle as the signal to get moving, more people come into the room to help Justin down from his restraints and uncuff Emily from her place on the bed.

“One more to get, and then we can head out. I’ll pick up my third trophy, and we’ll head out. It’s party time, fellas!” Robert shouts as he feels in control.

Justin is hoisted up over a set of shoulders, and the same is done with Emily. Both suffer from the effects of their attacks. Brooklyn is rolled out from the Boardroom and guided outside.

The mad man leads the way pushing Brooklyn in her chair down several blocks to the football field, where they begin the setup for the big reveal waiting on confirmation that Josh has arrived inside the city. Orders go out, and tools are taken from the maintenance shed. Robert instructs his people what he wants them to do.

“Alright, here’s how we’re going about this. I want that barbwire cut down. I want it brought to me straightaway. I need the girls cuffed to the back fence as well. I want them to watch what’s going to happen to their friend.

The sweltering humidity begins to take a toll on everyone busting their ass to get everything set up the way the boss wants.

“Hey Hoss, the barbwire, what’s it for?” He’s asked when it’s handed over.

All Robert can do is crack a smile and look over to Justin.

“We’re going to play hangman with a live subject. We have honored guests arriving soon, and I want Josh to witness his greatest creation. He wanted our very best. Well, damn it, he’s going to get my very best tonight. One of us isn’t walking away after all this is over, and this time it’ll be him who’s left for dead. Also, get our tech guy. I want the world to witness what’s about to happen. I will make history here tonight, and all of you will be granted your freedom.”

Uncertain how to take his comment in a calm manner that’s not been seen before, everyone works diligently to have everything ready for the show that’ll last a lifetime.

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