Twisted Saga ReGenesis (book 3 of 3)

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Chapter 16- Mind Plague

It appears the family leaves the girls abandoned in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Brooklyn suffers from the sights and sounds of Robert’s cold-blooded murders in the Executive Boardroom.

“Mrs. Parker, how do you feel today?” The attendant asks her every meal he brings to her room.

“I’m not ready to talk about it, sorry, Hector.” She tells him with a blank stare written across her face.

“I understand, but you know I’m always here to listen. Sometimes a stranger’s ear works best. I have your food on the counter. Whenever you’re ready, just dig in and enjoy.”

He exits the room, and Brooklyn begins to stir from her seat by the window. The thought of going home sounds terrific but terrifying all at the same time.

One thing that scares her to death a blackout moment with the baby nearby. Other than the dramatic scenes that continuously replay in her head don’t compare to the unknown factors when she finally gets the okay to go home.

There’s another knock at the door just about the time she pulls herself to her feet.

“Who is it?” She calls out with fear stuck in her eyes and nails in her feet.

“It’s me, honey, it’s Kyle.”

“Hey yeah, come in, babe, please.” She calls out without a single move towards the door.

“I have the baby with me, so be prepared.” She’s forewarned when Gracie Lynn begins to reach for mommy.

“There’s my girl. Look at you and those big blue eyes.” Brooklyn teases when she leans over to hug her daughter.

All Gracie can do is scream and giggle in her mother’s arms.

That shatters her heart more, which removes everything she’s felt since getting away from Youngstown and the massacre there.

“You’re my sweetest little angel. Mommy needs you to feel better, so I can be allowed to go home. Plus, Aunt Emily is here too, and she’s very sad and lonely.”

With a pouty facial expression, Gracie takes a piece of her mother’s heart.

“See, I hate that look, baby girl. That scowl just chips away at my soul.”

Kyle stands in the doorway with their son, Chip, in his arms.

“Well, someone’s happy to see mom.” Kyle taunts when he shoves off the door.

“I’ll take it. I love this child.” She replies, feeling the warmth reenter her heart.

They spend some quality family time together, which relieves some much-needed stress from Brooklyn’s psyche. The disaster refuses to let go of her.

Gracie continues to giggle and smile for her mother.

After a couple of hours, there’s a surprising knock on the door.

“Hey there, heard a report that you’re actually laughing and carrying on this evening.” Brooklyn’s therapist comments when she pushes open the door.

“Hey there, Sharon, yeah, come on inside. Kyle and little Gracie here came to visit today, and well, I’ve missed this little bugger something awful.”

“I hate to run them off since it’s helping you relax without medication. Maybe it’s time we have a one-on-one chit-chat session ourselves. I just want to see how you’re feeling and thinking. I’d love to send you home soon with as you call her your ‘little bugger.’”

Kyle picks up the hint trying to collect the baby from Brooklyn to try to work through her issues.

“Hey, what ya say daddy takes you to White Castle on the way home. I can chow down on some mini burgers, and we can share a Big Red soda!” He says softly to Gracie.

“Mommy come too?”

“Maybe mommy can join soon, honey. She needs to talk to me. I promise I’ll play nice with mom and get her home very soon, okay.” Sharon says as she goes over to the hospital bed, lowering herself to eye level with Gracie.

Kyle tries to peal Gracie away from Brooklyn’s neck. She screams, kicks, and hollers the entire way out to the car and has a time getting her into the car seat; even though he worked wonders bringing the baby to see Brooklyn, the sadness returns.

Sherry makes herself comfortable in the seat by the bed.

“Let’s chat, shall we, Brooklyn? Now your husband came to visit. What was your initial reaction when you realized they had arrived?”

“Frightened as hell, to be honest, Sharon. The minute I laid eyes on them and my heart skipped a beat. Then when Gracie was giggling, and I was sent back to the day she was born. I felt the joy of holding her for the first time all over again.”

She takes notes jotting in shorthand.

“The day she was born, that’s a pretty powerful memory. I will admit I did linger outside of your room. I listened to you laugh and enjoy that quality time. Now tell me this, why do you think you feel that you’re not quite ready to go home?”

“I can’t talk about it still, that’s why. What if I snapback and lose control of myself. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt or kill one of my babies or my husband.”

That’s where Sharon pauses Brooklyn.

“I can understand the fear of not knowing what could happen. Especially not wanting to live on medication or slip back into a negative frame of mind. However, seeing Kyle around makes me wonder if you’re not avoiding going home to be intimate. I did notice no hugs, no farewell kiss, or even a warm embrace.”

“Shut up, no, it’s not like that at all! I want to hold him and kiss and be intimate on the first night I am home.”

Not being convinced, Sharon sits there with a concerned expression scrunched up on her face.

“Really…hmmm… You know, to do that, you’ll need to be free of fear. I’ve listened to you scream in your sleep, and I won’t repeat what I’ve heard you say. If you wouldn’t mind, could I set up a safe place and see how you’d react on a date with Kyle.”

Fear strikes her eyes once again when she locks up all over again.

“You mean like us alone, in the dark? I’d be alone with him?” She fumbles to mutter as her breathing quickens.

“Yes, that’s right, but it’d still be within the confines of a secured location, I promise.”

Hesitating breaths, Brooklyn reluctantly agrees to the idea.

“Set it up then Sharon, I’ll trust you.”

“I’ll get it set up then, and we’ll make sure you won’t know where we will be hiding. It’ll be fine, and I will know how to help better you heal from this tragedy. I want to send you home and let you return to enjoying your life. Your family misses you tremendously.”

“That’s all I want is to go home and be able to sleep at night again. I want to hold my kids, play with them every day. Kiss them goodnight and be there for them.”

Again, Sharon notices her patient neglects to mention anything about her spouse. Her notes record another session with the neglect to acknowledge Kyle.

“I think that’s enough for now. You’re probably mentally worn out from an eventful day. Tell you what, I’ll get ahold of Kyle, and we’ll set this up for tomorrow. The sooner, the better that way I can find a solution before I send you home.”

“Okay, you’re the doctor…” Brooklyn indicates with a noticeable heavy sigh.

“It’ll be fine. Just relax and breathe.”

The session ends, and Sharon leaves the room. Within a few minutes, the nurse arrives with medication in a tiny paper cup.

“Thanks,” Brooklyn says, downing the pills with an antipsychotic to ease her trauma.

“See you, tomorrow sweetie, sleep tight. The nurses for overnight will be in a few hours.”

Brooklyn tosses the blanket over in her bed with it wrapped tightly around her. She begins to see double once the medication disperses into her system, where she relives the moments still fresh in her mind.

“How is this going to get our revenge? We wanted the head of our enemy who killed many of our brothers, not the daughters of the Devil.”

“He’ll come for these two, but whoever said I was doing this for revenge?”

She sees the gun come into the air all over again.

He cracks up enough that his eyes are shut by the time he pulls the trigger and kills the man in the middle.

“It’s not about revenge. It’s a game to atone for everything!” He yells, turning back to the girls smiling and blows away the smoke from the barrel of the handgun.

“Now, where were we, ladies…” He mentions looking down at the girls’ pale complexions.

“You’re, you’re a monster!” Emily screams, trying to break free from the cuffs.

“You’re gonna like this...” His murmur echoes in her face.

Brooklyn sits up and tries to keep herself from screaming.

“It’s just a voice. Get out of my fucking head!” She whispers to herself, smacking her temples with her eyes clenched tight.

“He’s dead. I’m safe. He raped Emily, not me. Why can’t I shake this off?”

She lays there only to toss and turn until she wears herself out.

Later that day, she pretends like everything is perfectly fine. She’s friendly to the staff and even asks if she could score some make-up to feel beautiful for her date.

Kyle arranges for a babysitter to watch Gracie and Chip while he tries to see if Brooklyn’s mental health has improved enough to come home. On his way there, he stops by a local floral shop to pick up an assortment of colored roses.

Before he’s allowed into the observation room, Sharon pulls him aside to give him explicit instructions.

“Listen, Kyle. She needs to be pushed into uncomfortable places. I need to get a clear reaction to understand better what she’s not saying to any of us. I know it’ll hurt, and it’ll be difficult, but you need to do this. I can work my magic to help her heal if you do this for me.”

“I understand. I’ll do my best, but I can’t make any promises.” He replies with a deep breath, prepared for the fight of his life to bring his wife back from the edge of insanity.

He opens the door to find Brooklyn at the table with candlelight as the only ambiance to set the mood.

“Well, hello there, beautiful!” He begins walking over to hand her the roses.

“They’re stunning, thank you!” She welcomes him as she doesn’t budge from her seat or even reach out to take the roses.

“How was your day?” Kyle asks, breaking the ice with some small talk.

“Stuck here, you know the usual stuff. How did the babies enjoy White Castle?”

Kyle sits in silence for the moment as he tries to gauge her mood.

“They loved it, and we went home, watched cartoons, and I put them to bed.”

“I wish I could have been there! I miss my babies so much!”

Kyle’s next new remarks catch her off guard.

“You mean our babies, don’t you? Besides, it gets pretty lonely at night without you beside me. I miss playing with your hair. I miss putting my arms around your body. I miss kissing you on the forehead. I miss our fooling around as we try not to engage in, well, you know.”

Brooklyn’s eyes divert away from Kyle when he brings up sex.

“Yeah, you’re right. I am sorry, so sorry, our children. I was stupid to say that.”

Kyle hurries out of his chair to go over to comfort her.

“No need to be sorry. I’m not angry; it’s fine.”

That’s when everything gradually begins to unravel. First, Kyle tries to rest his hand over Brooklyn’s, but she yanks it away. When he goes in for a kiss, she instinctively slaps him, which sends her into a rage where she unleashes her tortured emotions.

“Don’t touch me, you bastard! You’re not going to touch me again! You won’t touch my sister, and your whore of a wife ain’t going to touch me one more time. I’ll kill you. YOU HEAR ME I WILL FUCKIG SLIT YOUR GODDAMNED THROAT!”

Sharon and others rush into the room to detain Brooklyn when they’ve seen and heard enough. Kyle backs away in a momentary state of shock.

They have a time detaining her.

Whatever Kyle did place her mind back to the Boardroom, where she scrambles to get free as she looks at Kyle and instead sees Robert smile at her with a gun pointed at her.

“I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch, let me go; I have to protect my sister! Bastards, release me. I’ll kill you all. I swear on my kids’ lives I’ll get free eventually, and I will hunt all of you down like the dogs you are and skin you alive!”

Caught off guard Sharon struggles to inject her client with a sedative. By the time she jabs her in the thigh, Brooklyn’s rage escalates, revealing more.

“You killed my father, you worthless tiny limp dick motherfucker! I see how you used my sister to kill him. She lost her mind over that! I saw it all. I hate you. I’ll kill you! I’ll saw your head off and spit in your mouth, you hear me!”

The sedative finally kicks in to deflate Brooklyn’s rampage. Her screaming ceases, and Kyle stands in the corner, unable to find the words as he listens to the horrors and torture his wife suffered at the hands of a madman.

“Kyle…Kyle…. KYLE!” Sharon screams when she shakes his body and mind back to reality.

“Sorry, I wasn’t ready for that at all.”

She stands there with her eyes locked with his.

“No one knew about the rage and guilt still buried within her mind. I am sorry we weren’t better prepared, but wow, she must’ve seen unfathomable evil in that man.”

Together they observe as the staff carries her back to her room, where she’s strapped to the bed until she can remain calm.

“I want to see Emily! I need to see how bad she’s hurt. If she’s anything like Brooklyn, I got to know. I talked to Lucas today, and he’s not about to come back unless she’s going to be alright.”

“Where is he because I have tried to get in contact with him several times,” Sharon asks, unaware of Lucas’s desire to stay hidden.

“He’s not returned from Europe since burying his father. If she can’t be trusted, he won’t return and won’t put their child in danger. Unlike me, he plays life safe. I mean hell, he’s a college professor without a violent bone in his body.”

They both realize it’s a battle that they might not be able to win.

Sharon signals Kyle to follow her to discuss the situation.

“This way, but she’s not been responsive for days even without medicine. She’s not said a single word.”

Nothing else is exchanged along the way up the hallway, where Emily lays in bed just staring at the ceiling. She ignores the knock on the door and doesn’t flinch an inch when Sharon and Kyle slide into the room.

“Emily, it’s me, it’s Kyle. How ya doing, sis?”

She still doesn’t move but blinks a couple of times. Kyle slowly approaches her bed but keeps his distance, in case she goes crazy like her sister.

“Hey, you in there somewhere? It’s me. It’s Kyle…”

Emily breaks her silence when she twists her head to talk to him.

“Where’s my father? I need him to wash away the blood. His blood that I spilled from his body. I’m a murderer, kill Robert, I deserve to die.”

Kyle fights through the statement to give her a chance to break into her mind.

“Hey! Stop that unless you want to lose your family. Lucas is still in Europe, and he misses you like crazy. You didn’t murder Pop. It was an accident, I’m sure. He knew there might not be a chance to walk away, but to make sure you came home, he took it anyway because he loved you.”

“Did you know Robert raped me and killed Justin in front of me? His dick went inside of me, but I don’t think he got off. Justin jumped him before he could, but he made me a little whore. I cheated on Lucas. Now, will you kill me because I cheated on my husband?”

Kyle isn’t ready to give up yet. He gets even closer, taking her by the shoulders to shake her.

“You are not a whore. You did not cheat. You are still in there. I know it, Emily. I am here to help bring you home. None of this is your fault, now come on damn it, fight back to reality.”

“If you say so, Kyle, I mean I guess I could leave here and work on the corner or maybe whore myself out in my hotels. Yeah, that would make you see that I am nothing but an easy sleaze. He killed over us, and he’ll get us again. Just watch.”

“He is dead! The military shot him to pieces sending him to hell. Stay with me and work on coming home.”

Sharon interrupts when she walks up beside Kyle.

“It’s progress, believe it or not. She spoke to you, and she’s calm and collective. With time she could be able to function at home again. She just needs to work through the trauma. I’ll do what I can, but I can’t make any promises.”

Kyle feels defeated in a single evening. His wife loses her mind setting her back into a fit of rage. On his way home, he picks up a couple of pizzas and pulls off money for the babysitter.

Internally he has the battle to wage. He heads home with a fake smile on his face while telling himself it will improve with time. His heart hurts, but he believes that something will intervene to bring the rest of the family home.

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