Twisted Saga ReGenesis (book 3 of 3)

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Chapter 2 – Spring Time Play

Quicker than the blink of an eye, spring arrives early, and the wedding is only days away. Ever since the dinner with the family, James has kept a chip on his shoulder. After feeling disrespected by Kyle, James put in his bid to become a liaison between the traditional FBI and the FBI Cyber Division using CBI as his gateway to more power.

“Hey, Kyle, get in here!” James calls out from his desk.

“Yes, sir, what’s wrong?” Kyle asks, standing at military rest.

“Only wanted to remind you of one thing. Josh, Gwen, and Delilah are coming in for the wedding, and the last thing I need is him poking around. Not a word about the changes to the prison cities, or you’re fired.” James threatens.

“Yes sir, not a problem, sir, but if I may speak freely for a moment.” Kyle requests trying to maintain his composure.

Shaking his head, James denies the request.

“Not a chance. You wanna keep on the protection detail; then you’ll get the hell out of my office right now and get back to work.”

Spinning around, Kyle exits his boss’s office and returns to his office. Stuck under James’ division, he feels, was the worst demotion possible.

As the day grows colder in Columbus, Ohio, out in Coal City, Virginia, it’s a warm, bright sunny morning.

“Hey Benton, hand me the ten-millimeter socket, would ya? Need to fasten down the distributor cap so we can try to fire this thing up.” Josh calls out, extending his hand from under the hood of his Ford Bronco.

“Sure thing, Bossman, here ya go,” Benton replies, from around the corner of the hood.

Taking the socket from his hand, Josh attaches it and slowly fastens down the cap.

“That should do it right there. Let’s jump inside and see if it purrs finally.”

“Crank it!” Benton yells, off to the side of the classic 70’s Bronco.

They listen as the engine fails to turn over and doesn’t even budge.

“Son of a bitch!” Josh shouts, smashing his fist into the steering wheel.

“Cool down, Bossman, we’ll get it. Let me get the dolly, and I’ll slide underneath and see if we missed anything.” Benton suggests and lowers himself to the ground.

“Thanks, Red, like that attitude of never giving up.”

Benton gets a good chuckle as he reminds Josh of one thing, “Josh, Bossman, I HATE being called Red, please drop it.” Benton pleads, sliding under the Bronco.

“Hey, it’s not my fault part of your name is Red, now is it, Benton Edmond Redhawk.” Josh taunts him over the engine.

“Yeah, yeah, bite me as Lilly would say.”

They get a good laugh as Josh examines the engine again in case there’s something he missed. Little does he realize that Gwen has walked into the garage, ready to hit the trails from the overnight rainstorm and dirty up her own classic 80’s Chevy Blazer.

“Hey boys, still can’t get that hunk of junk to work? I told you, love, get a Blazer like mine. You’ll be in better shape.” She teases, pinching him on the ass.

“Hey, blow me, alright! Not every day you find a Ford Bronco on thirty-twos with a four-sixty big block.” He yells back, nearly hitting his head on the hood.

“Yeah, like that means jack to me. Oh well, Lilly’s inside on her computer. Don’t be too long, got something special for you.” Gwen reminds him as she climbs into her SUV and fires it up.

Josh stares at his other high school sweetheart as she flutters the gas pedal and blows him a kiss. Gwen drops her SUV in gear and pulls out, and Josh stands with his hands on his hips.

“Yo, Bossman, found the problem. A wire came off the starter. Let me just reconnect it and… Oh, fuck me!” Benton screams, forgetting to disconnect the battery.

“You alright, Bud?” Josh calls out as the sparks fly.

“Yeah, that sucked monkey balls, Bossman.”

Getting the ratchet and socket to unhook the battery, Josh laughs to himself.

Josh kneels at the bumper of his toy and waits as Benton reattaches the loose wire. “As long as you’re good, fix that wire. I got me a wife to hunt down.”

“That should do it. Try it again.” Josh is informed as he stands up to reconnect the battery while Benton rolls out from underneath the SUV.

“Now or never…” Josh calls out, seeing Benton strut up next to the driver’s side door.

Josh twists the key in the ignition, and the engine roars to life. The guys yell in excitement.

“About time we got it right, finally!” Josh roars.

“Oh, thank you, good spirits!” Benton exclaims and slaps the edge of the fender. “Now go get that lady of yours. I can watch Delilah until you get back.”

“Red, she can manage herself. But tell you what, when I get back, we’ll tackle some of the repair requests to the roofing for the community center.” Josh states, feeling the excitement.

“Ah yeah, that is why I came out here again. The final paperwork is signed and delivered. I was in D.C. a few days ago. Well, it is all ours, my friend. I want to invite you and the girls out to the community to celebrate with my people.”

Josh extends his left arm out to shake Red’s hand.

“It’ll be an honor to share that moment. A victory well worth the fight.”

Benton nods to accept the help. Grateful that his tribe now has land to call their own that isn’t government-controlled with overbearing regulations.

“Thank you, my friend. Your family is most gracious.” Josh smiles and pulls away.

Out on the trails, Josh doesn’t waste time flinging mud all over his truck as he blasts through, sloshing the windshield with the thick red clay soaked from the storm.

“Hell yeah, this is awesome!” He lets out, bouncing in his seat.

He doesn’t let up the entire way to the end of the trail at the base of a mountain. That’s where he comes across Gwen sitting around, amazed that he showed up.

“Well fuck a duck…” She whispers to herself as she knows that she lost the bet. On her feet, she strolls over to the Bronco, with a little extra wiggle in her hips.

“Oh, she knows I love when she does that.” Josh groans, feeling that instant connection surge in sexual tension.

With an evil smile aimed at her husband, Gwen reaches into the truck; with her grip tightly on his shirt Gwen yanks him over for a kiss before he can react. After several seconds go by, she pulls back with a seductive aura.

“About time, lover boy, what do you say to some afternoon fun in the back of this hunk of junk?” She teases playfully, running her hand over his cheek.

“Ya ain’t gotta tell me twice, sweetheart!” Josh expresses, unbuckling his seatbelt and leaps back over the seat to open the rear hatch to give Gwen a hand into his truck.

“Why, thank you, handsome.” She says, taking his hand for balance as she climbs into the back.

“Anytime, my queen…”

Embraced in a kiss again, Gwen’s taken back to that very first kiss decades ago when they were teenagers. She melts at the touch of his hands on her body, helping her lay back; Josh begins to work his way down along her neck.

“Oh, don’t rush, please!” She pleads, with her hands above her head as her shirt is lifted.

“I won’t, just trust me…” Josh whispers kindly into her ear, creating more sexual energy with light heat from his breath, forcing Gwen to shiver slightly.

With her eyes clenched, she lays there, locked in a trance. Josh continues his leisurely pace removing her clothes, followed by light kisses as he works his way down her body. Her mind fills with wonder as she shuts her eyes tighter, waiting for him to lose his patience like he has so many other times.

The low-cut jean shorts are tugged down along her legs. Josh resumes kissing along her legs and switches between them as her stomach tightens and her breathing deepens. She tries desperately not to grab the back of his head.

Josh can feel her body tense up and slows down even more when he’s between her thighs.

To his advantage, with her eyes still closed and her hands behind her head, She’s pushed forward after he moves her thong to the side. Josh sticks his tongue out and gingerly runs it between her lips that create a force of anticipation inside of Gwen she wasn’t expecting.

“Oh, fuck yes!” She groans after a couple of deep breaths, trying to remain motionless.

Josh ups his game by flicking his tongue over her clit and inserts his middle finger.

“Oh, my God! Don’t quit, whatever you do, don’t you quit!” She instructs, digging her fingernails into the carpet of the Bronco.

Her body tensing up, Gwen can’t see the seductive smile on Josh’s face when he almost has her into an oral orgasm. He quits suddenly and sits upon his knees.

“Oh, you teasing bastard!” She yells when her body takes notice that Josh has stopped.

“Want it, come get it.” He says with an evil smile across his face.

“You’re damn right, I am! You cruel son of a bitch!” She growls and puts Josh on his ass, ripping his clothes off before her body has a chance to cool down.

Onto his lap, she quickly puts his entire dick into her body and works her way back towards the overwhelming orgasm.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes!” She repeatedly screams, her hands clutched to the top of the rear seats, working her pelvis with more force as her thrusts become harder.

Josh takes his hands, placing them in the right position.

“Oh, lord no, please don’t!” She begs when she feels his right hand on the small of her back and his left hand positioned in the correct spot on her lower abdomen to force a light pressure from his squeezing and forces her into several smaller orgasms.

“F-F-F-F-F-F-F-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-C-C-C-C-K-K-K-K-K-K-I-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G asshole!” She screams when she squeezes him into submission and collapses beside his body breathing heavily.

“I hate you!” She teases, pushing against part of the bullet wound scars along his chest.

“I know, but I enjoy doing that to you.” He reminds her with his arm under her head as they cuddle up for a minute.

“After all these years, that still makes me feel like a teenager,” Gwen says, staring at the roof of the SUV.

“Yeah, me too. I forget I’m getting old when we do this.” Josh tells her, staring at the roof.

“Do we have to rush back home? It’s such a beautiful day; let’s go down to the lake and talk. We haven’t done that in a while.” Gwen mentions before she tries to sit up to gather her clothes.

“Yeah, that sounds pretty nice. You have no idea how great the last few years have been since we got here.” Josh says, feeling the storms of his past left behind for the most part.

“It’s been something else having you home every night these last few years. No more cases, no more worries, no more wars to fight. Just our little family and our kids are making us feel old, right grandpa.”

Josh sits up, and his happiness becomes apparent.

“Hey babe, your eyes are blue; I haven’t seen that color in a long time,” Gwen says, staring at his blue eyes mixed with the sunflower gold in the middle.

“It’s been a while for sure, but I’m happy. I love you. I can’t wait to see everyone else.”

“Oh, so you’re gonna go to the wedding after all?” Gwen asks, feeling hopeful.

“Hell yes. I mean, we know I can’t fly with that clot in my lung from being shot, but I’ll head out a day or two early. I want to pay respect to Momma C before I head to Akron. I do miss her, you know. She took in an angry, unwanted bastard and made sure I wasn’t going to end up in prison.”

Gwen looks over to Josh with sincerity.

“You’re not unwanted. I’ve loved you since I was seventeen years old. She loved you, plus, you’re not a bastard; you’re a good and kind man. There’s no one else on Earth I’d want to be with, and you know that.” She reminds him, slipping her clothes back on.

Josh scoots out in a single deep breath and helps Gwen down to escort her over to the Blazer.

“Hey, the last one to the lake makes dinner after we get home.” Josh teases, tickling his wife.

“Oh, you cheater!” She squeals when Josh darts for his SUV and takes off.

They race along the dirt trails trading the lead, but it’s ultimately Gwen who once again takes the victory as she slides to a stop and takes off into the water, sloshing as Josh comes to tackle her.

“How is it that you’re the only one who could ever beat me in a race?” He wonders out loud as they plop down in the sand at the edge of the water.

“I know you, lover. I know how you drive, how you think, and most of all, how you feel. I’m the only one who can break into that demented mind of yours, remember.” She taunts, reaching back to run her hand through his silvery turning thick, long hair.

Tightening his grip, he pulls her closer to his body to keep her close as they sit there and relax, looking over the calm water.

“That is true, baby girl.”

Glaring out into space, Josh returns to the few pleasant memories from his past. At times with moments flash in his eyes through the chaotic past. He is overjoyed to have been introduced to such a wonderful woman.

More than half an hour goes by in silence. The peace is broken up when Delilah can be heard over the CB radio in the Blazer.

“Hey, mom, you there? Mom, Aunt Audrey called for you. Hello, mom, are you and dad doing it out there? Ew, like totally gross mom and dad!”

They chuckle and begin jogging up to the Blazer. Gwen radios back to her daughter.

“No, we’re out by the lake, but I’m on my way back. I’ll give her a call back when I arrive.” Gwen says, looking back over at Josh.

“Take your time, and I’ll have supper ready. Love you, my very handsome hubby!” She yells before she opens the door and drives away.

He looks around to make sure he’s alone. Josh strips back down to his boxers and lunges into the lake. A reasonable distance in the water, he dives underneath and works his way down to the bottom. Unable to reach his goal by the pressure against his lungs, he gets back to the surface, gasping for air.

“Guess time has caught up to ya, old man.” He thinks to himself, floating in the water until he feels his chest recover.

Taking his time to get back to shore, Josh listens as thunder rolls and crackle from behind the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“Time to get home…” He says as he walks out of the water, back into his clothes, and gets them soaking wet. Back inside his Bronco, he takes off for home, where the adventure is focused on Huntington before he takes off for Akron.

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