Twisted Saga ReGenesis (book 3 of 3)

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Chapter 6 – Wedding Fire

While everyone departs from the church after Sara and Bryan pull away in the limousine, everyone isn’t aware of the present danger waiting for their signal.

The newlyweds can’t quit staring at their wedding rings.

“I can’t believe we finally did it!” He says, kissing her hand gently.

Sara giggles before she leans in for a kiss. By the time they make it to the hotel, Bryan whispers sweetly into her ear after the prolonged make-out session.

“When we arrive, don’t think we’re going straight to the reception. I want MY wife for the first time.”

As he pulls away, Sara feels chills shimmy down her spine when he refers to her as his wife.

“Anything you say, MY husband.” She retorts, reaching out to rub his crotch, causing his urge for more to escalate.

The driver gradually lowers the privacy glass to announce to the couple that they’re nearing the hotel.

“Excuse the interruption; you love birds, but we will arrive at the hotel in approximately two to three minutes.”

“Thank you, sir!” Bryan calls out from the back seat.

“Just minutes away, love dove.” He whispers to her as she pulls away, blushing to play sweet and innocent with a seductive look in her eyes.

In what seems like no time, the limousine parks by the front entrance, and the driver goes back to open the door. The few people around the limo begin to clap and cheer when they see the newlyweds climb out and dash into the building.

They stop by the front desk dropping their bags and pick up their room keys.

“Enjoy your stay, Mr. and Mrs. Ryce!” The General Manager tells them as she stands there, expecting them since she was there when Emily and Brooklyn set up the complimentary suite.

“Thanks!” They yell without looking back as they wait for the elevator.

Their anticipation to get to their room is beyond any other concern. The rest of the wedding party, along with the guests, begin to pile into the Grand Ball Room. The DJ already has the music blaring when Kyle goes to check-in. Before he can see something is wrong, he’s caught by James, who is in dictator mode.

“Don’t even think about checking on the security detail. You’re off this job! You might as well pack up your fucking office. As of today, you are fired! I know you’ve been going behind my back to give Josh the details about the upcoming changes. Plus, you invited my ex-wife to the wedding that’s flat out cold, you insensitive son of a bitch!”

Kyle or James don’t pay attention when Owen comes up behind them.

“I don’t believe this is the way to behave, gentlemen. James, why don’t we go have a little chat?” Owen recommends taking him by the arm.

James rips his arm away then turns his attention to Owen by getting in his face

“Listen here, ya, English bastard. Don’t be all up in my business, or else I’ll kick your pansy tea-drinking ass, got it! Now go saunter away and leave us alone!”

Hearing his voice being raised in a pissed off manner, Scarlett barges her way into the argument.

“You worthless piece of trash, you want to make threats, then you better be ready to have your shit dragged out all over this place. Unless you want this to get real, I suggest you get some cake and eat it since that’s what you want. Your cake and to eat it too, you little bitch face punk.”

She pulls her hand back, but before she makes contact, she lays her hands along James’ cheek and leans in, giving him a peck on the cheek.

“You’ll never do better than me.” She whispers to him and walks off with a wiggle in her walk.

While all that excitement is giving off high-end sparks at the party’s commencement, the newlyweds get busy with their turn of events. Sara’s already out of her dress, leaving only her thong. Bryan quickly strips, and Sara pushes him onto the edge of the bed, engulfing him nearly all the way down her throat as he groans in pleasure.

“Ah, yes Sara, yes…” He begins hooking his hands into her curled hair to help her pick up the pace and almost gags her in the process.

“God yes, don’t stop, oh please Sara, don’t fucking stop…”

She manages to break free from his grip gasping for air.

“Oh, no, you’re going to fuck me right here right now!” She declares, leaping into his arms as he rolls her over onto her back.

Not wasting time to remove her panties, Bryan pulls it over to the side and slides his entire shaft into Sara’s body as he ravages her over again and again as she screams in joy.

“Bryan ah yeah, dear God yes, yes, yes, ugh… That’s it, don’t stop, yes, yes, I’m about to cum…” She moans, but just as she’s about to explode, Bryan stops and pulls out.

“You tease, why did you do that?” She demands, sinking her nails into his shoulders.

“This is why now roll over!” He commands, helping flip her body, then places his grip on her hips, lifting her onto her hands and knees as he positions himself behind her.

“Now you’re gonna get it, paybacks a bitch, my loving wife.” He warns and yanks her thong over, ramming into her once again.

Sara’s in her favorite position this time.

“Oh….My…God…Bryan…Don’t…Quit…Yes…Yes…My God, yes…” She screams in a muffled voice, burying her head in the mattress.

He speeds up, tightening his grip on her hips as he continues to slam into her backside with all his might as Sara’s body explodes with multiple orgasms while Bryan reaches his own.

They collapse on the bed and breathe deep for a couple of minutes. By the time they’re able to move, they roll off the bed onto their knees on the floor and get dressed. Bryan is in a white polo with HUSBAND imprinted on the back while Sara slips on her spaghetti strap shirt with WIFE inscribed across the chest.

“Party Time,” Bryan reminds her as they head for the banquet floor.

They walk into the Grand Ball Room hand-in-hand, where the DJ welcomes them.

“There you are, here are the newlyweds, finally! Guess they had enough of round one of the honeymoon.” He jokes, which causes the entire room to laugh.

“I’m kidding you two, welcome bride and groom, now let’s kick this gig off in high style! Get ya ass out on the dance floor and bust a move, everyone.” He orders when he gets back into the groove of entertainment.

Josh sits at his table, watching Delilah have fun out on the dance floor.

“She’s something ain’t she love?” He asks in Gwen’s ear.

“Yeah, she’s so much like you; it’s unreal. She’s even more like you than the boys ever were, you know. Your attitude, your determination, and has your eyes. Every time I see them, I see you.” She mentions reaching for his hand as they smile at each other.

They’re caught off guard when Nikki comes up to take a seat.

“Gwen, would you care if I talk to Josh for a little bit, alone, please.”

Uncertain of how to take the request, Gwen gives her a bizarre look.

“Uh, why?” Gwen shouts over the music.

“I’m about to head home. I just wanted to talk to him. It’s been a very long time, and you can keep him, I promise.” She teases, winking to Gwen.

“You two play nice and don’t make her cry.” Gwen points to Josh after he gives her a sarcastic expression.

Unwilling to let things go, James finds his way over to Scarlett and grabs her by the arm.

“You and me outside right now, you bitch!” He orders her, pulling on her arm hard enough she yells out in pain.

“Ow, let go, you dickhead, I’m not about to go anywhere with you! Let me go, James Cline. I said, you better let me go!” She screams, hitting him with her free arm.

Not far from them, Justin and Aaron see the situation, and Aaron goes up, snatching James by his shirt collar.

“Outside you and me, Uncle James, I think you need to cool down,” Aaron states when he can smell the pungent stench of booze on James’ breath.

“Go jack off, kid, this ain’t none of your concern.” He slurs, trying to push Aaron away.

“You don’t have a choice!” He speaks with his hand on James’s back, squeezing it hard enough to lead James away.

“We’ll be back shortly, but first, are you okay?” Justin wonders, checking on Scarlett’s arm.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just go help the kid. James is a nasty ass drunk. He’ll fight.” Scarlett reveals, motioning Justin away.

By the time he’s outside, James and Aaron are already at each other’s throats.

“You have no right to be in my business, little boy. Just like your worthless dad, always into something or starting trouble with someone. You’re both a couple of little bitches.” James slurs when he pushes on Aaron’s shoulder.

“You know what? I used to look up to you, Uncle James. Nicer house, terrific career, bitchin’ rides, and one of a kind guy. You’re pathetic now, yeah you may have money, but dad has the respect of the family and the world. You’re just a sad copy of my father.” Aarons insults as he stands there with his finger in James’ face.

Having heard enough of his nephew’s mouth, James steps forward, taking a swing and misses since he sees three of Aaron and aims for the wrong one. Angered by the punch, Aaron decks James with a right cross followed by a couple of left jabs.

Aaron takes his momentum when James swings again, turning his body and lays James out with an Aikido hip toss and locking him into a chokehold on the ground.

“Hey, hey Aaron, that’s enough, let him go, boy,” Justin says and steps between them.

Aaron backs up while Justin helps James to his feet.

Out in the stairwell just off from the Grand Ball Room, Josh and Nikki are face-to-face at last. He can’t get away. Josh stands there, unwilling to make eye contact with Nikki. She stands there with her arms crossed at first.

“It’s been ages since we’ve been alone together, huh Josh.” She begins and reaches out to place her hand on his cheek.

“Yeah,” he replies in a deep breath.

“Why did you run the day you stopped in at my restaurant? You got a glimpse of me, and then you were gone before I could say two words to you.”

Josh shuts his eyes, refusing to engage in the conversation. He can’t believe that, like before, Nikki hasn’t aged a day. She still looks like she’s seventeen. She wore her dress from winter formal—baby blue with a low-cut top and white mixed with the blue towards the bottom.

“Talk to me; why is this so hard?” She continues trying to break through the barrier.

“I, I don’t know, I’ve faced drug dealers, corrupted politicians, and murderers. Even been eye to eye with death himself, but I can’t look at you.” He stammers as his hands begin to shake.

“It’s not fair, is it?” She says next, gently using her thumb to massage his cheek.

“What isn’t?” Josh mutters, able to feel the warmth from her hand.

“Us, one wrong decision, and it all came to an end. I know you didn’t drink, but you never came after me. Audrey told me about what she heard from her brother. If you weren’t lying to me, then why didn’t you come back to me? I waited for you.”

He reaches for her hand, shaking, and takes her softly by the forearm.

“You deserved better than me. That’s why Nikki. You are my first love. You’ll always be that to me. I had to let you go.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, though. So, I don’t understand, and I want to so badly, Josh. You were my first love too, you know. I cried so many times over you. Even after that day, you popped up in my restaurant. I thought it was a sign. My heart bleeds for you. Even now, I look at you, and I see the warm, loving, funny, gentle sweetest man that ever held me at night.” Nikki breaks down, placing her hand over his heart.

He can’t make eye contact and looks at the floor of the stairwell.

“I haven’t had a drink since you made me choose. Over the years, not a single drop of alcohol, but you need to get back in there. I do too. We can’t miss the father-daughter dance.”

Disappointed that she can’t get anywhere, Nikki allows her hand to fall back to her side. Just before she walks away, she makes one final statement.

I love you, but this isn’t goodbye.” Her words echo as if there’s something wrong in his head.

It all sinks in, and Josh can’t move. He stands there, feeling his heart pound harder than it has in years.

Inside the Grand Ball Room, Nikki walks in just seconds before the DJ announces the father-daughter dance.

“Alright, bride lady, get ya daddy out on the floor. As for all you other daddies out there, get your little girl and head on out. This one is just for you all.”

The music begins, and the guards that stand by the doors smile. Their eyes glow behind their darkened shades.

One of them lifts their wrist to their mouth.

“There’s the signal. Drop them and get the targets. They’re by the corner of the stage; getaway elevator all of you stay prepared.”

“Copy that, getaway ready and secured.” The reply goes out, and within seconds the guards reach into their jackets, taking out flash-bang grenades to roll them into the crowded room.

The shades that shield the phony guards’ eyes are a unique brand created by James’ R&D department. When they see everyone cover their eyes, one of them calls out.

“Get the targets and take no other prisoners!”

That’s the sign to take out their weapons.

Two of them rush to capture Emily and Brooklyn. The others knock down the guests in the way, but it isn’t until Floyd Miller, the girls’ bodyguard, stands up, squinting as he attempts to protect the girls. He becomes the first casualty.

“If you want them, you’re gonna have to kill me!” He shouts and goes for his gun.

By the time he nearly has it drawn, two thugs grab him while another places a 9mm Glock between Floyd’s eyes and pulls the trigger sending a splatter of blood along with fragments of Floyd’s skull and brain matter. After Floyd is killed, they open fire, killing guests on the ground, laughing as they getaway.

The echoes of the gunshots bring Josh out of his trance. He rushes back to the doors of the Ball Room. He swings the door open to be greeted by one of the guards standing there.

“What the…” Josh says, grappling with the impostor as he sees the others go out the side doors.

“Bad move, old man!”

Before his gun is raised, Josh strikes the thug’s throat taking the gun, fires a bullet through the top of the guard’s skull, and runs after the others.

“Josh, take me with you!” Owen calls out, getting back to his feet.

Quickly Josh puts Owen’s arm around his shoulder as they tandem walk in a rush to catch the girls’ captors.

“Fuck, they’re getting away!” Josh yells when he sees the elevator going down.

“Get to your car. We can’t let them escape.” Owen tells him.

Trying to hurry down in the other elevator that’s close by, the two of them are seen by Justin and Aaron, who have no clue what’s going on.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Owen?” Justin cries out, cupping his hands over his mouth.

“Attack in the Ball Room, the girls were taken!” Josh screams, helping carry Owen’s weight over to his car.

“No way!” Aaron shouts looking around to see two black vans squall their tires away from the hotel.

“Dad over there!” He shouts, pointing to the two vans behind them.

“Thanks, Aaron, get inside and check on everyone, now!” Josh orders sliding across the hood of his Mustang.

“Uncle Justin, take my bike; it’s the Hayabusa right there.” Aaron points out, giving him the key.

“Thanks, kid, now get and check on everyone!”

Justin doesn’t waste time with James, who’s still on the ground. He’s about to puke up some of the alcohol he’s ingested. Worried about the girls, Justin fires up the bike and dumps the clutch, making up ground behind the Mustang.

“Owen, put on my sunglasses and see if that helps. I need you to try to shoot out the tires. We can’t let them get away!” Josh shouts over the roar of the engine.

“I’ll try, but I don’t have my weapon on me.”

Josh instructs him on what to do once the sunglasses are firmly positioned on his face.

“Under your seat, there’s a Beretta. Use that once we’re close enough.”

He finds the weapon taking it out; Owen checks the chamber and leans against the door. His vision is still blurry, but he takes aim and fires. He misses the tires but puts a couple of holes in the rear door.

From the van, shots are returned when the kidnappers shoot out the rear window with an AK-47, forcing Owen to retreat into the seat.

“Sons a bitches!” Josh yells, furious when the car’s hood is shot up with bullet holes travel up to the middle of the windshield.

“Back off, I can’t see straight still.” Owen indicates afraid of getting killed during the high-speed chase.

“Not a chance…” Josh says, hammering down on the gas pedal.

When Justin watches the bullets go into the Mustang, he keeps his distance until they quit flying. Afraid that they’re about to get away with the girls, he speeds around Josh and Owen, but he’s caught off guard when the nose of a car clips the bike, sending him airborne.

“Justin!” Josh shouts, unable to keep his eyes on the vans.

“We need to check on him. He could be gravely injured!” Owen shrieks, still squinting hard to get his eyes half-way focused.

“We’re not losing these vans!” He calls out but suddenly, the vans split, and Josh continues pursuit after the one with the assault rifle.

“I hope you’re correct old friend,” Owen mentions watching the other van speed away.

“It’s a fifty-fifty chance…” He says as his heart drops out of his chest.

What they failed to realize is the van that turned away is the one with the girls. The van they chase is the decoy with orders to take them out of the pursuit.

The driver of the van, out of nowhere, locks up the brakes. Not able to see their brakes lights have been severed, Josh doesn’t realize it until it’s too late and slams into the rear of the van as the nose of his car is destroyed.

They duck for cover when they hear a series of gunshots emanate in the van. An eerie silence fills the air as the two of them fear the worst has happened.

“No, Brooklyn, Emily…” Josh can barely speak, feeling as if he’s about to vomit.

Owen is first out of the car. Josh’s body trembles as he forces his door open and stays low in case the kidnappers wait for an open shot at him. He takes the gun he snatched from the thug at the hotel and dashes for the van.

The heart-throbbing fear ceases control when he reaches for the door and swings it open. To his surprise, the driver is dead. The two passengers in the back are also dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds through their mouths.

“Fuck!” Josh screams when he sees the van is empty. “It’s the wrong damn van!” Josh shouts, kicking the side of the vehicle.

“Oh bloody hell, what do we do now?” Owen wonders from the other side of the van.

“I don’t know, and our girls are gone!” Josh screams while panic settles in his body.

Little did they realize they missed an opportunity to catch the other van. It made an illegal U-turn not long after they turned off. They drove back to pick up Justin, taking him captive.

He’s out cold in the back of the van with road rash covering his arms and most of the right side of his face with his left leg broken from the impact.

Calls come into 9-1-1, but it’s useless to capture the second getaway van. By the time it’s found, they’ve swapped vehicles and leave that one burnt in an alley. Along with the extra captive, Justin, the girls are long gone by the time the police arrive and begin questioning Josh and Owen before returning to the hotel.

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