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2 friends.. normal life Until something odd happens They become enemies...

Horror / Drama
Story’s with Emmy
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The beginning...

A new year... a new grade, what could possibly go wrong, nothing? Or that’s what I thought. As I walked of the school doors coming from the “open house” that nobody even cares about, I saw a girl, I smiled at her, but from my perspective she hated me, all she did was give me a “I hate you” smirk. My mom realized and mumbled “how rude” I agreed. I was not going to let a new girl ruin my school year. “This is the year we’re I prove to everyone that I’m nice” I told myself, but my brain was telling me “you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone who cares if they hate you.” I was in a good mood going to school, walking through the doors of the school made me relieved school seemed like fun nothing was going wrong until “recess time!!” now this does not seem like a big deal, it did not seem like a big deal to me either. I waited for my turn on the spinning thing that makes your head fall our of your brain when stupid girl what a mad smirk came up to me, surprised I just stood there “wanna be friends?” She said she had a innocent voice but I know what I saw that day of the open house. “Sure” I said, I never played with her after that. When I got home I told my mom “remember the rude girl, well she wants to be my friend.” My mom just puffed, and walked away. I walked away as well.
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