Zone Zero (A Post-Apocalyptical LGBT Novel)

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Limi is a killing machine designed to kill depraved (infected) along with his friends. In the year 2022, a parasite was found that made people turn insane, the first stage was usually the calmest but the eight-stage meant everyone was in danger. Limi was bitten and due to this, the scientist found out that his blood could prevent the parasite from spreading. But not everything was as it seemed, only a lucky few were able to fight off the parasite. When their base gets destroyed Limi along with his siblings and friends must venture beyond the border of Pennsylvania to reach Zone Zero the zone where it all started. Along the way, the group meets allies and foes. The goal is simple...reach Paris and protect yourself from the depraves. The question is... Who will live? and who will die?

Horror / Action
Stephanie Queen
Age Rating:


This Novel is not suitable for people under the age of 18. This novel contains mature content, detailed scenes, and abuse. This story is solely mine please do not repost or claim it as your own. If done please contact me and I will make sure it gets deleted off other pages right away. This is for entertainment purposes only. None of the characters mentioned in the novel are real. ® ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This story can be found on

Wattpad at @Stephwritedforu

This book will shortly be on amazon and Kindle so please stay tuned for that. The more sexual chapters will be posted on Wattpad for free.

If you have any questions about the book please contact me!

I hope you enjoy!

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