Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 10

Chapter XXIV.

King Mario and the rest of us were quite a sight in the cloudy light. Now every stitch and cauterization and dracolaser planing cosmetic surgery: it was all too evident now. Still, good to be alive, no thanks to our murdering mothers and fathers and relatives. The King’s orders were plain. Listen for the adversary’s spirit, put yourself at the disposal of any of the Lord’s 144,000 immortals who bear the seal of the Lamb of God in their foreheads. Destroy whoever has the seal of the beast, and his number 666, which seemed to be all of remaining humanity. King Mario told us to have courage and roam the Earth in search of 666er Satanists to destroy and the Lamb’s holdouts to protect. As we began to fan out over the length and breadth of this beautiful brilliant alive overland Earth, Levi appeared, the squadrons of Satan’s pur suivants in tow. I steered Machairosculum to Levi’s back and dismounted onto her red glowing Ruby bejeweled back. Ashen faced, my old master asked me why I did not accept his kingdom over the new Earth. I said, “Now I am righteous by faith in Jesus as are these and all the never born from the nursery. Is that not taking care of my charges.” “you are my charge and they are my charges and all that you see are mine!” Satan lied. Then he drew his fingers into a pinching motion and I felt once more the abortionists specially designed intrauterine skull crushing pliers putting pressure on my skull just as it had been squashed before I went to torments of the underworld. I remembered the Vacuum Curette’s sharpened blades gouging off my limbs and the mind racking pain as the abortionist sent me to torments of the underworld. I thought my head would burst and shouted, “the blood of the lord Jesus wash away my sins.” Then Satan screamed in fury, and I was released as Levi howled in pain as her back burst into flames. I leapt from dear old Levi.Machairosculum had been circling lazily. Now she sped and caught me astride her and I steered away from Levi and Satan who both sought a chasm to descend into. She was just to large and the Sun’s radiation was too much for her.

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