Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 11

Chapter XXV.

The troops directed me Southwest across the Arabian Desert. Soon, I came to to the Mountainous country of Israel. As I flew over I saw our troops engaging 666 forces of Satan bearing their crescent moon emblems. Sometimes they were aiding the elect, sometimes fighting under command of the 144,000 -unkillable supermen of Zion bearing the glowing Cross of Jesus on their foreheads while fighting under the star of David banner. We lit down on the temple mount. Thousands were singing an unknown song in a brand new tongue as they surrounded our King Mario in a protective formation. Each of the 144,000 was carrying a variety of weaponry while surrounded by even more. Yet the song they sang was beautiful and the musicians gave forth spontaneous melodies and rhythm as if directed by the author of music itself. With each new line or bar of music and song a general staff issued orders and our Hellions would pick up a few supermen and proceed to some distant campaign or hot spot to tip the scales away from my old master in favor of the Lord Jesus Christ. I knew we would take out a third part of mankind, and still the antichrist would get a gigantic army to face the forces of God at the valley of Megiddo. Apparently they were waiting for us. Five Supermen were riding tandem with my five abortions on fast hellions. They ushered me through the defenses to King Mario. I told what I knew after dismounting and taking a knee. “Your Majesty, the greater dragons have abandoned the fray. The sun’s radiation is too much for their size and their inherent radiation, we should control the sky.” I reported to thousand year Jerusalem King Mario“You met with our old master, Protophorous,”“Yes, he tried to kill me before old Levi burst into a flaming meltdown. He can kill with his mind.” I confirmed. Mario the thousand year King said: “Now, we are going to put him away into the abyss from which he emerged. We’ll see a Satan free world for a thousand years. You and I, Protophorous, and these our brother abortions will be the progenitors of the new age. The thousand year millennium is ours. The twelfth Imam, he converted most of the Earth to rejection of the Mashiach, Yeshua. Now comes the battle when Yeshua sweeps away all but the small remnant who trusted in Adonai Yashua Mashiach. We ourselves overpopulate them all by a large multiple.There are wives enough for our number. Some of our brethren are seeking them out and evangelizing them now. Their fathers are the soldiers being swept away by our forces, and those to be swept away by Adonai at Megiddo.” He stopped his prophecy to listen to the superman general officer, star of David arm patched, glowing cross integral to his forehead. “The King of the West is moving closer to Megiddo. His forces are protected by a nuclear shield of tactical nuclear weapons that can take out even our hellions. The King of Glory will dispatch them while we wait. The King of the North is in place. The kings of the East have scouts on the field. We have driven the Imam’s ragtag forces to the plain of Jezreel already. It will soon be over. Adonai Yeshua and his hosts of church age saints are on steeds waiting for the demons to take the field. To fall upon them from the third heaven is an instantaneous maneuver.” King Mario gave me the briefing of all briefings.“A wife! A progeny! A thousand year life outlasting fifteen to one our murdering parents! It’s too much.” I exclaimed joyously. “Yet it is to be. Even your hellions are provided for. Unicorns mate with hellions, and the herd of unicorns in paradise has grown to your number: two hundred million. They are on their way to Megiddo now to join the fray. The resultant strain of beast will be more domestic; weapons free, and better adapted to the overland environment” Thousand year Jerusalem King Mario assured me. “How may I help?” “My Lord,” said Mario. “You are the architect of all that we riders are accomplishing here. Further, you brought me to my 1,000 year kingdom when Satan was sure I would be but a farcical sham to belittle God. Then you took on the Devil himself on the back of Leviathon, the rebel of old, and sent them down in flaming retreat. You can help plan the rescue and return of all the children of Israel back here to the land of promise. The actual battle of Armageddon is out of our hands.”

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