Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 12

Chapter XXVI.

I gave my guards each the mark of authority to gain the assistance of any Hellion Rider anywhere. Then I dispersed them to find the rescued God-fearing Jews and bring them home to Israel. Our forces had been wiping out the Satanic Hindus amidst their murdering their undercaste non666 slaves in part because they sheltered God-fearing Jews. After our rider forces rescue the undercaste holdouts, my officers will bring the Jewish survivors to their thousand year future home. We rescued tribes, peoples and sects who did it for the least of these my brethren, protecting the Godfearing Jews in the twelfth Imam’s Muslim homelands. Now my guards will bring those Jews home. The Buddhists and communists alike were annihilated as they were killing their God-fearing Christians and Jews. My officers went to bring those God-fearing Jews home.A full third of mankind gave their lives fighting my Hellions in their anti-Semitic frenzy to kill the world’s God fearing Jews and newly born again Christians. Easy to spot with their 666 emblem glowing, they made easy targets for hellion and rider who treated them just as they treated the lost in torments of the underworld. The underworld lost could survive a lot of torment before they disintegrated and returned for more torment. These more easily released their lives, never to return outside torments of the underworld. As they busied themselves hunting for the dispersed, I returned to Jerusalem so as not to miss the battle of Jezreel Valley now shaping up. From our sky-bourn vantage point we could see it all. My mount was admired by a mounted angelic majesty who traded his magnificent winged chariot of gold for my Machairosculum. “It’s to be the Lord Jesus Christ’s own mount.” Machairosculum looked resplendent in white iridescent glory and even more majestic with a beautiful androgynous angelic majesty astride. The 144,000 supermen arrayed at the Southeast end of the valley atop a hellion they rode tandem with the dashing yet grotesquely patched together hellion rider. Hundreds of millions of my former master’s Earthly warriors emblazoned with 666 heraldry streamed through the valley from the West and North. As they reached our Heroes’ line of battle the demonic Overlords arrived surrounding the Imam’s battle tank which bears the great seal of the President of the United States. Bleak appeared the outcome of this spectacle. XXVII. The Lord Himself appeared to the North of our forces descending as our mounts received supernatural commands and my men were lifted off the mounts now ridden by the 144,000 alone rising to meet a superlative sight. They joined up behind the Lord who was himself surrounded by the entire church age’s number of redeemed souls outnumbering the devil and the Imam’s combined forces and out gunning them in obvious majestic power. The devil let the Imam’s forces attack first as pawnlike canon fodder. The Lord said “Weapons!” and mighty blades of laser light sprang from his breath, spun and danced about him. “Engage!” sent the light ray swords dividing all the armour, men and weaponry, all the explosives and fuel blasting apart the particles, leaving only charred rivers of the blood of the lost six six sixers. Lazerlight rays spinning whirling reaped in a radial wave like an evergrowing rainbow until reaching the foot soldiers their blood became a deep liquefied river of the blood of the lost racing through the now smoldering valley. Now the majestic Saints of the church, at infinitely greater speed, that of thought, took out the demonic forces, locking them in the abyss. Finally an ordinary angel strode to my old master and cuffed him and locked him back in torments with a thousand year chain. Odd how the career soldier is lucky to see 13 minutes of combat. This was faster. The only thing lacking was a splendid setting for the Lord, His Church age saints, and the angels of all ranks and grades. Suddenly a laser light show of all golden shades illuminated the Valley of Jezreel and surrounding mountains. Looking up we saw a brilliant Golden gleaming transparent city with 75,000 levels intricately laced with resplendent gold. It stopped it’s descent miles from Earth. Now we saw The Lord at the peak level and the apostles and giants of the church at the top and believers populating all lower levels in various shades of glory. The angelic majesty brought back Machairosculum, now a possession beyond priceless, the very mount of God, and, he took back the golden chariot. As we all rose of the Hellions own Lord-directed will a crystal bell extended from the Holy City and surrounded the planet radiating the Lord’s own light about the whole earth. It had only covered a few thousand miles of Earth when we felt the moist humid pressure of the antediluvian civilization once again rejuvenating the Earth now cleansed of unbelievers, of all who bore the 666. We entered at a wall of Jewels and Gold through the pearl from the giant oysters of the Marianas. All Two hundred million of us snaked through the many levels for weeks receiving cheers from majesties by far superior to the greatest dragons and demonic personages we were used to. Mario rode in front, with his inner council of Israeli courtiers. We followed, myself, Heliarchus, Thomas, and my generals which I had placed at Israel’s King Mario’s disposal. I supposed we might be placed permanently at Mario’s disposal at the grand coronation ahead. We made a six week long procession through every street on seventy five thousand levels. Midway along, I met my own murdering mother and father in glory. None of our number could claim that: both murdering parents in glory. Finally the light became warm and inviting, and life appeared to pulse through every usually inanimate thing. The arching gateway had two gigantic angels covered with sets of wings. They guarded a chamber of unimaginable bright light. Mario and his pur suivants were ushered in. Then, the rest of our number were seated in the brilliant amphitheater. Mary, Joseph, David and Elijah carried a crown and its long attached train and placed it on Mario’s head. We and all heaven cheered as did all Earth below. Now all of my riders were made kings over gentile fiefdoms. Finally, I, myself, was made to them a high king responsible for managing tribute payments to King Mario. Brides were found for all of us gruesome aborted sights. They were the miraculously preserved widows and daughters of faith hidden away by their decimated 666 husbands and fathers. We weren’t allowed to have our weddings and receptions in the millennial Jerusalem. The sound of that joy was reserved for millennial Earth to resound. A chosen bride, the high queen, was presented to King Mario. Upon our return we prepared for a celebration. Practically no one was left, just us, and our brides. All the rest followed the Imam, whose name meant one who fell as lightning from above the clouds of heaven, who led them into 666 murdering sprees. These destroyed failures were desensitized by years of eugenic and recreational abortion murders, and murderous persecution sprees in Nigeria, Iraq, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda and Burma. My 200,000,0000 gentile riders, The 144,000 Jewish supermen and brides for all of us. Most of our brides played instruments. Soon all could sing vibrant praise songs. The celebration would be full of great music. But what of Israel? Who would populate it? Then we all saw the peculiar sight. Up from the ground came bones and soil forming muscle and skin on long dead bones. Faithful Jews and gentiles, who resisted the Imam and his 666 mark, returning to their bodies. Now the seed population for the post apocalyptic millennial civilization was in place.

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