Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 13

Chapter XXVIII.

Our riders and their hellions scoured the overland. Perhaps we should call it the underland, having been to the new Jerusalem, New Jerusalem having come down from heaven to hover over Earth. There we were decorated by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The underland and overland, our new home and domain, was full of produce for the celebration feast. The Earth, now an oxygen pressure chamber, was quickly yielding a mountain of harvestable food. Our hellions were slowing under the weight of the food and drink and the utensils we carried to Jerusalem. Angelic creation were bringing great upside down parachute like containers full of re-creation. Every supposedly extinct creature was re-spoken into existence by the Lord Jesus Christ and returned to Earth. Dodos and sabreteeth and Apatosaurus, big and small, land, sea, air and underground and some residing in two, three or all four earth environments, some fully grown, some must grow. The seas had retreated to make up the ice crystalline atmospheric surround, the canopy that diffused and de-irradiated the sun’s rays. Other of the oceans returned to their caverns that held them prior to the Noahic flood. Arable land doubled. The shalom of Mario, a prosperity peace, fell over all of us and everything. The ice caps were melting and re-establishing a bit of the oceans and seas. Meanwhile, gently the earth pivoted its rotation so the pole was now Jerusalem below, the Lord and His bride’s heavenly Jerusalem above. The pole now faced the Sun so the half the Earth with Jerusalem was always brighter while comparatively darker was the opposite containing much of the Pacific Ocean, lit only by the diffusion of light around the shining crystalline bulb with the Golden city of God at the top and a narrowing point developing at the bottom, a green and gold central ornament of the universe. Rather than rotating, the millennial earth gently rocked, so there was no true night, just evening and morning, day one, and evening and morning, day two.It wasn’t long enough until the beauteous peace was broken. Decorated and promoted, but not perfected, my horde began to show their Adamic nature through their disciplined military and now Christian nature. The Lord communed with me how to set up the courts I would soon need. The celebration brought the now glorified Christian saints among us in their splendor dancing and singing and praising God, even prophesying Mario’s and my own fabulous thousand year exploits and the progeny that will populate a perfect planet. They told of pilgrimages and wealth untold I would bring to the New Jerusalem, of jousting contests and military exercises, of growth in population to a quintillion souls from the two hundred million riders and their brides we are starting out with.

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