Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 14

Chapter XXIX.

Stages, halls and tents were going up throughout the war and earthquake damaged city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is now a seaport city connecting the Mediterranean with the Red Sea. We are terracing the city down to the new, even lower, sea level.The violence of tribulation judgment against the Satanic 666 abortion crazed overlanders had changed much of the earth’s topography. Greenland and the Hudson Bay; Alaska, Siberia and Japan; the Philippines, Malaysia and Borneo; Madagascar and Zimbabwe: these together with the Atlantic and South Indian Oceans are the border of the new solar, Israel centered hemisphere. Revolutionary as it is, it need only last a thousand years before these redeemed heavens and Earth will be completely replaced by the eternal state with a new heaven and Earth. Just a thousand more years until God folds it all up and incinerates it to make the fiery lake that is my old master and his followers’ forever future. Now, as we ready the greatest party ever in honor of Davidic Messiah Mario, Grand nephew of the Lord, the near heavens above us contort and split away from the celestial Jerusalem. The heavenly Jerusalem re-ascended to its heavenly home with the new heavens and the new Earth. The blue green canopy filled the gap seamlessly. At least we millennials now had a clue as to the splendor of the coming eternal state. Among the brides found for my horde there were many an accomplished musician who could be heard practicing all about the Holy city. Others were great chefs and hostesses readying hall after hall for the new millennium extravaganza. The Lord, Mario and I were pleased that the new millennium gentile world will be populated exclusively by reconstituted abortion led families. We hope the roots of the new civilization will create a strong heritage opposing unmarried sexuality and the infanticide of abortion it inspired.

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