Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 14

Chapter XXX.

We had plenty of resources to prepare the celebration. I set the remainder of our hellion riders (Earthly Kings, really, and patriarchal progenitors of the new Earthly population) to work on building the Holy City. Hellions bore loads like Elephants. From their tales they shot arc welding electrodes that welded together the girders that were flash cast by other fire breathing hellions. We Devised etchers, platinum plates we place over all the flat surfaced building materials with stencil holes cut out in Hebrew and for artistic bordering, etchers that covered the whole of scripture including the newly written tributes to the tribulation and church age heroes. Hellions would blast fire over the etchers, gold dust is sprinkled over and a new blast melts the gold to the etching. Thus the new etching process resulted in a gold inlaid but more importantly Scripture permeated holy city. Perhaps as important we took these methods to our new homes on both the lightened and darkened sides of the earth. The roads we built by laying down gravel and sands beds and firing them to molten heat with hellion blasts. Beautiful glass streets, etched with gold scripture and Bible art for traction, gleaming marble walls etched with gold: the Holy city is truly a sight to behold. A platoon of the 144,000 Supermen of the Holy Seal escorted Mario the thousand year live yet aborted dead King Of Israel, Judah, Samaria and Holy Jerusalem into my presence. The smell of fresh pure air of the overland compared to the stench of putrefaction in torments of the underworld, it by itself more than compensates for my demotion in rank below the adversary’s anointed King Mario. “The Lord gave your workmen and animals artistic skill and craftsmanship we will enjoy a thousand years here in Jerusalem.” said Mario.“I will see it every harvest season when I bring you the opulence from the lower parts of the globe, Sire.” I replied.“It is odd that the true divine utopia is so much like slavery.” Said Mario. Then he added, “I think I feel guilty.”“The tributary relationship between Zion and the subservient world, it defines the new age and the joy the world feels in the Lord, Whose anointed you are.” I countered. “As the ten tribes of Israel cast off the yoke Solomon placed on them, So shall the world strike at Jerusalem after the thousand years.” prophesied the King of the thousand year Jerusalem.“They will do so over the dead bodies of my riders and I, and all our hellions.” I vowed.“Touching as that is.” replied my aborted liege, sovereign over all living on planet Earth.“That is likely the way it will be a thousand years hence when our old master is turned loose.” said the thousand year King of greater Israel. I responded in idle thought aloud, “I suppose you can’t blame the Devil for wanting to have at what old coots we will be by then, especially since he reconstituted us, raised us and educated us and trained our hands for combat. Remember, your majesty, how we learned from Julius and Augustus Caesar; from Alexander and Philip; Saladin and Mohammed; Aristotle, Socrates and Cicero; Darwin and Jezebel. We abortions learned from Satan’s stable of victims the truth of history and the principles of the Devil’s world. He made us memorize also God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. It is like a loving (ha ha) parent providing all for his children who then rebel against him.”“It may be the same for you with the nations your riders will father.” Mario offered.

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