Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 15

Chapter XXXI.

The worship was fabulous. We heard long splendid lectures about the sanctity of all life, both human and animal, in its utero stage and in its aged stage. I loved the readings from the first, second old testaments and new third testament. Since the apostle Paul no one had seen the Lord our God Jesus Christ in Glory. Now we have a new way to worship Him. We re-enact in a memorialized way the willing sacrifice of Christ. First, the priest asks us to confess our sins toward his upraised arms. Then He places his hands on a sacrificial creature. Then the creature, trained though he may be, voluntarily lays upon the altar, is fastened on the four points and sacrificed. The collected blood of the sacrifice is sprinkled on us all. A pilgrimage to Jerusalem is required of all living to display their salvation in this way. It was an easy pilgrimage this year, since all living are here, about Jerusalem. After the sacrifices were over and all were sprinkled, the prayer of consecration led the way to the planned festivities, a party to end all parties. My riders and I had never known parties and joy. Our brides, mostly Asiatic and brought from the four corners of the globe, for them it was their wedding reception and a mass wedding ceremony and time of marital consummation followed in a new sort of festival of the booths. For forty days the beginnings of the new firstborn of the nations were conceived in a joyous revelry in the Lord. The tents of the riders are the place of lodging for their progeny nations who would make a pilgrimage here. We made our farewells with tears of joy and hopeful expectation. Our hellions darkened the sky above Jerusalem. Then in an instant we were gone. Each of us would peal off the formation where God told us to settle. Heliarchus, Thomas and I would not settle. Our Hellions would police the planet and collect its increase to return to Jerusalem’s King Mario. Not surprisingly over the centuries to follow rebellions would be led by jealous and ambitious populations against their patriarch rider king. Some, I must confess, were incapable of command. Others just bred a headstrong progeny after them. There never was an issue about the amount offered to Jerusalem. It was always free will. The live dead kings did compete on how well they could motivate their progeny.

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