Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 16

Chapter XXXII.

After 435 millennial years my bride Patricia quit bearing sons and daughters. Heliarchus’ bride bore until 509 m. Thomas the twin’s bride bore until 567 m. Between the three of us our grown children and their grown progeny now numbered nearly a billion souls, none of whom bore the abortion scars we did. The whole earth bore a quintillion souls by the 1,000th millennial year when Satan our old nemesis was released from the abyss. By 1016 Satan had turned the population from fabulous prosperity to jealous comparison of one’s lot with another’s and one nation’s lot with another’s. Indolence followed, then want. Then came resentment over the obligatory pilgrimage to Jerusalem to Worship the Lord with the Jews every year. Soon I found nothing to collect except a jealous hatred for Israel and old King Mario they felt they had enriched by tribute offerings nigh on a thousand years. Soon Satan tuned their progeny against their sires, we who are the rider kings. Rather than snuff out our very own progeny, we all regrouped at Jerusalem to take them on as a nameless mass of humanity so depersonalizing this slaughter of the novice warriors marshaled against us. Most of my rider kings were back at Jerusalem to defend the sacred city against Satan and the 200,000,000 nations deploying against her a quintillion strong. We gathered up our hellions to kill what we could. King Mario encouraged us in the Lord telling us all to have faith and see God’s deliverance. Feeling like the Titans of Greek mythology we readied to engage our progeny in battle. Anything was better than going back to torments of the underworld or, worse, consigned to the Lake of Fire following the universal conflagration. That is where we are about to send these wrongdoers who took perfect environment and perverted it into following Satan, my old master, the enemy of God. Two hundred million mounted hellions against a myriad of devils on giant dragons, an army of telepathic demons who can kill with their depraved minds and a quintillion populace fully mobilized-the harvest of a thousand years of civilization who also condemn our parenting skills, we riders from hell, a quintillion fostered by us products of the abortion clinics of the old pre-redemption world. We split into thirds and would focus on the dragons trying to get them to use their nuclear sun protection defense that will incinerate and blow up their human followers. Mario and I set up a spy network that feeds us the dragons’ locations. We waited for them to report low altitude dragon formation before we attack. Only the four of us know the plan to keep it from the telepathic demon corps of the hagmaster. Mario, Heliarchus, Thomas and myself would have the oversight, each commanding a million fifty-strong companies of riders each of which would take on a mounted dragon demon team. For now all sorts of worship services had been set up because of the prophetic nearness of the end of time and the dawning for us of eternity. This was normal for Israel whose occupation has been to pray and praise God these thousand years. Unfortunately it appeared to be the falling of a black night of despair for the rest of the nations, our progeny at that. Now we observed fruition of the words of Christ: broad is the gate and wide the path that leads to destruction and many are those who find it.For the past eight years they had chanted how despotic is King Mario and all the rider kings. In a fickle moment the chivalrous population who lived a millenium in prosperity, who had pride in their noble aborted rider live dead kings, how easily they are turned from worshipping their God to worshipping Satan and from following us to following a host of demons. Their music went from romantic to degrading. Their marital vows were abandoned and free sex espoused. The institutions and associations that had built prosperity were abandoned for new ways. The currency was debauched. A new rich class began to assume the royal station once the domain of the hellion rider. Soon a few murders convinced the rest of the population to capitulate to Satan’s men. We rider’s made for Jerusalem instead of decimating our populations with civil war. Famine and the out of control riot of a people who’ve forsaken the God they formerly loved, these factors helped Satan muster them all to converge upon Jerusalem. Most of them finally in this twisted murderous spree of demonic anti-Semitic frenzy were making their first pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Rather than waste them all easily we hoped to bring them back under control after we destroy the dragons hitherto immortal and their demonic masters. Thomas awoke me from my reverie.“Now! Now! Now! They are coming down for an attack!” Thomas sounded alarmed.“Or a reconnaissance, or a parley, if I remember my old master well. He is not one you soon forget.” I replied.“If we are going to station our hellions above them, now is the time!” an ebullient Heliarchus exclaimed. Mario was wearing thick gold fabric, an art perfected by the 666 alliance the Lord terminated a millennium ago. It was originally to fabricate silver fabric carpets and tents to generate the solar electric energy used in that bygone era. The technology was kept and used to make golden splendor for the live dead thousand year King Mario, son of David, Son of Joseph and Mary, now flying above Jerusalem with his million 50 rider teams and the 144,000 sealed of God riding tandem. We would not be first to enter this fray, but we hurried to rally our men and beasts. Up went Heliarchus, the unborn to command commander of troops. Next Thomas, and his horde, in a spiraling brilliant ascent. Now mine were up in the air, the dense pressurized air of the Ice encapsulated greenhouse earth, the pearl of God’s universe now coming to its end, both the pearl and its surroundings. I did not want to go up. I knew I must go. But thoughts and remembrance clouded my head and held me in place a moment as I saw in retrospect a paternal kingly father among my personal images of Satan and a maternal Leviathan dragon his alter ego, the years of surgeries in the foul hot pressurized rank underworld, the endless discussions with famous minds of history now lost forever for rejecting God. Generals of lore and more cavalry and Luftwaffe and air forces commanders than there were at that time alive overland completed my education and went back into their caverns of ceaseless fiery tearing torment. Now it all would come to fruition in the skies above greater Israel. Finally I wrested myself free. “Get up above them.” I remembered of aerial combat education and training under teachers like Herman Goering. As the other three generals headed up and towards the incoming Draconian horde I took my fighters straight up over Jerusalem, and, once there, burrowed into the mirror ice pack surrounding the Earth atmosphere. We were witnessing the Battle Royal below. Yet, we were invisible to all the combatants. The dragons were fighting to intertwine their trajectories so as to prohibit our death constellations from forming around them. Now their flight patterns proved to be preplanned as they met at both ends of the sky in walls that began to close in on our Hellions who had to retreat before a wall of hottest fire. My second in command, Scar, asked what I planned. “Take your half of our hellion riders in a line and fold down the right wall while my half folds down the left, but we will begin our descent only when the Devil can nearly taste his victory. Drive a phalanx through them so they form a circle fanning out from Jerusalem that sets us all down on top of their human hordes so we can finish the job. I was amazed how this was looking to turn out. The fire from heaven prophesied three millennia ago would be my hellions falling upon Satan’s dragon horde as they tried to crush those of the thousand year live dead king of Jerusalem and greater Israel. So the aborted, the castoff, Satan brooded over, hell raised to torment and fight for the devil; these, they would help end, by fighting for God, the middle two of the four civilizations of man: pre-deluge, pre-millennial, pre-eternal and eternal state. I told my captains to pass this on to our riders encouraging them to hold nothing back for this ride will end in eternity. I let Stitch lead his troops down first. I noted Leviathon was in an observatory capacity. I took a two hundred strong team pretrained to engage her and split off from our force now in charge of my trusted third in command, urging him to earn a good report in eternity.As my men took their places in a constellation around Leviathan my mount, Machairosculum, lit down on the red glowing dragon’s red bejeweled back. Satan and I walked in the brilliant red light together.“ How did I not know your plans Protophorous my son?” he earnestly inquired.It seemed to me great Leviathon could push the battle against us by herself. I was happy that Satan chose to parlay rather than join the fray. He was behaving as the Prince of Persia before Alexander, which suited me well, and was as I hoped. “Our classes and seminars with Goehring and the great ones they flooded my consciousness when I heard of your attack. As you know from our knowledge of my Lord your adversary’s word, the answer God gives when you come before tyrants and despots will be given you that same hour. So I am not sure your classes get all the credit. God’s spirit within me likely brought it to mind.” I replied. “Protophorous, will you not for eternity surmise how different it might have been had you not been my spoiler, but, instead, my champion.” asked the Devil.I replied, “You see me as a winner, yet these you are watching fire from heaven destroy, these are my progeny, and my riders’ children, and great great great grandchildren. I see myself as a grand failure because of it. We enjoyed the millennial peace and freedom as contented cattle, waiting for you to spoil our minds.” As Satan and I looked on, fire and smoke and thunder and lightning crashed outward from Jerusalem devouring trillions and quadrillions of the millennial human race. King Mario and Heliarchus and Thomas had pulled a corps away from the fight. They were on their way toward us when Jerusalem itself, that is a paper thin carpet of land below it, lifted into the sky away from the earth and vanished. The Earth folded in on itself after the last humans on the ground were licked up by the flaming inferno. The cleansed Earth imploded in on itself and the ice bubble around the earth followed. We, Satan, Leviathan and a hundred million of us remaining riders watched as the universe itself imploded inward upon itself. Matter and space and time disappeared into a flaming smoking and sulfurous stinking inferno. The very capacity for speech seemed sucked out of us when Satan finally spoke. “If any of me lives on in glory, it is through you riders who thrice snatched eternal victory from the Jaws of doom.” The deceiver’s last deception demanded a reply which I duly gave, “If we live, we live as those whose abortions you instigated, foul father of none of our God granted salvation. We live as Jesus the Messiah’s children, for truly we riders are children of no other.” Last to join the implosion Satan himself was sucked into the lake of fiery misery, once our universe.

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