Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 17

Chapter XXXIII.

For a moment we were in a vacuum. Too often had we been in God’s hands alone to fear this special moment alone with Him. Then there appeared a brilliant gleaming white throne marked in gold with Greek symbols for the letters A and Z. On the throne sat a brilliant shining figure, Jesus. On the arms of the throne, there were scrolls containing all the deeds of the lost dead about to be judged. From the flaming inferno came the sight not seen by us a thousand years. The bodies of the dead resurrected in a new design, designed to suffer. They appeared one by one in a great void to one side of the throne. As each appeared before God the scroll opened and played back their life. The first to appear promoted another God on screen and, whoosh, he was in the lake of fire. Millions more appeared, one after the other, gone to the lake of fire. Then the drug pushers, then sex cultists, liars, thieves, murderers, etcetera. I knew I had been guilty of some of these myself, and Jesus spoke to me. “Whoever came to me and put their trust in me are washed in my blood and purified and they are not subject to this resurrection to condemnation. You will receive the first resurrection.” We began to dematerialize and re-appear in a new shining form similar to the Lord. Those lost in the final fight appeared with us. I looked at scar and he was perfect and I knew our abortion scars were gone forever, and, even more important, the sinful temptations the fruition of which I just referred to had vanished away and my conscience was now an instant recognition of the Lord’s will, and there was no resistance in me to His will. The old universe, now balled up in the lake of fire, fled away from the Lord and we witnessed the appearance of heaven come into view as if it had been hidden by the presence of the transitory universe even though folded in to the lake of fire. (Had only the theorists of a bouncing undulating universe expanding and contracting read the Bible, or, even, debated someone who did, their adhesion to their theory might have saved them.) What we saw was each other perfect, as if unaborted, in a sea of perfect people along a giant river with twelve gigantic trees six on each side, each dwarfing any skyscraper, with delicious fruit hanging low too abundant to consume. The river flowed from under and from both sides of the golden base of the throne. The river spread out and went around the pyramidal mountain we were atop. The Lord commanded, and all our beasts swam away in the river to pastures prepared for them. They also had been transformed, and, I knew Machairosculum the Heavensteed was hellion no more. The Adamic failure that plagued me was forever gone. Newly enobled like never before, we spontaneously pledged our everything to our creator. Jesus in turn revealed to us the productive future awaiting us forever. Not a thought of regret or of sadness entered any of our hearts as the memory of those being tormented day and night forever in the lake of fire fled forever away into the excellence of our heavenly future now being realized. The end of the birthing, birthing of true life, God’s ever intended life, the life we all groaned within ourselves waiting for, life God Himself waited patiently for to be birthed.I claim it as our birthday.Epilogue The universe, the time space matter continuum, is complete. From my new vantage point in eternity I may observe and enjoy all of it, except for one part, or, should I say, parts. Near as I can describe it to an inhabitant thereof would be a balloon or a dirigible contained by transparent nothing and subject to inspection from within and without by eternals. At its conclusion it comes to a point very much like where a balloon might be tied. The tie is the roiling, boiling reactor of the lake of fire where the lost burn.When we observe creation we spontaneously sing for joy experiencing the creative majesty of our Lord and redeemer. All the secrets of history are open and laid bare except for our own time. When we are finding our way toward God, the universe is intact. When I work myself away from my redeemer, the universe appears with sections missing, segments measured by the time coefficient. For many, the greatest of human accomplishments are but forgone time their owners neither seeing nor remembering them. Hence the scriptural admonishment from the Bible says, “Redeem the time, for the days are evil.” Prologue I placed these in my murdering father’s head to see if he might guess the real nature of things and perhaps make a difference. Personality and soul and spirit are real parts of the conceived-yet-to-be-born. Eternity of the soul belongs to the intrauterine evidenced by John the Baptist being saved and sanctified in the womb of Elizabeth when Jesus came in his presence in the womb of Mary. Believer’s miscarriages are being raised in heaven observed by visionary Jesse DuPlantis. Microbiology advances of Steven Meyer and Michael Behe contribute to conclusion that the spark of life happens at conception. 1Corinthians 7:14b otherwise (not in the home of a believer) your children are unclean (as in a lost fallen spirit, a demon), but now (in a believing home) they are set apart unto God. Numbers 14:18b The Lord is slow to anger and exceedingly kind: He washes away iniquity transgression yet will by no means leave unpunished but will visit the guiltiness of the parents on the children and on the third generation and on the fourth generation.

It worked. He opened his mind and will let me pour in my story.

“There is no cause more important than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning” Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, President Ronald Reagan, 1984 [email protected]

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