Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 2

Chapter XVI.

The master asked me if I would spy on these uninhabitable unpossessable riders. It suits my purpose to make them my bodyguards, palace guards, if I had a palace. I will start thinking out loud about a few matters. I will see if they are deeper than they appear. “Well bodyguard, if there were only a threat against me, You might take your job seriously.” I probed. “Your Majesty, I am on pain of death to both protect you and show off just how well I am trained, and how proficient I am.” The captain of my guards replied.“Well, then, Let’s train.” I responded. I called out to a passing dragon riding tormentor demon. The dragon held Lenin and Stalin in one talon, in another Mao Tse Tsung and Chou En Lai. Still another held Che Guevarra. It was their lucky day.“Ignoble unmajesty of the blue dragon.” I called across the chasm below. “Your beast is barely alive, nay, turning blue.” “Live Dead King, why do you make sport with me? Lord Lucifer has commanded us to be at your service, renewing his command to safeguard you this very morning.” He said.“My taunt is at this intended result: that these my riders and I have a training battle against you and your tired old blue salamander.” I said. In an unbelievably quick slithering fleeing motion the menacing blue dragon was in front of Machairosculum, then bursting forth in fireworks which turned away from us at the last, and consumed his cargo of lost dead tormented, Lucifer’s key servants in their overland stage of life. “The next assault may mar your laboriously created appearance, King Protophorous. Have you ever sparred and jousted with a dragon? Even your little troop of 50 or sixty is no match for either of us, let alone our union together.” Said the demon.“I am trained by old Levi herself, She is like a battleship, and your mount a corvette by comparison. If it is necessary, I will wait and watch the competition.” I assured him.“No competition. But if you are safe I will enjoy the fray.” He said.“Go to battle now!” I told the captain. Like a Kaleidoscope they moved in symmetry surrounding the dragon until she was the center of a sphere of riders. From the moment they set out, their tails sent out barrages of electric lightening bolts that exploded or stuck within the dragons head and backbone, then the sphere moved about the stunned and crying dragon and rider as if it were a slowly rolling ball. As the hellion rider envelopment rotated about the dragon in space, the hellion rider company repeated the same barrages of lightening from their tails. The rider at the top added new bombardment of incandescent phosphorescent vomitus, a fresh load of vile incandescent bile as each new rider ascended the top of the rotating constellation of dracomisery. The hapless dragon settled on a defense launching her fiery blast halfway to the constellation of cool collected hellion riders. Then her fireblast fanned out and encircled her. When the blazing ovum of protection was complete the dragon intensified her radiation of nuclear energy until it shone like the sun. The orbital nebula of hellion riders had to retreat to a wider radius and stored their energy from the launch of hellion bolts and fiery drops bombardment until the dragon blast would weaken. The captain asked me for a command to destroy the dragon. With a wailing shriek the demon burst through the sun-like orb about the dragon and begged, “Oh live dead King Protophorous, spare my mount for she is trained to run on the very doors of the adversaries domain at the great day battle.” “Regroup in bodyguard formation.” I called out. Seconds later we were as we were before my attack command. The demon telepathically communicated to his steed. The sun soon went out. The underworld ceased looking like a misery ridden version of the overland. The dragon looked even more formidable than before. Now he glowed near white and powerfully bright. His chest surged with radioactive energy. Clearly he was revitalized and strengthened by the training battle. The dragon bowed low, not so much to me as to the super company of warriors who found two different ways to destroy him. As our sparring partners departed, I asked the commander was there a quicker way to destroy the dragon than wait for it to tire and renew the rotating constellation of attack. “Yes, of course, sire. The sunstar about the dragon created a gravitational field. We could have launched a collective sustained barrage of all we had, the fire from our mouths included. But the whole underworld could have exploded into nuclear conflagration.” “We would not have survived, Captain” I observed. “Sir, we are trained to ride the wave of nuclear front blast and avoid the nuclear suction.” Said the captain of my guards.“I will have to learn, too.” I said. Now I know. My riders are invincible and my power unstoppable, and their numbers beyond any army amassed heretofore. Plus, my confidants themselves prove to be a spectacular fighting force.

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