Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 3

Chapter XVII.

I am trying to learn all their names. The captain is Thomas. He was put together from two brothers. The overland m.d. scooped out one of the twin’s heads intact, not yet knowing they were twins he was murdering. Had he known, he would have crushed that head. Does the m.d. think he is being like the adversary’s Son? He is prophesied to squash the offspring of the serpent dragon. Who can know what is in the mind of an overland m.d. (murder doctor)? We are going to eat and to inspect the herdsmen riders. Where there is food the master keeps his swarms of locusts herds. Actually, the underworld is awash in food. The tormented may not eat it. Before the master brought my body back into life, I remember wanting to eat. Even though not yet raised to tormentable age, I was denied food. My mouth was forever locked in gnashing and weeping. The throat would just not accept food, not that the adversary had made a digestive tract in the body designed for undergoing extreme torment. Food oozes forth from shafts and caves. At the beginning of the adversary’s creation there was perfect light filling every cave and crevice of the underworld and every overland spot. Even every drop of water or moisture bore with it the light of life and photosynthesis. Then food grew until the underworld was bursting with both food and the animalian life that ate it. Then came nothingness and emptiness, tohu vah bohu in the Hebrew language. Not even a degree of heat to save anything alive. As it thaws out now it shoots forth from these tubes for us to eat. The darkness over the face of the deep caused the heart of the earth to glow as the cold pressed in upon it. All animal life found its way into the heart of the underworld and froze here in chambers from which they now ooze out as food fit for roasting in the ubiquitous fire bursts about the underworld. The smell of roasting thawed meat and roasting vegetation. Fabulous vegetables beyond huge bursting with flavor and aroma even in this stinking demonic dark burning sulfurous of torments of the underworld, vegetables not now known to the overland. Meat and vegetables in abundance, it is a blessing for which we are rightly grateful to the adversary. I cannot help but mention it in the presence of my newly esteemed royal guards. Thomas asks me, “How is it that you speak well of the adversary?”Turning my roast bit of prehistory over a sulfurous fireblast, I reply, “Were you not impressed with the fire breathing blue dragon when she spun a sunstar and backed off your whole command?”The adversary’s son and even the adversary himself enjoy answering questions with questions in his Word which contains all knowledge, in English, The Bible. He took a while to reply. “It is somewhat ennobling to have a worthy opponent, and who worthier than the adversary and His Son Jesus Christ the Righteous, the Godman, the creator of all things.” This is indeed a revelation, “Whoever in the overland prays for you, Thomas, That prayer warrior has given you a wisdom akin to my own, a keen look into the heart and mind of the adversary by the study of His Word.” I said, full of ego. Thomas replied, “My Lord the King, is that why we are different from the other riders?” “The master ordered me to study you. That is my conclusion at this point in my study. That, and, what a fabulous group of fighters you are! I wonder if it is in part because of direct favor or blessing from the adversary? I wonder if the adversary is responding to your unknown overland prayer benefactors.” I dug my scepter deeply into the low ceiling and a faucet of water began to trickle, then burst into a stream which flowed down the floor until it found a sulphur smelling fireblast hole and became steaming geyser. When the adversary’s Spirit hovered brooding over the surface of the waters, The waters became oxygen pressurized and forced themselves into the deepest heart of the earth all about the underworld. Now it provides a cool drink. No scepters for the tormented. Nor is their water to drink where they are. The locust swarms are a hubbub of activity. Bees have flown straight down from the overland. They are attaching themselves to the locusts. The locusts absorb them, growing around them. and the poison stings are absorbed in their rapidly growing tails. How can so many bees exist as to coat and augment 200,000,000 locusts the size of horses. The first locust so enhanced tried his sting on one of my riders and we had to nurse him back from the bowels of insufferable pain six months in duration. During this time he tried to kill himself often even though he knew torments of the underworld would receive him into permanent torture. Once so stung “death takes a holiday!” as the commentator said. These locusts will soften and make easier for us (It would be unjust to instantly remove these to torments without giving them the opportunity to repent in the face of monstrous divine discipline for their ever abounding sin.) the death stroke we will bring to the third part of mankind.

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