Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 6

Chapter XX.

“So,” I said, ignoring his question, “the master’s gambit is to rule Earth with you on the throne, Mario, great grandson of David, Joseph and Mary. This way he fulfills the adversary’s prophecy of a seed of David ever on the throne. Prophesy foretells one whom fallen man, even his own people, the Jews, has rejected. One whom fallen man has tortured to death right in his own womb chamber should fit that bill just fine. Your doctor’s name is Horowitzerothstein, not that one practitioner speaks for American Jewry. American Jews are a mainstay of the political left and democratic party in particular and its feminist abortion promoting wing in particular, enough to earn them a share in the blame for the holocaust that finds us here in torments, Mario. In this way the master’s poor pathetic coven of nine deluded pseudo justices not only has unwittingly brought about the divine juggernaught of the apocalypse, but also the means of your demise, murdered by an m.d. in a Roe warranted murdertorium clinic (followed by Luciferian resuscitation, common to all of us hellion riders).How can it be that the seed royal of Israel and seed royal of the very planet itself can be cast aside to an abortionists murdertorium like so much offal? Will there never be an end to the lies the gullible overlanders will swallow from the master’s gigantic cup? Let us categorize some of these lies: 1. It is moral and lawful to burglarize a person’s womb chamber with the intent of torturing him via dismembering or salinization. 2. It is moral to then murder the maimed and burgled victim, so ending his last few seconds of tortured life, by crushing her/his head with mass produced headsquashing implements. 3. The Word of God that holds the world together is vain. 4. There is no such thing as the prophesied ruler of both Israel and the world, much less any need to keep track of David’s line(it was neglected if not forgotten even in Jesus’ day). 5. There is no future and no hope in the adversary. One could go on.” I said. “My Lord, King Protophorous,” Mario said, “they go further, The billion muslims and their oil gorged clients would drive Israel from their sliver of land. They wait only for the master’s coven of nine injustices to outlaw support for Israel, ruling by decisis that Israel is a religion, not a nation.” “Astute observation,” I reply, speculating further from past Bible learning and observation, “Sometimes I think the adversary relishes desperate circumstances, allowing negative factors to reach their most pathetic and dire outcomes before he steps in and turns the battle at the gates. This also allows the American coven and their cohorts to debauch themselves until the outcry to heaven from America and the world they’ve so badly led astray, until the outcry from earth to heaven reaches truly monumental proportions.” Mario surprised me, saying, “My Lord the King, The United States of America has the richest history of following the adversary. No client nation to the creator and rescuer of the world has ever attained to the U.S.A. Britain brought its law and state churches to much of the globe. To the much of the rest of the globe Spain and Portugal brought their Catholicism with icons of Mary, Jesus and all saints; with prayer to Mary and seven sacraments. Only America unsaddled the people from state sponsored churches through its constitution. It freed the pastorate to reach for the closest relationship to the adversary they could get. The people followed after them and the nation grew closer to the adversary than any heretofore. The apostolic charismatic gifts resumed after a 1,770 year low ebb. Just as the penultimate accomplishments are made, the springback reflex of our master launched unparalleled debauchery and morbid injustice by the which, in part, we were murdered. So, here we are, My Lord King.” I said, “Then, we see a dichotomous nation drawing near and drawing away from the adversary. The master holds three of four American estates: the government, the press and the universities. The adversary has divided hold on the ecclesiastical estate. He shares it first with the hagmaster’s covens of witches and warlocks, mediums, seers, soothsayers, palmistry readers, tarot card readers, spiritualists, necromancers, wizards, mages and magis, shamans and medicine men, psychics and fortunetellers, warlocks and ayatollahs, mullahs, oracles, devil worshippers and swamis, Satanic rock bands and new age cultists, Idol worshipping oriental priests and juju bearing Africans. He shares it also with the apostate portions of mainline church denominations. So, in reality, what the adversary will do for the U.S.A., he must do it with Gideon’s 300. That is not as hard as folding up the universe to pre big bang level, which he shall also do.” Mario expounded. “Let’s say, Mario, that your new throne is yours by divine appointment, that is, the one anointed by the adversary himself, that you are the adversary’s anointed to rule Israel and the world a thousand years. That under the stellar heavenly Jerusalem in fixed orbit above Jerusalem where the adversary’s son Yeshua, Jesus, and David, Dawid, rule from the heavens, there, in Jerusalem below, you will be regent of the adversary in the flesh on the redeemed Earth. If so, how will the adversary make it happen? How do we fit in?

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