Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 7

Chapter XXI.

The Great Day has arrived. The adversary chose it. He evacuated all those he had sequestered and enfolded. Few there were that found the straight path and the narrow way. The adversary is the winner, He has pulled his own to safety. The remains of all who trusted in the adversaries Son burst from their graves, bound for heaven. Their souls came down from heaven and rejoined their transformed glorified bodies in the air. Then they met those who were lifted from the earth alive. They were also changed and glorified. They are so awesome, each abundantly greater than the master and his fellow demonic majesties. After the ten day trip to heaven, those who followed the adversary all the way are receiving eternal rewards, including eternal rank and privilege far beyond that of the master. The master has scuttled his plan to check the adversaries four horsemen. He is en route to heaven to complain in person. Levi is disconsolate. She was expecting to have a part in a great battle, not wait on doomed diplomacy. My herdsmen are readying the locusts for the onslaught on overland mankind. This alone is retaliation for the burglaries and violent murders done us in our womb chambers. I remember how our rider was an inadvertent guinea pig for these monsters. Six months he spent trying to kill himself from the pain of their strike. Yet the pain that entwines the hapless victim holds not only him but his or her very life also, as the commentator says, “Death takes a holiday.” The chasm that leads to Iraq fills with light from the overland and the locusts are drawn to it rising effortlessly on an updraft of thick black smoke heated by the new arrivals created by the four horsemen of the apocalypse War, Famine, Disease, and Death. Three and a half months they entered the chasm and hovered above until the time was right and the adversary launched them on the masters domains spreading agony and despondency over all the Earth. As they went up my guards/confidants and I watched them pass. Beautiful hair like a supermodel might sport flew from their heads on which were golden crowns.They had men’s faces and lion like teeth. External body armor and wings sounding like astampede. Scorpion like tails administered the five months of agony we witnessed not so long ago. The beast master and all the demonic rider training corps rode out with them in disembodied form. Heliarchus, my general, will be free from demon possession for a while. I sent out a detachment of guards to summons him. News of all the action disturbed the army and its command. They are well trained. They also know their future is toasting eternally if they are killed in battle, not that disobedience would have a different result. We discussed the merits of turning coat against Lucifer. Heliarchus was shocked, He was used to constantly sharing his inmost thought with beast master possessing him. I explained, “You have a six month reprieve, General, while Beastmaster rides locusts with his disembodied hordes in the overland.” “Well my lord, I can’t recall having such freedom as this,” said Heliarchus. “The range of options ever widens,” I said, “we may even place the adversary’s anointed king of the millennial civilization onto the throne in Israel.” Satan was made to wait in heaven until the marriage supper was complete. Hardship turned to craven envy and hate as each Christian he formerly harassed and impeded appeared in mightier presence than he himself. Then they received rewards of rank, insignia, privilege and finery beyond anything Lucifer had received before his fall. What is more, Satan’s former cohorts, his coequals among the elect angels now serve those he once opposed on Earth. “Slaves!” said Lucifer “We were created to be slaves to our mere targets, humans, most of whom we so easily deluded to torments and the Lake of Fire.”Levi was fit to be tied though no one could. She knew Lucifer had never returned with positive results from his excursions to the adversary’s headquarters. Because they were so often joined together body and soul she felt his humiliation and growing rage.

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