Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 8

Chapter XXII.

Heliarchus, my 2nd in command, soul mate to Lucifer’s number 2 demon, was full of questions. “How can a condemned soul, a soul at one time lost to the adversary, be restored? Are you suggesting we have a choice?” I replied, “How can the adversary just write us off? We have breath. Even though we inherited uncleanness of 1 Cor. 7:14, our soul has life within these restored bodies, and where there is life, there is hope. Why do you think the adversarial counterparts of the demons are called elect. They were once as lost as the master. Then they were saved. There was a deadline and the master remained lost. Now they are confirmed: elect and fallen.” Heliarchus asked, “Question: Were we still confirmed lost when the neph shamah, the life from the adversary re-entered our bodies?” I said, “Dear Heliarchus, overland preachers say “While there is life, there is hope. The master and his cohorts call us the live dead. If we are alive, well...” I trailed off. The fact that the adversaries sequestering spirit gave me no scripture for this left me more doubtful than ever. Heliarchus thought my “well...” was for positive emphasis and beamed in languid thought of future bliss. Heliarchus was about, perhaps, I thought, to be the firstborn of many brethren, an honor I wanted for Mario.

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