Aborted King: Protophorous

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Chapter 9

Chapter XXIII.

Now I had to ask my Guards to assemble quickly. I laid out what I planned. We would put our trust in the adversary’s son, together, as a unit. Heliarchus heard this and begged leave to return to his unit. “A little like Judas,” I thought. “Well, cohorts, what we do, we best do quickly, starting with you, Mario. The first born among many brethren shall be their king.” A flash of light filled the underworld, and Mario shone like the sun to those above with the light of the adversaries Son! We all then joined him with loud confessions of “Jesus my Saviour”, “Yes Lord Jesus,” and the like. The Neverborn nursery exploded into applause and shouts of Joy never before heard in torments. As we yelled our affirmation and praise for the adversary’s Son the neverborn burst into cheers for us and then started to praise the adversary and His Son Jesus. As they gave welcoming praise to Jesus they Burst into radiance and shot through the Nursery ceiling and were no more to be found. A thunderous pounding sound came closer and closer louder and louder as all the dragons of the underworld approached the Neverborn Nursery cavern. The mounts were skittish and rightly so for the light of God’s spirit had blinded all the underworld denizens, including our Hellions. I could tell our new leader would not act and begged his permission to lead the troop. By his leave I told the captain to marshall the troop for an escape up the bee shaft. King Mario stood beside me. We left at the rear of the troop up, up and up the shaft toward the light that shone down ever brighter and brighter. We could hear the dragons wings pounding as they entered the shaft. I asked the King to head the formation and send back the Captain with me. Machairoscullum let fly her fiery electric darts. Then the smoke she blasted left the cavern behind us in deadly black nerve and mustard gasses. The flames she shot behind us intensified the noxious gas into an explosion and we fairly shot up ballistically as bullets up the shaft. I knew our hellions were no match for these gigantic dragons. In a flash a furious fleeing dragon was abreast of us. Machairosculum’s unique teeth clamped on it’s neck and injected the hapless dragon with smoke and fire while filling it with electrodarts from her tail. The captain of the guard covered our war with all the blast of fire, gas and tail darts that his mighty hellion could send. Meanwhile the demon rider astride the dying fleeing dragon tried to enter my own consciousness and press out my life from my brain through my body. I called for our old nemesis, the blood of the lamb of God that washes away our sins, as I shouted, “The blood of Jesus is against you“, the Draco-demon duo broke away and fled back down the shaft. The Captain of my guards and I evaluated the situation in an instant and knew we must mount a rear guard holding action for King Mario and his guards. They were practically out of sight towards the light of the overland now. “Let’s joust!” I shouted, “Yes, My liege!” and we were off, hellions spitting fire and nerve gas, electro darts eliciting cries of agony from barbequing, blinded astonished dragons. We hurtled blindly, faster and deeper, through the most formidable squadron of dragons ever assembled. As demonic personages left their mounts to assault our psyches we shouted, “The Blood of Jesus is against you!” The hordes were sent back, but not their mounts who still felt us with their many senses, having pinpointed us when we were wrestling in the spirit with their demon riders. We were surrounded by an insurmountable force. But we had given our new King and his guards the time he needed. Before the dragons could strike, they began bursting into incandescence. Then I saw the darts. They were Heliarchus’ hellion’s darts and a trillion more from the whole two hundred million strong corps of live dead riders and their hellions! The Captain and I joined in as the dragons tried to escape upwards. Ideally we could wreck them now and not chase the still formidable squadron on top of King Mario. Too late. Mario came leading his guards straight down to our rescue, raining fire gas and darts onthe hapless dragons! Instead of engaging the hellion corps in battle, the mystic priestly dragon took command and they darted after her down a side flue down through which we might have pursued them. That was not my goal. Heliarchus came to King Mario and I with the self evident news that he had evangelized the army and they were as one under me. I told him, “No, not under me, but under our new King Mario who is descended in an unbroken chain from Mary and Joseph.” Heliarchus and I bowed and pledged our fealty to the death, which death we were now no longer. “Command my host, Protophorous!” said Mario “Up men! Rise to the overland!” I shouted, and ordered “Heliarchus, marshall the troops.” We all burst forth into the nighttime Iraqi sky which to us was as brilliant a light as ever we had seen or could ever be. Thankfully we had not come at daybreak. Machairosculum detected what may well have been radar and the radons of approaching antiaircraft missiles and the locking on of projectile ballistic antiaircraft artillery. “Defend! Use your defenses!” I called out. The Electric incandescent tail darts sailed and took out all aircraft and missiles and all radar in the 150 mile radius. The second wave of defense was a daisies and roses pattern of flight that overshadowed half the middle East enshrouding it with the nerve gaseous smoke that our hellions exude. As the dawn rose in the distance the eyes were set ablaze even through protective smoke set overhead. Heliarchus flew over and we flew together.“Heliarchus, tell me about Levi!” I asked.“Never fear.” said Heliarchus.“She was my greatest fear and still is.” I counteredShe tried to give chase, my Lord, but she is to big for the shaft. She took off through another shaft to go to the adversary’s to report the treachery, she calls it.” “She has been very worried about our old master no more our master. We’ll be seeing them together before long.” I replied, and continued,“Now, Let’s get to King Mario for orders.”

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