The Zone

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One day was fine, the next, the world was gone. My mom was gone, my life was gone.. all my friends. What was I supposed to do? Just keep going? Keep running? This world was built for the monsters... What do I have to become in order to survive?

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter One

Today is the day I lost everything. Today is the day the world went to shit. Today is the day I'd have to fight for my life so I could continue to do so for what seems like forever.

I woke up to the sound of the TV playing the news, it sounded like a panicked newswoman saying frantic things. Screaming in the background.
"If you are watching this, stay indoors! Do not open your house to anyone. Please, take shelter. They are coming. I repeat. They. Are. Coming." Then the screen goes black. Weird. I thought.
I walk into the kitchen to find burning eggs, bacon sizzling, and fresh coffee, but the pot had already turned off. My mom is usually cooking when I get up, which would explain the mess, but where is she?
I start to look around, finding the front door wide open. I walk outside to find empty streets, no cars, nobody walking their dogs, not even a dog barking. It's eerily silent. Where did everyone go? Where's my mom? I ask myself, I can't find her anywhere. So I go to check the garage. The car is still there.
I run upstairs and search her bedroom. Empty. But then I hear it. I low groan coming from the master bathroom. The door slightly cracked. The sound is just barely noticeable. I think back to the news, the frantic lady telling everyone to stay indoors, yet it seemed everyone left.
I continue to the bathroom, scared of what I might find.
"Mom?" I call out, shuffling in the bathroom confirms a response. "Mom, are you okay?" I call out again, this time I see a shadow. Fingers wrap around the door and pull it open, slowly revealing something that looks like my mother, but her eyes.. bloodshot, angry...hungry.
She growls this time, looking at me like I'm some kind of food. She strides towards me, arms out, reaching. I freeze up, no idea what to do. She grabs me, tightens her grip around my arms, growling, she bares her teeth and that snaps me out of it. She was going to kill me if I didn't act.
I kick her so hard in the groin she falls back, releasing her grip and giving me enough time to run. Shutting the door behind me, I make sure to tie the handle to the table leg that sat right outside the master bedroom. I didn't know if she was still able to use the door like a normal person. All I knew was, she wasn't normal.
I race to my bedroom, grabbing a bag to put clothes in, then run down to the kitchen. I grab a knife, some canned food, a can opener. After that, I run to the living room and grab a blanket. It was getting pretty chilly outside as it just turned fall.
I make a mental checklist in my head. I was only 17, but I could drive legally. Not that it had mattered, since the world was going to shit. I grab the car keys and run to the garage.
Opening the door, being as quiet as possible, I creep into the garage, unlocking the car and slipping in. I start the engine, leaving my house behind in the rearview mirror. A tear slips out, my mom, dead, my life, gone. What was I supposed to do now?
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