Red Heart

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Chapter 12

The movers worked quickly to move all of the Suzuki’s belongings out of their house. They had been offered more than their usual pay if they could finish the job before the end of the day, so they worked feverishly.

Despite her arm being in a sling, Mrs. Suzuki was up to the task of directing the movers with the stern approach of a seasoned drill sergeant. She had been told not to push herself for a few days, but she wanted badly to move her family out of the home that she was sure was cursed.

Out of the house exited Minami.

“Minami-chan, what did I tell you about going inside by yourself?” asked her mother. She then drew her daughter to her and held her tight.

“I was saying goodbye,” replied Minami.

“Goodbye? To who?” Mrs. Suzuki had been told by her daughter that there was no more Sayaka, so what her daughter had said made her extremely curious.

Though it was hard to see inside with the curtain closed, Mrs. Suzuki thought she saw what looked like a woman watching her from a second story window. Squinting her eyes to better see, Mrs. Suzuki realized there was no one there.

Inside Minami's old bedroom, the red heart would remain until the next homeowner came along to wash it away.

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