Red Heart

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Chapter 6

Like the nights that had come before them, it took quite some time for Minami to fall asleep. She battled her fatigue as hard as she could, but she would eventually lose every time.

It had taken no time for Minami to realize the pattern. Kazumi would come to her door only once the girl had fallen asleep. So Minami believed if she could stay up long enough, then there would be no horrible visitor in the night.

As Minami slept, the sound of footsteps slowly making their way across the floor broke the deathly silence in the house. It was a faint noise, but it was loud enough to rip Minami from her slumber. Sayaka was close by to give comfort to her friend, but tonight’s visit would be different from all the others. And Sayaka would be unable to calm Minami because of what was soon to happen.

The familiar heavy breathing outside her door sent a chill down Minami’s spine. Her eyes began to fill with tears, so Sayaka held her tight. Soon thereafter, Kazumi began running her nails down the door, creating the eerie sound that no matter how many times Minami heard would continue to terrify her. The knob turned once again, but stopped much sooner than usual. Violent slams were then executed against the door.

“Leave me alone!” screamed Minami.

“Give her to me!” shouted Kazumi, much angrier than on previous nights. “Give that little bitch to me!” This was followed by more horrible slamming against the door.

“Stop it!” screamed Minami.

The door flew open and in entered both of Minami’s parents. Her mother immediately went to her and held her tightly.

“What happened?” asked Minami’s father.

Far too upset to speak, Minami buried her face in her mother’s chest and wept uncontrollably.

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