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Peter and his friends live in a village far in the mountains, secluded from the rest of society. However, they all will soon discover that beyond their borders lies a world full of deceit and hate, with people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Will Peter be able to save the ones he loves? Or is reality harsher than he realized?

Horror / Thriller
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He paced back and forth with the heaviest anxiety a man could ever feel. Time had become nonexistent, the floor a messy blur of white and blue tiles. Wasn’t blue supposed to make you feel calmer? It wasn’t working. Every thought hung in the air as if pinned to the wall, each one staring him down and demanding all of his attention. His eyes split in confusion as his mind melted. The door opened.

“Mr. Fields?” An angel emerged, carrying news he was desperate to hear. Not a second more would he continue to mark the floor with lines and scrapes. Fear and anxiety peaked in his chest as his eyes began to focus. The light in the doorway was blinding. In he went.


Two parents gleefully gaze at their newborn child.

“It’s a boy,” the nurse tells them. “Congratulations.” She tilts her head and clasps her hands together. Scenes like this never get old.

“Be gentle with him dear,” coos the new mother as she hands her pride and joy over to the love of her life.

He cradled the swaddled baby, his red eyes flashing with glee. He can’t help but bare his fangs as his newborn gazes at him, eyes redder than rubies.

“We’ll teach him to hunt in the woods, and how to carve, won’t we Elizabeth?”

“Absolutely, Jackson, and I’m sure he’ll catch on quick, too.”

He slowly relinquishes the child back into his wife’s arms as the nurse asks for a name. “Peter,” blurts Jackson, a bit too quickly.

Elizabeth stares in awe, amazed at his swift response. “Perfect, just wonderful” she whispered, her strength waning just a bit.

Jackson leaned his head on the edge of the hospital bed, shaking.

“The child is healthy, we found no complications to speak of,” tilted the nurse, clearing every stray thought the couple could have had.

The air in the hospital felt lighter every second that passed, and a wave of relief and exhaustion washed over the newfound parents. Reading the room, the angelic messenger swiftly fled. Now alone together, they finally were able to rest.

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