The Demon Down the Street

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In the small town of Izradena, A Young boy, Joseph moves to a new Middle School where he makes lots of friends Including a Girl down the street. He learns that she may not be as perfect as she appears to be. The girl is a Bird caretaker and a Straight-A student, but it's almost like when she's alone, she talks to herself, full conversations, horrifying conversations, Joseph will have to investigate her to find out the truth about the Young Dove lover..

Horror / Romance
Age Rating:

Introduction/Author's Note

Hello! welcome to my little nook, this is a Kivi and Calan’s original!

This is the first publishing as of right now but many other books will be out here eventually as well as scripts for future plays, and more fun things.

This Novel is meant for 18+ for the following reasons;

-Gore, Violence, Crude Language, Suggestive Themes, Domestic and Parental abuse, usage of drugs and alcohol.

This novel has a special connection to me, as I had this concept for about 6 years and I finally figured out a storyline to publish! I hope you’ll enjoy these characters as much as I do.

Another thing I’d like to add, to avoid confusion; Mili does NOT have D.I.D. (Dissociative identity disorder) When comparing to both sides of Mili I want people to see her more as a social chameleon that blends around other people, Mili is not any representation of mental illness, She uses her abuse as an excuse. Regardless if she was abused or not she would have been murderous and cruel, Some souls in this universe just are cruel like that.

I can't stress enough that Mili is NOT a good person, she is NOT meant as a character to admire or believe to be fixable, that being said there are times you can sympathize with her, or understand in a sense where she comes from.

Medie (A character in the story) does have autism, I purposely made it that way because I personally wanted to learn more about Autism Awareness, I try my best to look up and research about autism, But I'm aware that it's very diverse in how Autism works, My intention is to have a main/side character who is on the spectrum to provide some readers have an attachment to her, I personally feel there isn't enough knowledge or characters in the media Revolving around autism, and I hope to shed some light that people of all sorts exist, some with disabilities, some with culture, some with different love preferences, Medie is the start to this project of making multiple characters in my works to be diverse, despite majority not being so. I don't have autism, and I don't want to romanticize it, If in any way it turns that Medie's character is the embodiment of babying or romanticizing autism I'll Stop. And she will be edited to make her a standard character. But I hope that I can achieve this goal of mine in making characters that everyone can relate to, despite whatever unique quality they have.

I am growing and learning throughout this novel, chapters will constantly be changing, but the general idea of it will stay, The only time chapters will be final is when the story is finished. Feedback or insight about my projects are greatly encouraged, research isn't everything, sometimes hearing from people who are in the shoes similar to some characters like Medie or others really helps!

Please heed my warnings again, this novel is 18+, I don’t wanna scare any kiddos ^^, I will have more family-friendly novels in the future, promise~

A fun lil helper! if a Chapter has (M) in the name, That means the P.O.V. is in Mili's perspective! If the Chapter has a (J) in it its for Joseph's P.O.V. Hope that helps!

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