If Revenge Was Sweet

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~Revenge is seen for the weak but in this special case, it was the strongest of all that chose revenge over forgiveness. Haru could never forgive those who don't deserve a second chance in life. He is a great warrior and becomes the strongest only for his sweet revenge to go as perfectly as planned~ There may be some parts of this book that causes triggering, so please take note and be aware. Sensitive topics are included.

Horror / Adventure
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☆ Chapter 1 ☆


-He was only a little boy, not yet the age of 7 when he witnessed terrible coincidences. He had been through many things but these were a lot to handle.

‘WHO WOULD HAVE INTENTIONS TO KILL YOUR FAMILY?!’ Asked the reporters, after all, they did need a confession to make it a worldwide selling front page.

Haru felt infuriated. He knew it was Izumi’s branch who had plotted this. They had always wanted vengeance against Haru’s family since they got all the attention of all people and got praised for their remarkable achievements while they stuck low under the shadows of his growing family.

The Izumi family had 7 members, 2 were unknown to the public. There was a boy the same age as Haru named Ryu and his twin sister Yui. Yui went to the same school as Haru so they adapted a bond of friendship between one another.

The other coincidence occurred at school when Haru was 12. Yui lost two of her legs and became temporarily mute. She had fallen off from the school’s third floor. Luckily she had survived.

Haru was beginning to question himself for the unfortunates that were caused. He came to a conclusion that it was all his doings and that he was ‘不運 (fuun)’ meaning ‘Bad Luck’. It was not just him but the kids at school that coincided with this. Everywhere he went, people would avoid him. That’s when he decided to go to the rooftop while everyone was in class and take his own life. As he made a lean, he spotted a familiar face looking right at him smiling. It was Ryu and his Father, Daichi, his number one suspect of killing his family. There, was when he solved it all. He said ′I am not 不運 (fuun) it was Daichi who was misleading me and trying to make me kill myself. I should have known from the start... He, who was the person who pushed Yui off.'

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