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A twisted tale of three

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No one listens to the ramblings of the three that live in the Black Forest. It's always too late when they see the truth to those who escaped it and were admitted into a mental asylum. Everyone who sets foot in it, is marked by death, but she's the only one who got away. Years ago Makayla Dreemurr witnessed the horrors that lied in the forest and was able to escape them by being the stowaway no one saw. But it didn't matter as she lost far too much by being a witness to the blood splattered that day that was further aggravated by the wave of grief that surrounded her family. Determined to make it even with them, she becomes obsessed with the paranormal and learning everything about the twisted three to spill their blood for a change. But what she never expected was that her friends would find out her plan to go to the Black Forest to encounter said creatures. Unwilling to tell them the truth of her intentions she spins them a web of lies in an attempt to keep them safe. But when they arrive to the Black Forest they are embraced by the very legends she came back to kill, the race begins to beat the malevolent games of the twisted three before it's too late. *Revamping and rewriting*

Horror / Mystery
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Author's Note

Welcome everyone, I will try to keep this note as short as possible as I know you’re all wanting to read the story already. So here is what you need to know before reading.

I am co-writing this story with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous and shall use the pen name, Toby Rodgers. It’s my first ever horror story. Our characters are either part of the LGBTQ+ community or supporters of it. We have characters who are POC, but we shall only mention their skin tone where it’s relevant. Our dark beings are a different story.

There are two males, one of whose skin is black like the feathers of a crow and the other one has skin resembling the bark of trees, both in color and texture. There is a reason for this, so please keep that in mind when I describe them. Neither one of them are human, so they are not to be confused as POC.

Now, if anyone has trouble with any of that, then this might not be the story for you. It will not be changed.

Additionally, I want to note this story is highly graphic and shall depict in detail very disturbing scenes that have disturbed even me. They have to be kept to portray the characters in their true form but neither my cowriter nor I support any of the things they do. This story is paved in red with many deaths of characters of all ages and gender. We understand some might be sensitive to reading said content so we recommend you do not read the story. Our antagonists are highly warped individuals and they are prone to kill in many twisted ways. They have their own unique bonds and affections for one another but apart from that, they do not care for human life. It is important for us to show the extent of their darkness by writing those scenes to get a true feel for the characters.

All of our characters have secrets and personal demons with some just flat-out maniacal and dark. But they all choose the course of this story. We understand many will disagree with their beliefs and their actions but we want to remind you they are their own person. Therefore their beliefs and actions will not be changed as they are fundamental to the plot. Chapters alternate between the protagonists and antagonists and is told in the third person to avoid confusion.

Also if you feel we misrepresented a race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, language, sexuality, place, or something else, please feel free to message me on my IG so we may discuss it and I can correct it. I have done extensive research but the internet can only tell you so much at times. There is a link to my Instagram (IG) on my profile.

Furthermore, subjects such as dark erotica, extreme torture, assault, toxic relationships, sadism, psychopathy, sociopathy, rape, detailed gore, and especially death will be spoken about in this story. Therefore this is also a TRIGGER WARNING for all who choose to read. It’ll be the only one placed so bear this in mind before you read. Please be sure you can handle reading said topics before reading.

I had originally opted against going into detail about said topics but it heavily limited the way the characters were being written and I was walking on eggshells. So to portray them correctly and in their true nature, I couldn’t just brush up on their horrific acts and had to show them. But because I know that these topics are not to be taken lightly I am adding this TRIGGER WARNING.

So if you are sensitive to extreme gore and darkness this might not be the story for you. We completely understand if it isn’t and wish you find the story that appeals to you.

Photos of the face claims for the characters are up on my wall and my Instagram for anyone interested. The story is ranked 18+ due to the excess gore and the nature of the sexual acts that do take place along with everything I have said shall be in the story to which there is a TRIGGER WARNING.

So for those still willing to read, we thank you for giving our story a chance. And also if at any given point the story becomes too much and you wish to DNF it we will understand and no harsh feelings. We're more than aware this story is not for everyone and are okay with it.

Last but not least this is a horror story so the ending is far from a happy one. Need to note that. Because although there is romance the ending is fitting for the characters.

Which concludes this author's note. It ended up being longer than I would have liked but I needed to let you know what you're getting into if you read. Those reading, happy reading. Everyone else, hope you find the story for you.

Anyone wishing to leave a review know we appreciate you whether it turns out to be good or bad. We only ask that you're sincere in it. Reviews aren't mandatory, but we do appreciate them.

Now, without further ado thank you for supporting us by reading. Toby and I now present you with A.T.T.O.T. "A Twisted Tale of Three." Welcome to the fright of your lives.

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