Tik Tok

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You make TikToks and Sirissa makes, well, you’ll see. This is an excerpt from my novel in progress: The Many Misadventures of Hel.

Horror / Mystery
Damian Peters
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Tik Tok

Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok. The clock is ticking tocking and ticking and tocking. Time is tick tocking and tick tocking. I have prepared everything for the party! We’ll have our favorite family friends Meridia and Honey! With some extra due diligence I have also invited newer guests. That would be uh… mmm… Gale, Courteous and Vera, Zephyr and Mark and… please hold on I had this list saved. Galvin and Yule? Grant? Hiccup? Who are all these people? I haven’t invited them. Well. We will have to do something about this.

I tell you what. I’ll have my servants handle the rabble and you can rest your feet in the meeting hall. After that business has concluded we’ll catch up! Like old times. You can feed me some of those tasty snacks again. The one’s with the skin. I loved those fruits. Strange fruits they were. Sometimes I liked when they were kind of worn and old, those ones were ripe and delicious. You remember the tree right? Those low hanging fruit used to dangle from the strong wooden branches. The tree creaked and groaned under the massive weight of its occupants. It’s beautiful white wood painted an assortment of colors from fruits too bloated that they burst in the sun. The breeze would make them sway carrying the scent of the fruits back into the house. Meridia would make pies and all sorts of deserts out of them. It seemed I was the only one interested in eating those succulent fruits. More for me! Right? That is what I always said when you two refused to take a bite. Maybe they were too sweet. Maybe you two are just terrible pe- wait, I promised I would be positive. All smiles here.

I missed the fruit tree. I missed it’s sturdy trunk and solid frame. I missed Gale’s face when he happened upon it. I didn’t miss it when he burned the tree down. It wasn’t an accident like you said it was. He did it on purpose. I have the proof, ple- tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, I promised I would be positive. All smiles here.

Sometimes, when I was really well behaved, Meridia would sing me a song. It was always the same one. Can you have her sing it to me again? Do you remember? I remember, it sounded like this: Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, the time is up we must eat, to those who tarry we must beat, for what awaits a tasty treat, a fruit unlike any kind, one that ripens with spent-time, as we wait it marinates, as it hangs the tree shakes, if fruit does escape, that’s one less meal and plate. Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, tasty fruit all around, don’t forget to wear a gown, if I spill or drop my spoon, Father will be mad and swoon, he hates a dirty place, a dirty daughter a disgrace. Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, if fruit does scream, hold it under the chin and squeeze, tik tok, it groans moans then screams, tik tok, then put it at ease, tik tok, seconds chef Meridia? Tik tok, yes please.
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