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Blood Tales

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A collection of bloody tales and poems for adults involving vampires. A collection of six vampire stories including 'A Career In Blood', 'Aberration', 'Cat and Mouse', Danielle de Almead', 'Digger the Vampire Dog' and 'Hybrid Vampire.' Poems include 'Lamb and Beast', 'Jeremiah', 'Free Loving', 'The Argument', 'I Must Know', 'Imperfections', 'Fresh Out Of University' and 'Trials of a Newborn Vampire.' Influenced by Anne Rice and classic vampire horror stories, here is my own take on the vampire mythos. Home is a thought A place in the mind Where we find peace Home is a place A base truly defined Where we feel safe But.... are we truly safe?

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Blood Verse

The lamb, unaware


Sheds no tear

Dreams innocent dreams

Until the lion closes itself around her

With cold limbs

And she awakens, and freezes

She already knows

Her fate

And he whispers into her ear;

“Drink my blood if you want,

but then you must leave”


My heart is bound with ribbons

My soul kept safely in his hands

My trust is well earnt, and treasured

My love is for him and him alone

How many centuries have gone by?

Whilst we survive and fight on!

How many doors have opened and closed?

How much change have we seen!

Midnight is our golden hour

Forever is our golden time

Never, shall we forget what we fight for!

Each other! Only for each other

Most say its never enough

For one vampire to have a single partner

Throughout time

But, we proved them wrong

Their whispering never fails to reach us

As the jealousy in their hearts does also

What did we do wrong?

Why didn’t we turn out that way?

Maybe it’s destiny

Maybe it’s not

But, we only had one goal

To remain true. To one another

Free Loving

Jeremiah, hear my voice

The voice of your beloved

I call out to you, my maker

And you never fail to answer

Darkness paves our pathway

With a grip as firm as death

Yet, with each other we’re comforted

We have the strength of a lion

Decades pass within seconds

Hundreds of years within moments

Time seems to unimportant

Events unfold around our embrace

Wars have come and wars have gone

The world has changed so much

Never again will it be the same

As I once knew

But that isn’t a bad thing

The only thing that matters?

Well, he never changes

And he’s always there

Jeremiah, my beloved

Hear my call

As we make vampire love

We listen to our hearts beating

We know we have free loving

A love free from death

For now

And for all eternity ....

The Argument

On the eve of our anniversary

Two hundred years since that day

Came the argument!

Oh, Jeramiah!

I know, you are spirited

Your heart is so bold and true

But, this constant bickering frustrates me

As it does you

I remember that argument

It was almost our downfall

As we fought and we tore each other

We cried and we screamed

Jeremiah, I saw the ‘Look’ in your eyes first ...

The sudden realisation of where we were

What we were doing

Screaming over spilt milk, or should I say spilt blood

The ‘Look’ overcame your features

And you seemed suddenly ashamed

Why were we fighting over a kill anyway?

It wasn’t the first time we had crossed paths on the hunt

Then, I felt the realisation seep over me

Like a cold wave of reality

I might actually have lost you!

Bitter and horrific thoughts came to mind

I felt his arms surround me

Like a warm blanket, warm only in comfort

And I buried my face into his chest

Listened to his heart. His precious heart.

“Tell me what you are thinking? I can’t hear you now. Not since I made you”

I sighed, and moved slightly so I could look up at him

At his sudden calm and reassuring expression

I felt like crying

Why are these emotions so damn strong for us?

Why do we suffer at the drop of a pin at every God-damn thing??

All I could do was shake my head

And allow bitter tears to fall freely from my eyes

“Tell me ...”

I sniffed, and explained my thoughts

I became worse when I explained I thought I might lose him

He had to hold me during that confession

I wailed at him like a lost child

Telling him everything, beating my fist upon his chest

Until I felt drained and I slumped

Right into his waiting arms

Jeremiah kissed my forehead

Soothing my tense nerves

His arms continued to hold me

And they held me tightly to him

“Silly child. I would never leave you ...”

His voice was hushed, but I noticed a slight panic in his tone

I raised my head, and smiled at him

“Neither would I” I confirmed, and we merely looked upon one another. Appreciating. Loving.

“We made a pact. Long ago, you and I. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget” I smiled “We would stay together, forever”

“You think I want to move on? Find anyone else over you? Think again. Arguments happen. We’ll survive.”

I smiled and relaxed my head into his chest once more.

I felt him move against me, and I looked up at him

He grinned mischeviously at me

“Let’s go to bed”

I smiled. I let my fangs show.

I Must Know


Where would we be without it?

Hot and moist and flowing

Beating freshly from the human heart

Scents the air with passion

A trickle and a stream

Then a river

Then a death


Why did I mean so much to you?

How could you forsake the above for me?

You allowed your own blood

To restore me whole

To give me a chance

By your side

This is the important thing

In my life

I must know


Who ever said it would be perfect?

We still argue

Even now

Two thousand years after we met

But to be honest

I wouldn’t have it any other way

His habits annoy me!

He refuses to change for days

I can smell fetid blood on his clothes

But its who he is

Dusty angel of the darkness

My beloved

There he is;

Looking at me from across the room

Gazing at me with burning eyes

Wondering what I’m thinking of ...

And usually, he’s right on the ball

Slight smile as always

Curling on his lips

Playful .... Searching ...

For my own smile

Creeping on my face, even now


“What?” Jeremiah asks

Leaning forward

I match his actions, seductively

Then shrug my shoulders

“I’m just smiling inside ...”

“Smiling?” Jeremiah grins, his mouth wide

Fangs exposed

“Yes. We made it. We’re still together. Where others have tried and failed. How did we do it? Where did they go wrong?”

“We believed” Jeremiah whispered, his breath ragged and harsh. “We knew it was possible”

“One lover. Eternally” I breathed

Oh, yes!

Feel the sweet love between us

Still here, after all this time

Passion fades and ebbs

But we have worked hard to get here

I can suddenly forgive the fetid blood

Reeking from his clothing

After all,

They won’t be on him for much longer ...

Fresh Out Of University

My mentor stood beside me

On the last day of school

He told me he’d taught me everything

To use as a lifelong tool

The bells rang out inside my head

And I felt the sadness swell within

There was no other students

There was no teenage din

My mentor urged me forwards

But I could only really move a bit

In truth I didn’t want to leave

But it was something I didn’t admit

He looked at me with clouded eyes

The tears were around the rims

He looked old and he looked jaded

And he had very heavy limbs

I wanted to confess my fears

To ask him to continue my education

But, my time was over now

It was time for me to get my own reputation

University was over now

The lessons had all been learnt

And the love that we had shared

Was torn by the spite that had us burnt

The world was awaiting me

The time had come to leave

I had my own life to live

My own stories to weave

So I stepped away from my mentor

And I heard a sigh of disbelief

Another student on his way

Was it sadness or relief?

University is over now

The world has opened its arms

And although I feel anxious

There are no warning alarms

Ready, I am leaving him

The lover I did not truly understand

Neither of us gave an inch

Neither of us gave the other a helping hand

Now the world is calling me

But I am so unsure

The world in all its glory

Humanity which is so pure

Life, the music shelters me

As I walk away from him

And as his face grows distant

All the memories start to dim

University has ended now

I am tutored, I am wise

So why did I end my University?

When the love became confused with lies?

Maybe I am not so smart

The lessons have not ended here

For the mentor I held close to me

Is now far from me, I fear

Why didn’t one of us give in?

Why did we both give in to pride?

When he asked me if I loved him,

I denied his need, and lied

So now I am a lonely beast

Fresh out of University

And all because of broken bonds

The cause of vampire adversity

Trials of a Newborn Vampire

One day a vampire came to me

A sad, sad vampire came to me

He said that he was going to be

Killed in the morning sun

My mouth fell open in disbelief

My mouth ajar in disbelief

As I stood there and saw his grief

Wondering what to do

I took him in, put him to bed

I tucked him up inside the bed

I tucked the covers around his head

Made sure he nice and warm

Then I talked to him a while

I begged for him to stay a while

And finally he began to smile

And strangely, so did I

He said that he did love me now

That I was everything to him right now

He made to me a solemn vow

That he loved me, and me alone

His eyes locked to my neck and vein

His eyes went to my neck and vein

His eyes looked wild and quite insane

As he smiled and lunged for me

He bit me deep, and took a drink

He went quite deep and he did drink

I felt my body drift and sink

Into his firm embrace

When I awoke he smiled at me

The cheeky sod he smiled at me

He now referred to us as ‘we’

And took me into the night

He took me to a damp old place

He took me to a smelly place

But seeing the joy upon his face

Made up for musty smells

We sat and talked for many years

We just sat and talked for years and years

Until the night he was in tears

And confessed he was afraid

He said that I would die one day

That I would leave him here one day

He said that he would lose his way

And go into the sun

So a vampire I did become that night

A vampire I became that night

And I knew that the decision was right

Because his face did shine with joy

We travelled the world, and felt real good

We travelled the world feeling real good

We never ceased to drink rich blood

Empowered we did feel

Until one day, I found his ash

The God Damned fool! I found his ash

His decision was stupid and rash

He’d gone into the sun

I felt betrayed, I felt quite mad

That he’d done this, I felt real mad!

But inside, my heart was sad

That he had left me here alone

I scattered his ash, and he was free

I made sure he was really free

So he would never return to me

And break my heart again

Centuries on, I weep inside

I weep and cry and wail inside

I am so sad that he died

And left me here alone

But, now I have a family here

I have a fledgling family here

There is no time to shed a tear

Devoted Maker that I am

I learned from him, survive I must!

That survival is a real must!

No time to become a pile of dust

I will never go into the sun.

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