The Watch

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I was so relieved when I picked up my glasses the next day, because as soon as I put them on IT disappeared. That afternoon I was in my room on my laptop as I tried researching about my situation on the internet. There was no luck. I was scared to even think about taking my glasses off. I wasn't sure what to do. I was thinking about trying to talk to IT again, but I was too petrified at the thought. I went to sleep with my glasses on that night and when I woke up the next morning it was gone.

My vision.

A total loss of vision my doctor said. I had my friend take me to the local hospital. The doctor didn't know what caused it but he wanted to keep me in so he could conduct more tests. As I rested in my clean hospital room I could hear raspy breathing next to my bed. I called out but no one responded. I hit the button you are suppose to hit in emergency situations, it was next to my right hand.

The breathing got heavier.

Then a nurse walked in and asked what the problem was. I told her that someone else is in the room but she assured me there wasn't. I could still hear the breathing at this point. I could hear the nurse write something on the clipboard that was attached to the front of my bed, then she left.

I asked in a whisper,

"What do you want now? You already took my eyes."

I heard that familiar crackling sound again. I knew it was smiling at this point. I felt so hopeless and weak. This monster obviously wanted to torment me, but why? Why was I chosen? What had I done to deserve this? These were the only thoughts I was left with in that hospital bed. It was getting late and the staff was dwindling down to the night shift. The halls sounded empty. I could still hear the monster breathing at this point. All I could see was total darkness.

I closed my eyes and again total darkness. I opened my eyes and I could see myself laying down on the hospital bed. I could see my eyes, they were as white as snow. It was like looking through another pair of eyes, but something seemed familiar. These weren't another pair of eyes. These were my eyes I was looking through. The view shifted next to my hospital bed, I could hear and see the monitor flat lining. I was staring at my dead body. I had no control over what I was looking at or the body that was controlling these eyes, my eyes. The body with my eyes slowly moved to the corner wall of the room. I watched as the doctors came rushing in trying to revive my pale body. Then I heard them call my time of death. The room slowly faded into darkness. I was breathing heavy, or at least the body I was in was breathing heavy. It sounded raspy. Then I heard the voice.

"Welcome to my life."

At that point I realized I would be forced to watch countless lifetimes of pain and agony. I would be joined by many yet hear none.

All I knew was I wasn't watching alone.

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